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Safeguarding Businesses Against Cybercrime with the Right Tools, Processes, and Personnel

At Cymune, the impact speaks volumes, resonating through fortified defences, empowered clients, and a safer digital world.” Envisioned to be the technology lifecycle partner of choice for digital acceleration and innovation, Cymune has been bridging the visible and invisible cybersecurity gaps for businesses aspiring to become digital with an uncompromising approach to innovation since its inception.

With more than 20 years of expertise managing various transitions and experts originating from Locuz, one of Cymune’s predecessor firms, Cymune adopts a strategic inside-out approach to cybersecurity, efficiently reducing risks and defending your company’s interests. With the support of a team of security professional technicians, operations specialists, researchers, and ethical hackers, their goal is always to assist in transforming organizations by reducing any security barriers.

Cymune is proud of its significant contributions to the cybersecurity sector. They have constantly raised the bar for protecting digital landscapes through unrelenting dedication and a commitment to excellence. As Yogesh Potdar Vice President Cymune revealed, “By continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation, we empower organizations to navigate the evolving threat landscape with confidence. Our comprehensive approach, supported by innovative research and adaptive strategies, ensures that our clients stay ahead of cyber challenges.”

With the help of the Global SOC in Hyderabad, they have successfully helped more than 150 businesses combat cybercrime, safeguard patented data, and reduce security threats. Offering a wide range of services, from assessments to point solutions to comprehensive managed security services, Cymune has gained clients in every industrial vertical.

Enhancing Your Business Operations

Cymune understands the challenges the enterprises face daily because many of the team members have sat on the other side of the table. They help their clients fight cybercrime, safeguard patented data, minimize security risks, and improve corporate processes through

• Harnessing the industry-wide security experience
• Utilizing expertise in cutting-edge security technology
• Offering an extensive portfolio of security services

Some of the key services offered by the company include Cloud Security, XDR, SOC as a Service, WAF (Web Application Firewall) as a Service, Vulnerability Management as a Service, Ransomware Protection, MDR (Managed Detection and Response), Incident Response, Managed Security Services, and DLP (Data Loss Prevention) as a Service.

Edge Over the Peers

The lineage, where Cymune has invested millions of man hours in studying technological and commercial issues and developing products and services to address them, is its primary point of distinction. Cymune offers a variety of delivery models that are customized to meet the needs of each project; they do not follow the “one size fits all” philosophy because it is rarely successful.

Customizations are required because every customer frequently poses a different difficulty that necessitates a distinct strategy. The team strives to meet the unmet demands of clients by providing deep technological offerings and a partner who can comprehend and address their issues when others have failed. Their years of experience and level of skill clearly place them above the rest of the system integrators, who have less crossvertical and deep technology prowess.

Cymune’s Healthy Work Environment

The company organizes annual events to bring employees together over the company’s goals. Twice a year, a sales boot camp is held to equip sales teams with the skills and expertise they need to provide their target clients with the best solutions. All departmental performers are acknowledged and given rewards for their efforts in both work-related and extracurricular activities.

Painting the Future Canvas

Every phase of an enterprise’s security lifecycle benefits from Cymune’s contributions. The need for comprehensive security will only grow as businesses make more investments in the cloud, create data lakes, and deploy complex apps to support their worldwide corporate footprints. They plan to make the most of their subscription-based and SaaS security offerings, making it simpler and less expensive for the clients to use their services and expanding with a predictable investment.

Dynamic Leadership

Cymune has a top-notch team of specialists who bring a wealth of knowledge from various industries and are passionate about fostering the team’s development.

• Vijay Wadhi, Managing Director
• Uttam Majumdar, CEO
• Srikanth, CTO
• Yogesh Potdar, VP Security
• Safalya Mitra, VP Professional Services
• Runa Tripathy, Global Head of Marketing

The board’s combined expertise spans more than 150 years and includes working for corporations and starting businesses. Freedom and feedback have been hallmarks of the leadership approach.

Advice for New Entrepreneurs

Cymune believes that success in entrepreneurship stems from unwavering determination, a thirst for knowledge, and a willingness to adapt. Embrace challenges as opportunities, learn from failures, and always stay true to your vision.

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