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Entertainment Sportz, Turning Your Events into Memories of a Lifetime

Entertainment Sportz, Turning Your Events into Memories of a Lifetime

‘I wouldn’t have achieved anything that I have, without my team; we work in inhuman conditions at the oddest hours. But if you get to make someone else’s day special, it’s all worth it, not every profession gives you this opportunity”

Karan Rughani, Founder, Entertainment Sportz

In the last few decades, the industry for events has seen massive growth and the experts from the industry believe that this is just the beginning. The boom that has come in the demographics of the evolving lifestyle of extravagance has only increased the scope for growth in this sector.

Entertainment Sportz believes in providing quality services and strengthening the ambience of fellowship by cementing the affinity that they share with all their associates, progressing towards a blooming future collectively. They strive to ensure quality driven event planning and management service.

Mr. Karan Rughani, in conversation with Business Connect,

Business Connect: For a better understanding of our readers, give us an overview of your business and its services.

Mr. Rughani: The thought with which we created this company was that after I did my research and analysis during the time of my internships with different companies, I came to an understanding that there is immense potential of event management in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, and while I was in Mumbai and doing my degree in event management, after working in metro cities I realized, this venture would be a risk worth taking.

I came to the tier 3 city – an industrial town of Gujrat which is the largest chemical and pharmaceutical hub in Asia. I started with corporate events in cities of Gujrat, and there were a lot of risks if we would be able to convince people to outsource and delegate stuff that they were doing on their own since there was no company that was providing these services professionally in this segment.

We have been in this profession for 8 years now and we boast of a clientele that anyone would envy upon, there are multinational companies that we are catering around the year like. First few years of the growth process were quite critical for us because we were busy convincing and getting the client under our belts. On the parallel, while the market was evolving, we started backward integration of all the resources available in the company and how we could increase the margin at the backend. So we started coming up with properties, banquet halls, open party lawns, and we started providing turnkey solutions to our clients. Once they have booked the venue with us, they have all the other solutions lined for them as well.

Business Connect: What kind of obstacles did you face?

Mr. Rughani: in this field, the biggest obstacle that we face is to convince people in trusting us with turnkey projects. Initially, this started as a seasonal business, but we realized that working seasonally is not going to help us grow, so we started working on other verticals as well, which helped us with business all through the year and not just seasonally.

We now take care of everything from conferences, seminars, training programs to private functions and parties. We also started to think of the upcoming competition that was anticipated, and we ensured that we keep bringing in new concepts and trends without looking repetitive. So even if now it is a highly competitive market, we introduce the experts to the field and ensure the best comes out.

Today we have successfully bagged ample titles to cherish our hard work that crushed our obstacles like;

ES Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. got the best upcoming banquet award.

Entertainment Sportz got the India leadership award 2018 for Best Event Management Company in Gujarat.

Entertainment Sportz also won India 5000 MSME Award for quality excellence. 

Entertainment Sports is also the top 10 most promising Event Management companies in India.

Business Connect: How do you ensure the unbreakable faith of the client?

Mr. Rughani: ‘WE NEVER SAY NEVER’ and give our customers an experience that they cherish for a lifetime. Execution is the key to the complete aspect and the experience that we cater to our clients, it’s about how flawless and personal can you get with the event.

Business Connect: Why do you believe will the client come to you and not go somewhere else?

Mr. Rughani: In events, the concept is the key, how far can you go from their imagination, and providing them with something that they would only have dreamt of but not actually expected. So, we are always serving a challenge that we must over live the expectations of the clients.

Today the bandwidth and the spending capacity of people are far more than we think it is, and they are willing to go extravagant. So, we make sure we bring to them what they are looking for in its best possible capacity.

Business Connect: Do you believe R&D is necessary for the growth of the business?

Mr. Rughani: Yes, very much, the whole differentiation factor for us is dependent on the R&D and the creativity that we do before meeting the client and showcasing them what best we got.

Business Connect: What part of your success do you credit to your co-workers?

Mr. Rughani: 110%, this is completely a team game, they make the impossible possible, they are on foot for long working hours, they sacrifice a lot of family time and holidays that otherwise people enjoy because when the world is celebrating, we are busy making the celebration possible. There are times when the working hours are stretched to sometimes 48 hours as well, they are still working, and my team is making everything possible.

Business Connect: How have you ensured a smooth infusion of technology in your business?

Mr. Rughani: Technology plays a very important role for us, even if you look at the trends in the future; technology is going to be a very game-changing aspect. We create digital albums, all the functions as they are happening in the present are being fed live to people sitting across any part of the world, now there is no hassle of making physical albums, everything has gone digital, you can just forward links and you’re sorted.

Business Connect: What does the future hold for the company?

Mr. Rughani: In future, we are looking for collaborations, you are judged by the kind of brands you collaborate with, and currently collaborations are the trends, a lot of business will be lost if there are no good collaborations happening for your venture.    

Business Connect: How are you giving back to society?

Mr. Rughani: We work hand in hand with rotary international, no food goes waste from our events, and it is always ensured that it is distributed among the needy. We do a lot of events in government schools, we reuse the resources in these school events that had been used for our high profile clients, it’s better than wasting them off.

The event industry is thriving right now and this can be witnessed in the popularity of the sector. And with companies like Entertainment Sportz coming into the picture, the need to fret over making arrangements has saturated to zero. They have single-handedly ensured the entire process to be smooth by delivering experiences to their customers that they will cherish for a lifetime.

“I like photography, traveling, sports, so I basically have put together all my interests and made a business out of it”,

Mr. Karan Rughani

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