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Edible Desires Pvt. Ltd

Edible Desires Pvt. Ltd.: Trending Makhanas as conventional and health-conscious

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)  are those products that are sold quickly Nuttify at relatively low cost. These products are generally perishable goods that deteriorate fast with time. The FMCG market is the 4th largest sector and accounts for 50% of sales in the retail market of India. Among them food products like chocolates, chips, cakes, munchies, etc. hold a great proportion of public demand. Among these products edibles like chips, munchies satisfy the hunger of Indians on a large scale.

Edible Desires Pvt. Ltd. is an FMCG company that is in a motion to become a trendsetter in selling a particular vertical of munchies ‘Makhanas’ (Foxnuts). The company promotes its product through a special brand name “Nuttify” and the entire business of this company is processed through it.

The New and attractive Super-Snack in the market   

Nuttify is a Makhana Super-Snack, that is better than conventional munchies, for health-conscious people, because it is a nutritious non-junk snack, as it is packed with the goodness of Makhana, available in lip-smacking flavors. “Nuttify was incorporated in Sep 2018 under the banner “Edible Desires Pvt Ltd” by Adarsh Kedia (Director & CEO) of “Nuttify”. The focus of this company from then on is to create awareness and sell makhanas to people. The company does its production from Malda, West Bengal. Its Corporate Office is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

A brief of the maestro

The company was first commenced as a facilitator of all hostel essentials for outstation students. Adarsh Kedia was the genius who commenced this startup. Being from a weak background Adarsh had to move to boarding to complete his schooling. Later he completed his MBA from Bangalore.

This entire chapter of education taught him about the problem faced in hostels and he summarized the fact that students are facing the same deficiency of hostel essentials as him. Hence, to provide a solution to that on April 2018 began “Hostel Backpack” an online organization dedicated to providing all hostel essentials for outstation students and contributed to an important aspect for the youth society.

But He didn’t stop there. As he belonged from a village in Malda he was quite fascinated with ‘Makhanas’ (Lotus Seeds) which has bright health benefits. Being an MBA Graduate he was dedicated in creating a Magnum Opus of his own and with that thought started the Brand “Nuttify” whose sole purpose was to sell processed makhanas and make people aware of them.

Coping with the latest market needs

There is a continuous change in the demand of the customers. Hence, to cope with that one needs to be always ready with the upcoming trends to cater to our potential customers. They do this through the use of technological developments. Our team is always there on the field to understand what the demand of the customers is. With a lot of R&D, we try to fulfill what our customers are looking for.

 A trendsetter of the domain

Sourcing is very important and a major advantage to socialize any product. The company has set up such a process that our backend or the manufacturing cost has reduced drastically. The reason being that, they source makhanas directly from the farmers and store it in warehouses situated in Malda, West Bengal. Hence the overall cost of manufacturing and labor comes down.

“Nuttify” is also working on a very unique kind of a delivery system, where they plan to dispense the makhanas fresh and hot through smart vending machines. This development is an innovation that puts them ahead of their competitors.

Initial struggles that sailed them to success  

“My learnings from the challenges are that, be persistent, work harder and have faith in yourself,” Says Adarsh. The mixture of these 3 ingredients will take anyone to great heights. Commitment towards work and passion has kept the company strong and moving. Every initiate has its days of struggle but one should learn from them and invest in a present for the betterment of the future.

The initial problems were related to manufacturing and backend. For the first 6 months, the factory was running only for 2 months. Since production was getting low the team had to work really hard so as to train their subordinates the skills required to run the machines.

Currently, the company is facing a challenge with an awareness of the product. The people of Karnataka are not well acquainted with makhanas so it is a bit difficult to educate them of the same about its benefits. On the contrary, the FMCG market over there is huge so even after numerous challenges company tends to meet its target through dedication and performance.

Serving clients ‘quality & faith’

Adarsh says “We are in the mission of changing how people snack”. The company wants to change the snacking habits of people across the Globe from unhealthy to healthy snacking. Starting with makhanas, they want to explore into other healthy categories of snacks, making the world a healthier place to live in.

“Nuttify” also doesn’t compromise in quality. The products are experimented for development without compromising quality. At times they do charge a premium but because of quality customer satisfaction is met.

Staying ahead in the race

For this “Nuttify” has kept tabs on technology and innovation. As spoken earlier the company intends to make their approach of the smart vending machine a trendsetter of quality and intends to keep them ahead in the market. R&D is also an integral factor in being better than the rest.

“Nuttify” has a separate team who is persistent on researching good knowledge about the product and the technological advancements going around. That helps in developing their existing infrastructure. Hence, with continuous research one can gain a lot and go a long way in taking their organization to the next level.

A pool of innovative workforce

A healthy and motivated team is the fuel of success for any organization. An energetic workforce gives the drive to any organization to be better than yesterday. “Nuttify” doesn’t follow any hierarchy. Hence, there is always transparency between the employees. Everyone sits together and does their work; this keeps the team very motivated and keeps their performance high at all levels.

The work culture of this startup is more like a social assembly; everyone is given a chance to keep their thoughts on the table. Adarsh himself looks after the recreation of his employees. They go out for dinner parties, celebrate employees’ special days. All this together makes a very enthusiastic environment to work in.

Prospects to be applauded for

In India, the makhana is viewed as a superfood, a little powerhouse of supplements. “Nuttify” is known to be the main online retailers of Makhana. The organization is engaged in delighting its customers with the best Makhana in the country. As a future prospect, the company is looking towards a global reach not just with makhanas but other products as well.

A word for the readers

“It doesn’t matter what background you come from, Work hard and be true to yourself.” – Says Adarsh

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