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Top 10 Most Inspiring Young Indian Entrepreneurs To Look Out in 2024

Top 10 Best Young Indian Entrepreneurs To Look Out in 2024

What is the unequivocal factor that isolates age X from age Y? The appropriate response would be enterprise, i.e., transforming an answer into a potential business thought. It is this nature of transforming an answer into an advancement that separates a typical man from a business visionary.

Furthermore, the business enterprise is by all accounts the best approach to accomplishment in the current occasions. papers and parcels net worth. Referenced beneath are 10 such youthful Indian business visionaries who are good to go to be huge social influencers in 2024. Education and EdTech.

Following is the list of Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs in India 2024:

  1. Ritesh Agarwal
  2. Tilak Mehta
  3. Sreelakshmi Suresh
  4. Trishneet Arora
  5. Akhilendra Sahu
  6. Divya Gandotra Tandon
  7. Farrhad Acidwalla
  8. Kavita Shukla
  9. Ranveer Allahbadia
  10. Suumit Shah

#1 Ritesh Agarwal

Ritesh Agarwal,Top 10 Best Young Indian Entrepreneurs To Look Out in 2024.JPG

  • Age: 29
  • Founder and CEO: OYO Rooms

The virtuoso of Ritesh Agarwal is the motivation behind why a huge number of Indians presently approach moderate remains. Ritesh Agarwal, the organizer of OYO Rooms, thought of the possibility of a spending inn network with an overnight boarding house highlight when he was only 18.

He before long dropped out of school to convey this thought forward. He established OYO Rooms, a national sensation Digital Transformation. What began as an activity with just 11 rooms in a Gurgaon Hotel in 2013 presently has more than 65000 rooms across 170 Indian urban areas traversing more than 5500 properties? Ritesh’s excursion to progress is one of the most compelling pioneering ventures in India. Being a passionate explorer himself, he comprehended the requirement for spending convenience for Indians with standard pleasantries.

Ritesh’s story is living evidence of how a high school psyche can change the essence of the Indian friendliness industry with a moving idea.

#2 Tilak Mehta

Tilak Mehta, Top 10 Best Young Indian Entrepreneurs To Look Out in 2024.JPG

  • Age: 17
  • Founder: Papers n Parcels

Tilak Mehta is one of the young entrepreneurs in India who proved that there is no age barrier for invention and entrepreneurship. It’s just a matter of having the spirit of curiosity to try something extraordinary in order to make a difference.

The young boy is the founder of an app-based courier service in Mumbai known as ‘Papers n Parcels’, which is a digital courier company that provides one-day parcel services, collaborating with the Mumbai Dabbawalas. His motive in building this courier service was to ensure the same-day delivery of goods to more than thousands of people at a lower cost within the region of Mumbai.

Papers N Parcels is a company that offers door-to-door pickup and delivery services for about everything, starting from a pen to all of your important paperwork. On a daily basis, it delivers roughly 1200 parcels to their destinations on the same day.

Tilak believes that “every ordinary youngster those who are curious enough to know why? when? and what? About anything can become an entrepreneur. Even though we are up against insurmountable odds on our paths, what matters is that we keep moving forward.”

#3 Sreelakshmi Suresh

Sreelakshmi Suresh,Top 10 Best Young Indian Entrepreneurs To Look Out in 2024.JPG

  • Age: 25
  • Founder: eDesign, TinyLogo

Many of us didn’t even know what a computer was when we were 3. However, Sreelakshmi was a gifted girl who was operating the computer at the same age. She is so talented that she developed her first website at the age of 6. She even designed the website of the school she was studying in. All this talent and skill culminated into her company, eDesign that she founded in 2009, at just 11 years old.

Sreelakshmi is often regarded as the Youngest CEO and Youngest Web Designer in the world. She also has received many awards as recognition for her talent. Apart from eDesign, she has also founded TinyLogo. She has a gift for designing websites. Her companies provide services in web design, SEO, and other fields to many popular brands. She is a firm believer in the quality of work rather than the importance of sentiments and friendships in business, which makes her one of the Young Indian Female Entrepreneurs.

