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D’vacos Cosmetology And Neutraceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

D’vacos Cosmetology And Neutraceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Driving Global Advances in Cosmetology and Nutraceuticals

This entire world is now taken by storm in pursuit of beauty and wellness. The prevalence of these aspects has been now acknowledged by business ventures. In this realm, D’VACOS Cosmetology And Neutraceuticals Pvt. Ltd. has cemented its position as a global catalyst in promoting the best of aesthetic medicine.

The establishment is a highly efficient entity in providing advanced skincare solutions and treatments. We recognized how the institution is setting new benchmarks in the industry by exclusively tying up with qualified dermatologists who prescribe their medicines to the targeted populace accordingly.

And, you know what is so mind-blowing is the brain behind the venture which is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Delhi- NCR. Yes, we are referring to Divyansh Sharma.

In an informative discussion we organized with the founder and MD of D’VACOS, Divyansh Sharma, we unveiled several precious insights on the industry trends and the direction in which the company is steered. This enticing narrative is fully packed with so much valuable information that may resonate with our global readership.

The overview of the enterprise

D’VACOS is a recent entrant in the aesthetic medicine space. As a Delhi-based venture that commenced in May 2023, the brand has curated a strategic roadmap to collaborate with international brands in the market.

In a short stint of time, they have carved a niche in the aesthetic dermatology realm. Their forte is to create and introduce unique cosmetology products. All of their offerings are highly dedicated to treating the most difficult skin conditions such as melasma, hair loss, and skin toning. Here, hair-growing solutions and face serums are their most prominent products.

In addition to this, they are also involved in formulating one-of-a-kind pediatric skin products like baby sunscreen, body wash, and massage oil. They are apt to curate the most affluent packaging and incorporate the latest molecules that target the related issue while giving a sense of affluence to the consumer. However, the overall cost remains affordable to the people out there.

How did the venture begin?

Mr. Sanjay Sharma is a prominent businessman based in New Delhi. Presently, he has two lucrative ventures performing well under his guidance: Dermajoint India and Der-Joint Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Mr Sharma along with his beloved wife, Mrs. Manju Sharma are guiding the brands as directors in both companies. The couple holds an equal market share of 50% and are the proud parents of Mr. Divyansh Sharma who is the face of the new-age venture, D’VACOS.

Divyansh Sharma is in the final year of a BBA program at Maharaja Agrasen IP College in Rohini. He aspired to expand his parents’ business and embraced his entrepreneurial venture at the young age of 20. He is now all set up to bring a breakthrough in the aesthetic field. And, the business fraternity has now acclaimed his remarkable initiative and drive where he successfully launched 22 products in the cosmetology segment. All of these products have been well received by their targeted audience.

To assemble a team of such great caliber to turn his vision into reality was not a walk in the park. Divyansh shared how he assembled his highly skilled team in conversation with us. At first, they started by selecting fresh graduates from across the country, focusing on young and dynamic individuals. Through a rigorous interview process, they ensured that the selected staff were enthusiastic and eager to learn.

In the process of hitting the bull’s eye, the management provided comprehensive product training and taught essential marketing skills through a specialized agency called “Image Company,” which focused on personality development. This was followed by an intensive three-month field training program, ensuring the team was well-prepared for success.

Insights on tech inclusivity

In sync with the latest technological advancements in the market, D’VACOS is spearheading the development of new and cutting-edge compositions through its dedicated R&D segment. Collaborating with exclusive manufacturers equipped with scientific expertise and the latest developing molecules, the company is at the forefront of innovation.

D’VACOS has established a notable presence in scientific dermatologists’ conferences across India, including prominent events such as IADVL, SAARC AAD, FADS, DAAS, ASCICON, and CUTICON conferences. The company actively participates by setting up stalls and lounges and sponsoring scientific sessions to showcase its products.

These dermatologists’ conferences provide valuable opportunities for direct interaction with leading dermatologists, allowing for in-depth discussions about D’VACOS products. Additionally, the company ensures heightened visibility by hosting registration counters at many conferences. This strategic approach fosters meaningful connections and enhances brand recognition within the dermatology community.

Keeping up with the promise of quality

When asked to share the secret to maintaining the matchless quality of the product line the brand has offered, “D’VACOS ensures the manufacturing of their products through companies that hold GMP, WHO, and FDA certifications. For every batch, they request comprehensive lab tests to guarantee quality.

Additionally, D’VACOS provides free samples to various dermatologists at different centers to assess the quality and efficacy of their products. Many big corporate brands are supporting our products and promoting them as well. Many of our products have been used and demanded by Tata 1mg, Apollo Pharmacy, and other online vendors.”

A few of the corporates that have been their clients are:

• Medanta Hospital Gurugram..
• Chains Of Max Hospital S In Delhi- Ncr, Bihar, Noida.
• Yatharth Hospital
• Noida
• Sharda Hospital Noida
• Maharaja Agrasen Hospital Rohini
• Saroj Hospital Rohini
• Appollo Hospital Delhi

Marketing is the key

As elucidated by Divyansh, D’VACOS operates and thrives through the efforts of a devoted marketing team that engages with dermatologists daily to discuss the details of their extraordinary molecules and products.

Their apt teams never fail to visit government and corporate hospitals to promote the newly released product lines. In addition to this, they take a proactive approach to participating in various conferences where setting up stalls or registration counters is done to enhance the exposure of their products.

They are also active in releasing articles to exclusive dermatology magazines to share their insights and innovations. Their comprehensive product basket of aesthetic medicine addresses various skin conditions, ensuring a wide range of effective treatments for dermatologists and their patients.

Getting the lead in the market

Divyansh Sharma highlights that D’VACOS has a sheer promise to offer the latest molecules with unique compositions and superior packaging, setting a high standard in the market. One of the key advantages of D’VACOS lies in its collaboration with manufacturers who are dedicated to delivering the desired products. These manufacturers hold GMP, WHO, and FDA certifications, ensuring the highest quality and compliance with international standards.

Each batch of products undergoes rigorous lab testing to maintain exceptional quality and efficacy. Furthermore, D’VACOS provides free samples to various dermatologists, allowing them to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the products firsthand. This approach not only builds trust with healthcare professionals but also reinforces D’VACOS’s commitment to excellence in aesthetic medicine.

Tangible acknowledgment for employees

It is a leader’s responsibility to make his employees feel included in the company’s growth and success. For this, a proper facility of recognition and accolades has to be there. Divyansh realizes the power of the above-mentioned premise and knows how to create a positive work environment to foster a sense of fellowship among employees.

Even being such a young entrepreneur, he is a dynamic leader who prioritizes people’s well-being before business profits. What is worth talking about is the fact that it has cultivated a culture where everyone feels like part of a close-knit family. The company knows how to promote collaboration and mutual support among team members.

In view of motivating employees, they propose pleasing incentives that are set as per the target and the respective achievements. These thought initiatives deliver tangible honor for employees’ hard work and dedication. Indeed, these commendable steps to employee well-being not only boost morale but also motivate employees to strive for excellence and contribute entirely to the company’s triumph.

Chiselling a radiant future ahead

In the near future, Divyansh Sharma’s plan is to introduce a range of products for aesthetic dermatology that are currently unavailable from Indian companies. These products will be carefully selected to address specific needs and gaps in the market, reflecting D’VACOS’s commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving demands of dermatologists and patients.

A memo to be conveyed by the entrepreneur

“Your Goal Is… S M A R T… You Can Achieve It… How I define it: S..Specific

T. Time-Bound”

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