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Edunguru: Rendering Quality Education Through A Digital Platform

The Education sector in India is ascending great heights due to the application of digital technology in the arena. In the present scenario, this amalgamation is of the utmost need for imparting quality education to students. Gone are the days, when children were wholly dependent on the traditional methods of teaching in the classroom.

In the era of Internet, the educational domain has undergone a sea- change and a radical transformation. A number of e-learning service providers have created a canopy to help students in shaping a better future. One of them is Edunguru. Edunguru has brought an incredible revolution with its exemplary e-learning services. The organization is led by Romie Dutt, theChief Executive Officer of this exceptional organization.


Edunguru envisions offering excellent quality education to students across the nation. The purpose of this organization is achieved with the help of a competent Governing Council, who represents the elite from the education industry. Edunguru has more than five hundred qualified, experienced and effective teachers in their Academic Excellence Board, and a group of toppers of various competitive exams in their Student Advisory Board.

The organization has developed a behemoth of offerings in the educational arena; it offers three thousand and three hundred forty Courses, which includes K12 Level (CBSE plus ten Hindi Speaking State boards), Government Exams such as Banking, Railways, SSC, UPSC Civil Services, etc.

Management Exams, Medical, Engineering and various other competitive Examinations via online medium such as the web portal and mobile applications, and offline (USBs /Hard drives) modes in two languages like Hindi and English, to reach up to 3 tier cities in India. The organization also provides Spoken English programs, to leverage the communication skills of students.

The Supernova Romie says, “At Edunguru, we are not just your superficial partners, but Partners throughout the students’ Educational Journey.”

The Company’s prime focus is to leverage the standards of education in the nation; hence, it uses dynamic and advanced methodologies to offer education. To make learning easy, understandable and enjoyable for the students, the core team of Edunguru has deeply analyzed the entire curriculum, and picked up the quintessential Learning Objectives for the students. The faculty delivers lectures through Concept Based Methods. Each lecture is predefined with Interactive Class Sessions, Animations, Live Demonstrations, Diagrams, and Illustrations to enrich the learning experience.

For adding the element of interactivity in the class, Edunguru has added questions and answers for the students. This helps in making the concepts clearer and provides an opportunity to self-evaluate.

The Student’s foray into  e-learning commences with an excellently explained video on a particular concept by the expert teacher in his or her domain, followed by Multiple Choice Questions to check whether the student has understood the concept along with Tutor Authored eBooks which consist of notes based on Video Lectures, Practice and Mock test papers for the students.

Edunguru also assists each student with a host of services such as a telephone Call or a Video Call with the Teacher, privately or in a group, Live Webinar Sessions, EDUCHAT ROOMS with peers in the city, State or even at the National level, and a few more to be introduced soon such as Physical Doubt Clearing Classes by Visiting Faculties.

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The founder of Edunguru has a noble vision behind the establishment of this unbeatable organization. It is an unfortunate, but true fact that children in India are not attaining quality education due to a multitude of reasons. India has the largest and youngest population in the world with people between sixteen to forty years of age, and this group is capable of bringing about a positive and great change.

The exemplar of a great vision states, “We have schools, colleges now in every state, but we can still see that a significant part of our population is not even getting the deserved basic education.”

There were numerous reasons to establish Edunguru, like lack of School Infrastructure, Financial Challenges, Safety and Security of Children, but the foremost was the ‘QUALITY OF EDUCATION.’

To spread the dimensions of Edunguru to the Grass Root Level of Society, Romie Dutt envisaged the company.


The company underwent a host of obstacles in pedagogy, content and deliverables, but the greatest of them was selecting expert faculties and teachers for the Video Shoot, who had a clear understanding of their subject, especially the concepts, their delivery methods, approach, and above all, ensuring that they had a neutral accent, which could easily be understood by students in India.

Moreover, training and enabling the faculties’ video shoot with no prior shooting experience, was a major challenge. Gradually, the company coped with all the challenges, and emerged as one of the best organizations in the genre.


The government has successfully launched several programs under the initiatives such as ‘Digital India’ and ‘Skill India’ to spread digital literacy, create a knowledge-based society in India, and implement three principles ‘access, equity and quality’ of the Education Policy. The programs are:

  • e-Basta: provides school books in digital form
  • e-Education: all schools are connected with broadband and free Wi-Fi, and support MOOCs which is Massive Online Open Courses.
  • Nand Ghars: digital tools as teaching aids
  • SWAYAM: MOOCs based on curriculum taught in classrooms from ninth standard till post-graduation.
  • India Skills Online: learning portal for skill training.
  • In order to establish digital infrastructure, the government has also launched National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN), which aims to expand broadband connectivity and faster network.

The Indian government has pioneered this vertical, and is constantly supporting the e-learning domain.

It is very encouraging to know that the Indian government is very interested in developing this vertical.


 Since the company’s inception, it has carved its name in the list of some amazing and incredible achievements. It has more than forty thousand registrations, more than sixteen thousand paid users, eighty thousand plus mobile application downloads, more than twelve thousand Facebook likes, eight thousand plus Organic You tube Subscribers, etc. All these triumphs were achieved within the last nine months, and the best part is that all this happened without even a proper Pan India Launch or any advertising.

Edunguru, in its first phase, has covered the ten states such as Bihar, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Delhi NCR.  In addition, it had spread its dimensions to states like Assam, Maharashtra, Telangana, West Bengal, Odisha, Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Chandigarh, Goa, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, and Nagaland.

With India’s Biggest Employer, as their Strategic Sales and Marketing Partner, with a more than 3,00,000 Sales force, it is quite natural that by the end of 2019, EDUNGURU sees itself as the Leading Digital Education Provider in India, and who knows, The Leading in the World in the next 2 years!

“The roadmap is crystal clear which aims to keep creating awareness, improving the product and helping more and more students to learn.”

~Romie Dutt

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