#4 Trishneet Arora

Trishneet Arora, Top 10 Best Young Indian Entrepreneurs To Look Out in 2024.JPG

  • Age: 29
  • Founder & CEO: TAC Security

Trishneet Arora is one of the young entrepreneurs in India, who is also an ethical hacker. He is the founder as well as CEO of TAC Security Solutions that helps in preventing and investigating cybercrimes. Trishneet learned the skill of ethical hacking as a teenager after dropping out of school, and even wrote a book about it called “The Hacking Era.” Soon after, he began working for the Indian police on cyber-crime cases, and the Punjab police approached him to deliver a training session on cyber-crime investigation and forensics.

He is a self-made entrepreneur, who started with taking up small projects such as fixing computers and cleaning up software. Always has set a perfect example of “Passion taking you ahead in life” with his failures, taking up risks, and standing up to the challenges of life without fearing the consequences. He had fought it all. Today, Trishneet’s venture serves numerous companies in the world such as Bharti Airtel, HDFC, National Payments Corporation of India, DHFL Pramerica, Reliance Industries etc.

#5 Akhilendra Sahu

Akhilendra Sahu

  • Age: 22
  • Founder & CEO: ASTNT Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

When Sahu was 17 years old, he started his own business. He, like most young people of his age, had little knowledge of the corporate world. He was, nonetheless, eager to learn and had an ambition of starting his own business. He began with working as a freelancer in order to get experience and insight into the market. Sahu was confronted with numerous challenges at the time and was frequently referred to as being too young and insane to have such lofty ambitions.

On the other hand, these confrontations never bothered him. He worked long and hard to be where he is now. His patience and determination paved the way for him to achieve success in life. Currently, Akhilendra Sahu is known as the “World’s Youngest Serial Entrepreneur.”

#6 Divya Gandotra Tandon

Divya Gandotra Tandon

  • Age: 21
  • Founder & Director: Scoop Beats Pvt. Ltd.

As a YouTuber, Divya entered the business world. She was eager to learn more about the most up-to-date and popular technology on the market. She did, however, wish to share the information with others.

That’s when her enthusiasm for technology morphed into a desire to help others. She began uploading unpacking and reviewing videos to her YouTube account to help people understand what they are purchasing. She founded TheScoopBeats, a news and media organisation, after realising she could do more in terms of giving the proper information to her fans.

More than 90,000 individuals of all ages follow it on social media. She’s now a full-fledged Instagram influencer with over 20,000 followers. While her peers were having fun in their teens, Divya worked tirelessly to achieve her ambition. She has not just been successful in changing her own life but has changed the lives of over 600 people. She is a multi-talented young female entrepreneur in India with experience in domains such as celebrity management, social media management, and online influence.

So far, Divya has worked with a variety of organizations, including Coolpad and Infinix, to name a few. She has cooperated and worked with a variety of brands and individuals as an entrepreneur, including Lazy Gardener, Aquaconnect, ASCENT Technologies, and many others.

#7 Farrhad Acidwalla

Farrhad Acidwalla, Top 10 Best Young Indian Entrepreneurs To Look Out in 2024.JPG

  • Age: 29
  • Founder: Rockstah Media and CYBERNETIV DIGITAL

Farrhad Acidwalla is one of the World’s Youngest Entrepreneurs who is the originator of a Web Developing Media Firm called Rockstah Media and CYBERNETIC DIGITAL. His organization helps in web improvement, ad, advertising, and marking. Farrhad’s innovative excursion began when he was only 13 years of age with the structure of an online network with only 1200 bucks.

And afterwards, with 500 bucks, he purchased an online area. What’s more, such was his vision and magnetism that he was at that point going to meetings and syndicated programs on CNN when he was only 17 years of age!

Farrhad has now effectively ascended the stepping stool to get one of the most looked for after youthful Indian business visionaries in the current occasions and holds the esteemed respect of being the most youthful visitor instructor in IIT Kharagpur’s ‘Yearly Entrepreneurial Summit’. He has additionally voiced his story, his way of thinking, and his motivations by being one of the world-class speakers of TEDx.

