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ENERGYSURE ECO SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD: Converting Waste Liability To Viability

Global annual waste generation is expected to jump to 3.4 billion tonnes over the next 30 years, up from 2.01 billion tonnes in 2016. The waste is expected to increase by 70 percent on the current levels by 2050, if no urgent action is undertaken according to the WorldBank report. Realizing the threat and the potential waste management holds, several countries now turn their waste to energy, an industry that holds the potential to grow to $27,700.8 million by 2025. While India just recycles 22-28 percent of its Municipal Solid Waste, the opportunity for the country and waste management players is huge.

EnergySURE Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd (EESPL) is a single window solution provider to process all kinds and quantity (KG to Tonnes) of waste scientifically where the focus is to extract energy and value added products. That name EnergySURE itself comes from Energy from Scrap, Used/ Unused and Renewable Resources.

“We believe that no one is bigger than all of us. So we work in consortium mode to provide Best out of Waste to our Customers preferably in a decentralized manner, asserts Sunit Niheria, Founder & CEO, EnSURE Consortium.” EnSure Consortium is a parent company, and EnergySURE Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd is its node Company.


EnergySURE provides Customized solutions as per the need of Customers. depending upon the type of waste and quantity. They have solutions to process individual house hold waste to large quantity waste of Municipal Corporation at affordable prices in India and abroad. This keeps them apart from the others.


  • Introduced Organic Waste Converter Machine to the Hotel Industry in Delhi in 2013
  • Introduced Nirmalya (Temple’s flower and offering waste) to Cooking gas in Delhi
  • Introduced Kitchen waste to Cooking gas plant to India’s first Green Building Bhajan Dhaba Gajraula, NH24 Uttar Pradesh
  • Introduced Smart Composter cum Planter for Flatted Society in Delhi & NCR
  • Introduced Waste to energy concept in Dekhunabaod, Taskent, Uzbekistan
  • Introduced Prefabricated Kitchen waste to Cooking gas and maure plant in Nepal.

The Company offers a wide spectrum of products to serve their customers:

  1. Smart Composter cum Planter to Convert Kitchen waste to fresh flowers and organic vegetables.
  2. Kitchen waste to Cooking Gas plant (BioCylinder), starting from 25 Kg waste on wards
  3. Easy & Fast Composter to Convert Biowaste to Composter
  4. BioWaste to BioPower/ BioCNG Plants
  5. Green Waste to Fuel Pellet Plant
  6. Cowdung + Dry BioWaste to Moksh Dand (Sticks) Machine
  7. Advance BioCultue to degrade Solid and Liquid waste.
  8. DispoSURE: Sanitary Napkin Incinerator
  9. DispenSURE: Sanitary Napkin Dispenser
  10. Plastic waste to Oil Plant
  11. Reverse Vending Machine for Used Bottle Collection
  12. Vermy Compost Unit
  13. Pellet Burner & Gasifiers
  14. Advance Cremation Systems etc.
  15. ON/OFF Grid solar plant
  16. Micro Wind Turbines


  • Havells India Ltd, Neemran – 1 TPD kitchen waste to cooking gas plant working since 2013, it is saving 2 Commercial cylinders (40Kg LPG) per day
  • Indian Army Using our Prefabricated Kitchen waste to cooking gas and compost plant at various locations.
  • Some Temples in NCR Converting there flower waste to Cooking gas and Compost
  • 5TPD Cow dung to BioPower Plant at Mayapur Dairy Farm, Kairana Uttar Pradesh
  • Easy & Fast Composter in Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, New Delhi
  • Easy & Fast Composter in Metro College in Greater Noida
  • Green Waste To Compost In Somer ville school Greater Noida
  • Recently Commissioned Kitchen waste to Cooking Gas Plant in Bhimdutt Municipality in Mahendra Nagar Nepal.

Various Schools are converting there bio waste (Kitchen +Garden) to compost with their Smart Composter.


Focused on converting waste liability into viability, EnSURE has an array of integrated solutions with technological advantages like double digester technology (aerobic and anaerobic) in its Kitchen Waste to Cooking Gas Plants, rectangular shape of digester to save space, use of Thermo Siphon for round the year performance, and several others. “Since we work in Consortium mode, we have tie ups with best service providers and manufacturers for our product and service assurance quality” says Sunit.

With the capacity to provide customized solutions to process individual household waste to large quantity waste of Municipal Corporation, EnSURE begins the process from the very grassroots level, i.e., household. Its Smart Composter cum Planter helps customers to process wet biodegradable waste at home to produce compost that can be used to grow vegetables, flowers and herbs organically in the same compact unit. Its Bio Cylinder available from 25 kg onwards converts kitchen waste to cooking gas and manure with an odourless gas production method, saving huge on client’s fuel expenses.

Further converting plastic waste to Low Density Oil (LDO) that can further be refined to a better quality fuel like diesel, with the company’s Plastic Waste to Fuel Plant. Its fleet of offerings also consists of Commercial Biogas Plant (starts from 500 kg onwards), BioCNG Plant, Biogas Generator, Organic Waste Converter, Vermicompost,

Biomass Pellets and Pellet Making Machine & Stove, Small Biomass Gasifier, Pellet Burners, Biodiesel Plant, Waste Sorting Machine, Advanced Cremation Systems, Cowdung Stick (Moksh Dand) Machine, Waste Crushers and On/Off Grid Solar System. Despite being high quality products, EnSURE prices them very competitively and offers excellent customer support services to ensure customers do not have to compromise on any aspect.


Due to exceptional performance and incredible work, the Company is accredited with a number of awards:

  • Best Innovation Award – Ghaziabad Flower Show
  • Silicon India 10 Most Promising Waste Management Services Providers-2019
  • After Uzbekistan, Nepal Now going to expend in Iran & Bangladesh soon.


Ensure follows MSW Rule 2016 guidelines, and is currently working on the auto irrigation system in Smart Composter Cum Planter, Hydroponic Cultivation with Biogas Slurry, and Protein rich Cattle feed production through biowaste and biodiesel from waste. No wonder, the company’s clientele consists of some of the most eminent names like Indian Army, Havells, Temples in NCR, Schools and Residential Societies. The company now envisions crossing 100 crores revenue by 2025.

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