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Custom Exhibition Stands: Why and How

Custom Exhibition Stands: Why and How

The opportunity to meet potential buyers and institutional clients is the lure of trade shows. An obscure specialty cosmetics brand can connect with a global skincare distributor. A hotel can become known to travel organizers, establishments that hold professional conferences, and corporations that give employees bonus trips.

In this context, it’s good to remember the adage, “Whatever’s worth doing is worth doing well.” Instead of simply showing up to a trade fair, make your presence count.

Exhibition stand contractors in the UAE can help. Through custom design conceptualization and execution, they can turn a standard stand into a particularly effective showcase of your brand, products, and competitive advantage.

Why Customize Your Stands?

Marketing guru Seth Godin asked this in Purple cow: Transform your business by being remarkable. Here is the vision: If you see a purple cow among standard-colored cows, you’ll notice the purple cow. Ergo, be unique and different if you want to be noticed and stand out from the crowd – i.e., be a purple cow.

Godin said this in reference to differentiating (and thus marketing) a business, but it applies perfectly well to showing in trade exhibits. If you can stand out in a crowd of shell scheme stands, you can make leads come to you and seek you out – a win in any trade exhibitor’s books.

Aside from making you a naturally attractive purple cow to potential clients and buyers, customized stands also give you the following advantages:

1. Brand Consistency

You can inject your brand personality, voice and image into your stand and make it your own when you customize it. If you have been advertising heavily on traditional and modern media before the show, you’d want your stand to invoke an image of you in your target leads’ minds.

2. Unique Visitor Experience

You can customize your stand to create memorable experiences for potential clients and customers. Instead of telling them about the merits of your summer perfumes, show them. Create a guided experience that will take them through a journey of the “scents-es” (i.e., scents and senses). That will surely be more memorable than a perfume brochure discussing top, heart, and base notes.

3. Effective Messaging

With a tailored stand design, you can place key messaging, values, and unique selling proposition front and center. This way, your visitors will come away with your most important takeaways.

4. Optimal Space Usage

A customized stand means laying out your space according to your desired traffic flow, experiences, and client interactions.

5. Targeted Appeal

You can customize your stand so it will appeal to your specific audience. This will let you attract your target leads while ensuring the rest of the crowd keeps moving along.

Tips on Customizing Your Exhibition Stand

How do you start custom built exhibition stands, though? “Purple cowing” your stand can be particularly challenging if you’re provided with a shell scheme stand. It’s an undeniably efficient design, but it does limit your options for standing out.

The best recourse is to hire a bespoke stand designer. They can help conceptualize a design that will transform your dull shell into a remarkable exhibition marvel.

1. Occupy two or three stands.

If you can, occupy two adjoining stands and remove the panel that separates them. That will immediately change your stand’s basic shape even as it increases your exhibition real estate. If you can obtain a corner stand (maybe even occupy the stands immediately to its left and right), that would be so much better.

2. Remove the header boards.

Removing the header boards on a shell scheme stand will automatically open your space. It will make your exhibit look more open and inviting.

3. Soften the angles.

Shell scheme stands are notoriously angular. Adding a curved structure to frame your stand’s open side can alter your exhibition stand’s shape, width and height. Make sure, though, not to close off your space or make it seem forbidding instead of welcoming.

4. Enhance it with graphics.

You can use printed panels to transport your audience to another place and distinguish your stand from the rest. Are you a luxury seaside resort? Image-wrap your walls to create depth and a perspective that gives visitors a peek into the views they’ll enjoy if they come to visit.

5. Change the flooring.

If you’re a luxury brand and wish to convey that quality through your stand, you can change the standard flooring to plush carpeting. You may even use something that looks and feels like a white statuario, Calacatta gold or Carrara white marble.

6. Install furniture and fixtures.

Are you a specialty coffee trader? How about transforming your stand into a mini-coffee shop complete with free-flowing freshly brewed coffee and a pairing menu? Install a table and chair for “customers” and a bar for coffee preparation.

7. Highlight with lights.

Use spotlights and track lights to draw the eyes to key areas in your stand. How about some tubular pendant lights suspended from an invisible, tall ceiling? You can light up your walls with backlighting or soften and create warmth with cove lights. The right type of lighting will dramatically change the look and feel of your stand.

8. Incorporate interaction.

Remember how creating a memorable experience can enhance your stand’s impact? You can install interactive digital displays. If you are a gaming company, let people play games on gigantic screens for all the world to see. Doing this is showing instead of telling your audience about your business.

Be the Purple Cow

In a world of ordinary cows, be the purple cow. In a crowd of shell scheme booths, be unique and remarkable with a customized exhibition stand.

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