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Efforts Consulting

Efforts Consulting

One Stop Solution for All Your Coaching, Consulting & Connecting Needs

“We have experienced in time that money is not the only driving force, we imbibe the values of Commitment, Positivity, and Passion across our team. We ensure work satisfaction, so far we have built a good team that contributes the most in our growth.” – Japan Trivedi

Efforts Consulting Offers solutions to all hiccups related to Coaching, Consulting & Connecting. It operates on a unique model to transform the company not only by intervening into the process of the  companies but also by changing the culture by unceasing coaching and further help companies to optimize the resources through connecting the companies to leverage the advantage of IOT and Industry 4.0.

This is the first of its kind of company which works across all the dimension of the company, i.e. People, Process & Production digitization, for a 360-degree transformation of the company.

The brainchild of Japan Trivedi, CEO, is primarily working on three vertical for numerous services. They coach and Train individuals & companies for: • Personal Excellence • Operational Excellence & Business Excellence through various soft and technical improvement tools • Assisting for achieving the Vision, Mission and the objective to improve the profits by reducing the Non-Value Added efforts • Accessing “Real Time Data” through “Integrated Remote Manufacturing Management” System through IOT and Industry 4.0 • They connect the people and companies to bridge the gaps of various technical and soft skill sets Today they are successfully associated with a number of clients across industries and domain including, Manufacturing, Engineering, Retail, IT, Chemical, Banking, Automobile, Capital Goods.


Mr. Japan Trivedi had a clear vision from day one, to be an entrepreneur. However, the roads were not smooth. After Engineering and Post-Graduation in Management, taken up job in one of the Pharma Company of Gujarat.

Working there for 2.5 years, his acumen towards his real interest lead him to work with Process improvement division of National Productivity Council (under the Ministry of Commerce). During 2009-10, he widened his horizozns by working on his own and on freelancing assignment in association with few consulting firms of Gujarat.

However, the willingness zeal of being an entrepreneur  was still burning. Though Efforts Consulting was being registered as firm in 2008 itself, its real existence came in the Year 2011. Started with single headedly, the firm has now sizeable team size, associates & resource people across South East Asia.

Business Connect: How do you ensure unbreakable faith of clients in your company?

Mr. Trivedi: Efforts consulting is a one-stop solution for all the customer or individual needs. We are a professionally managed emotional company. Instead of IQ, we more focus on EQ to connect with our clients.

We have an unparalleled model of transformation which actually helps to improve TOP Line along with Bottom line for the company.

We believe in “Chips in shoes”. The other strength of our approach is “Work on GEMBA (Actual place where things happen)”. This gives us edge among peers and competitors.

Business Connect: How do you keep pace with the changing market trends?

Mr. Trivedi: In the attempt to serve the client across the value chain, we have done a various collaboration to be with changing market trends.

We are helping professionals to grasp the concepts of Business Excellence and Operational Excellence with a number of certification programs to go with  it helps the budding professionals in giving their career a push. One such example is Industry 4.0 & IOT.

We assist our clients to make their company Paper free. We help to get all the data of Customer Complain, Inventory, Status of service and production, Planning, Defects etc. on real time.

Business Connect: Do you believe R&D is essential for the growth of the company?

Mr. Trivedi: R & D is an essential part of the company. For us, our people are assets for us. We invest to train them on and off the job. A growing company like us needs more focus on nurturing right talent.

We do R&D with the people, their attitude and their commitment, which are the important ingredient for us. Also, we invest our time, efforts and energy to improve our model and keep doing research to cater our customers the best way and availing value for money through our services.

Business Connect: Do you still come back to work with the same zeal, like you did when you started?

Mr. Trivedi: In fact, the zeal got doubled. We started small and single-handed. Still, we are growing, along with growth, challenges are also growing. However, each day is a celebration for us. Every day, we think about how we can serve our client the best way.

Our team is passionate about the work and that keeps us moving. We are adding a new client every month now. We are getting very good success. Also, repeat orders are motivating us to excel further.

Business Connect: In terms of your market, what do you feel the future holds for entrepreneurs?

Mr. Trivedi: We work for improving the bottom line for our customers by reducing Non-Value Adding activities from his system. The market has become competitive, Customers are more demanding.

Everyone needs the best services or products with Minimum Cost/Price. Though the challenges are immense, companies like us have a very bright future. Overall for all the industries, the next five years are very important to decide the role of Indian economy at the Global level.

Business Connect: Who is your role model in the business/entrepreneurial world and what have you learned from the person?

Mr. Trivedi: So far, I came across many entrepreneurs who fought against all odds and made their mark into the industry. Though I learn various skills and virtues from many such entrepreneurs, I follow my intuition to take a decision.

Business Connect: How are you giving back to society (CSR, if any)?

Mr. Trivedi: Entrepreneurship is two-way communication. I have experienced that if your thoughts and deeds are right, society and people of society give u ample opportunity. However, you must give it back. We are helping roadside vendors, micro and mini businesses to improve their productivity.

We have seen that many of such vendors and microentrepreneur have abundant skills. They need nurturing. Once a month, I personally meet that micro entrepreneurs and assist them to grow their business. Apart from it, I use to go to many of the management and engineering colleges and ITIs to nurture young minds.

Business Connect: Apart from work, what else do you like to spend your time doing?

Mr. Trivedi: I spend time with young kids and books. I spend time with school going children. By observing them you learn a lot. I love reading books. Reading keeps you updated. I am also fond of writing blogs, articles and books. I have written three books so far. One book is already published and other two are in process of publishing.

Also, I am fond of cricket and do not miss to play cricket with my young cricket friends on Sundays if I am not traveling.

Business Connect: How do you see the initiatives of present government with respect to your industry? Have they helped you in any sense?

Mr. Trivedi: Current Government is very business friendly. Existing Govt. has brought the concept of ZERO DEFECT ZERO EFFECT. This concept goes in line of working to improve productivity by protecting the environment. We are closely working on many government projects to help the industry to improve their productivity.

Growing at the rate of 25% CAGR, Efforts consulting is in the panel of Central government of India for a few of their schemes. Under vibrant Gujarat 2019, we have signed with leading engineering college of Gujarat to become their knowledge partner.

The company has extended its arm from traditional productivity improvement techniques to automated systems of optimizing the resources, through IT, IOT and Industry 4.0.

They strongly believe that they are moving in the right direction and speed to create their foot print across the globe. It is strongly believed by the CEO that change is inevitable and it begins in one’s mind, and to excel the need is to absorb the change positively.

“If we keep identifying valueless activities, expenses, time from the system we may improve by curtailing it, we shall keep optimizing. Positive thinking is important but positive actions in the right direction would lead to you towards growth. Last but not least, Money is a by-product of what you do.”

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