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Emiza Supply Chain Services: Exceptional E-Commerce Enablers – Copy

Emiza Supply Chain Services: Exceptional E-Commerce Enablers

Company Overview

What began as a ‘Less-than-truckload business’ in 2016 evolved very quickly into moving towards Mr Ajay Rao’s domain expertise – warehousing and Third Party Logistics. While there was no shortage of 3PLs, there existed a definite gap in the market for 3PLs that were able to meet the requirements of SMBs .

The introduction of e-commerce altered the landscape for SMBs as for the first time, they had easy access to a platform for selling directly to consumers rather than having to use a middle man like a distributor and/or retailer. This started the wave of  “Internet First” enabling consumer brands to understand their target audience and compete with established brands.

There was no doubt that there was a need for specialized 3PLs that understood the needs of these SMBs and internet-first brands. The founders of Emiza spotted this trend early and realized the need for a company that would focus on SMBs and empower them to succeed online.

Even with the challenge of lacking capital at the time of the company’s initiation, Emiza performed tremendously and reached a break-even point within a year of establishment. Mr Rao states, “With a little bit of promoter and NBFC debt, we were able to rapidly scale the business from Rs. 25L MRR (Month Run Rate) to Rs, 700L MRR within a span of three years. We grew from two warehouses to eighteen warehouses and 1 million sq ft within this period, and our client base grew from 2 to 150+.”

Emiza was founded with the goal of meeting the growing needs of direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand owners and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in India’s evolving e-commerce market. As a company, Emiza places a premium on integrity, ownership, and customer obsession. They have pivoted and reinvented themselves several times over, but they have kept these values in mind with each iteration, helping them scale and reach new heights.

They are constantly innovating their product portfolio as commerce enablers by offering online distributor services to customers from warehousing to the last mile. This allowed customers the ability to focus on their business and being relieved of the burden of managing their online channel.

Tackling Challenges

Emiza is constantly having to deal with three major issues: order unpredictability, customer acquisition, and manpower. Analyzing prior data and forecasting demand is an excellent way to ensure that the team is prepared to handle any number of customer orders and labour requirements.

Emiza has maintained relationships with organizations that can provide additional labour and facilities when needed to meet an increase in customer demands. It is critical that they continuously evaluate their operations and modify tactics as needed to meet the needs of customers resulting in the company staying ahead of the market competition curve.

Emiza uses the following strategies to deal with uncertainty in business:

Risk Management: Strategies are developed to mitigate or manage risks using a risk management plan that identifies potential uncertainties and their impact on the business.

Flexibility: The company maintains a flexible approach to allow for changes in response to changing circumstances in business operations.

Customer-first approach: Emiza maintains a strong focus on customer needs and expectations, and is agile enough to quickly adapt and respond to changing customer demands and expectations.

Diversification: Concentrating on diversifying their product offerings, customer base, and operations helps to reduce reliance on any one area of the business and overall risk.

Continuous Improvement: Monitoring performance and making improvements to operations, processes, and technology on a continuous basis ensures that Emiza stays ahead of the curve and also reduces the impact of uncertainties.

Strong Leadership: Having strong and effective leadership goes a long way in making decisions quickly and responding to changing circumstances. This results in minimizing the impact of uncertainties on the business while allowing the company to continue to provide high-quality services. The Founder and Co-Founder, as well as the next level in the chain of command, ensure that the company has complete control.

Emiza aspires to be a technology-driven commerce enabler that assists small to large corporations in optimizing their supply chain operations and improving their overall business performance.

Parting Words

Dear Business Connect readers,

We at Emiza are committed to revolutionizing the logistics and supply chain industry. Our technology-driven solutions are designed to help brand owners streamline their operations, improve visibility, enhance customer experience, and manage risks. At Emiza, our goal is to empower brands to achieve their full potential and succeed in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

We are excited to share our expertise and innovative solutions with you and look forward to helping you achieve your business goals.

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