#8 Kavita Shukla

KAVITA SHUKLA, Top 10 Best Young Indian Entrepreneurs To Look Out in 2024.JPG

  • Age: 34
  • Founder & CEO: The FRESHGLOW Co.
  • Inventor: FreshPaper

Kavita Shukla is one of the Young Indian Female Entrepreneurs who has been successful in impressing a large number of people all around the world with her tale of humble origins, empowerment and concept. She has four patents and is the world’s youngest woman to receive the INDEX Design to Improve Life Award, the world’s most prestigious design accolade. Farmers and families all around the world utilise FRESHPAPER, and The FRESHGLOW Co. has worked with some of the world’s top stores, including Whole Foods and Walmart.

She spent several years creating her idea of infusing the spices into sheets of paper and making her own paper blend out of $25 worth of materials from a craft shop. Fenugreek, situated in Columbia, Maryland, now produces a product that is both simple and revolutionary: spice-infused FreshPaper, which helps in keeping food fresh by preventing bacterial and fungal growth.

Glamour, The New York Times, Bloomberg, CNN, Oprah Magazine, The Washington Post, and The Today Show have all featured her work.

#9 Ranveer Arora Allahbadia

Ranveer Arora Allahbadia, Top 10 Best Young Indian Entrepreneurs To Look Out in 2024.JPG

  • Age: 30
  • Established: BeerBiceps
  • Co-Founder: Monk-E

Ranveer, who is from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, is a Young Indian Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Internet Personality, Fitness Trainer, and Social Media Influencer. He’s also known for his current popular internet stage name – BeerBiceps. He is most recognised among people for his YouTube inspirational and motivational videos.

Besides this, he is also the co-founder of Monk-E, which offers Yoga, Fashion, Cooking and Grooming, among other activities. It’s not surprising that Ranveer has worked out a niche for himself in the digital world. But it’s his simplicity that strikes his fans, the way he chats away, spilling secrets, and discussing his life, passion, and company, Monk Entertainment.

#10 Suumit Shah

Suumit Shah, Top 10 Best Young Indian Entrepreneurs To Look Out in 2024.JPG

  • Founder & CEO: Dukaan App

Suumit Shah is one of the young Entrepreneurs in India who started Dukaan, a DIY platform that allows merchants with no programming experience to set up an e-commerce business using their smartphone. The platform was launched in just over 48 hours, and millions of merchants have since started selling online using Dukaan.

Earlier, Summit was working at his uncle’s small store before pursuing an engineering degree. He studied web design and web programming from his college roommate while pursuing a degree. He attended a number of digital marketing online courses and founded Recemetric – turning out a college dropout to a hardcore techie in 2014.

He started this business with his current CTO Subhash Chaudhary. Now, Summit Shah is one of the most successful young entrepreneurs. Sony, McDonald’s, OYO, Cred, along with various other digital entrepreneurs are supporting companies in the country. His humble approach reflects his meteoric rise to business and digital popularity.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1. Who are the top 10 young entrepreneurs in India?
Answer: As mentioned above, the top 10 young entrepreneurs in India are listed as follows:

  1. Ritesh Agarwal
  2. Tilak Mehta
  3. Sreelakshmi Suresh
  4. Trishneet Arora
  5. Akhilendra Sahu
  6. Divya Gandotra Tandon
  7. Farrhad Acidwalla
  8. Kavita Shukla
  9. Ranveer Allahbadia
  10. Suumit Shah

Question 2. Who is the richest young Indian Entrepreneur in 2024?
Answer: Ritesh Agarwal, the Founder and CEO of OYO Rooms is the richest young Indian entrepreneur in 2023 with a net worth of US$ 1.1 Billion (7253 Crore).

Question 3. Who is the youngest entrepreneur in India?
Answer: According to the list of young entrepreneurs mentioned above, the youngest entrepreneur is Tilak Mehta (16), who is the founder of an app-based courier service in Mumbai known as ‘Papers n Parcels’.

Question 4. How to be a young entrepreneur?
Answer: If you want to be taken seriously and have any chance of getting your business off the ground, you must have a clear vision and focus while remaining objective (and staying off the ground).

Question 5. What are the young entrepreneurs business ideas?
Answer: A kid can run a business for sure, following is a few business ideas for young entrepreneurs:

  • Gift Wrapping Services
  • Pet Sitting Services
  • Social Marketing
  • Device setup
  • Jewellery designing
  • Artistry
  • Become an online personality
  • Cookie monster
  • Handmade gifts
  • Computer Repair Services, and many more.

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