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Entrepreneurs Put Themselves at a Higher Risk for These Mental Health Problems

Science Says Entrepreneurs Put Themselves at a Higher Risk for These Mental Health Problems

There was a time when people wouldn’t even think in a dream to become an entrepreneur. However, the time has changed. In this era, the entrepreneur career has become more glamorous. People like to become one. You may be thinking why? Well, the reason could be anything like maybe it makes you attractive living with a laptop lifestyle, or maybe you have a strong notion that you can make money as much as you wish. Either way, this career is becoming so popular across the world. Introducing own company to the world could be tempting.

In fact, in this era, successful entrepreneurs have introduced themselves very differently, they are like a rock star. People eager to listen to their speeches to get motivated. People see them in the very respective way. In the digital world, it is easy to start a business. Many entrepreneurs have built a business by just instructing others how to turn the dream in reality. They build a business empire by creating a podcast, website, online course, and YouTube channel. By creating these sources, they teach them how to create a program, or sell a service every corner, and many others.

Our social media that show you that entrepreneurial lifestyle is so great, at some point it is true, because being our own boss, you feel so better than others. However, very few people like to talk about the hidden dark side of entrepreneurship. An entrepreneurial lifestyle may wreak havoc on your brain wellbeing.

Those entrepreneurs who have faced psychological issues or health issues in the beginning, now they are finally spreading awareness about it all over the world. There are so many studies show that people have been facing some specific higher mental issues. Today I would like to have a conversation about a few of the dark sides of being an entrepreneur.

Increase the risk of depression.

No doubt that being an entrepreneur, they have to spend long hours get success in business. Having a long time, they probably avoid their health. They have only one mentality that

“Time is money.” It indicates they sleep less than they should be (According to, every person should sleep at least seven hours per day). They ignore the physical activities and other some stuff. These habits can cause you depression. However, this isn’t the only factor can cause you depression, many studies show that being an entrepreneur, they feel isolated physically or mentality. Isolation may run the issue of depression.

Accept doctor, nobody can identify the symptoms of depression because it doesn’t always show you as sadness. However, there is some basic sign that shows you are about to get into it such as changing weight, sleep difficulties, irritability, and many others like this. We all have to keep in mind that less self-care and working long hours can cause you worse effect on our body.

Increase the risk of self-worth issues.

Some enraptures start comparing between self-worth and net worth. However, it is human nature. But being an entrepreneur or profession person, do not let your net worth dictate your self-worth. When their business is doing well in the market, they have high self-esteem it’s like skyrockets. But when they get failed in business or are not able to meet goals, they deal with issues to feel better.

Most of the entrepreneurs work sunup to sunset and more. they have in mind that if they are going to work harder, they can win the business battle. However, there are so many reports show that only one-third of small businesses survive after three years. The world has taught us that a mantra “Failure isn’t an option,” sometime setback can cause a psychological issue.

Increase risk of anxiety

An entrepreneur faces a lot of issues that don’t cause you under stress, but also increase an enormous amount of pressure. At some point, they have to close the deal because of some financial issues or some other reason. It leads you to incredible anxiety. The majority of entrepreneurs constantly worried about their business, because they struggle to function ordinarily. It is hard for them to spend quality time with family or go on vacation, and attend the party without worrying about their business.

Closing after the deal, they may sit at home, during the time they experience a battle inside their brain. on the other hand, they become super irritating, either way, they constantly suffer anxiety issues. to get reduce anxiety in life, everyone should be learning how to balance professional and personal life.

Increased risk of addiction

You may be wondered that what makes entrepreneurs keep going through. As much as I know that they are passionate about something. But getting a little deep, you can see that their nature becomes obsessive which makes them keep going through, even they face so many issues. Being addictive about something, you may lose your beautiful relationship or one of the most precious things health and both of them. Addiction insists you cross the line and go far from a current situation.

You may think that only serial entrepreneurs are addictive. However, there are many types of research shows that entrepreneurs have addictive personalities, that indicates, entrepreneurs may have some other addictive behaviour like consuming drugs every day or having alcohol. However, there are a majority of entrepreneurs who don’t like to have alcohol and drugs anymore.

I’m pretty much sure, now you know about the dark side of entrepreneurial life. Entrepreneurs should take a productive approach to stop emotional difficulties. Try to build a strong brain. If you are noticing mental issues or some other kind of health issue, try to contact a doctor before the situation becomes worse. Without having a healthy lifestyle, you won’t even think to become successful in any area. We all should keep in mind a quote while running a business.

“There is no Health without mental health; mental is too important to be left to the professionals alone, and mental health is everyone’s business.” ~ Vikram Pate.

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