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Essens Wellness

Essens Wellness

Inspiring A Healthier Tomorrow Through Innovation

In India’s dynamic healthcare landscape, the amalgamation of innovation and growth stands as the embodiment of progress. Essens Wellness, headquartered in Mumbai, proudly commemorates four years of pioneering innovations, steadfastly pursuing its mission to be the thought leader in adult health and wellness.

Essens Wellness, since its inception, has consistently focused on bringing together science and nature to help people live healthier, fuller lives. It has effectively and successfully pursued this mission, crafting innovative health solutions along the way.

Every product of Essens delivers the Best of Nature & Science – Clinically Proven, 100% Nature sourced, and delivered in an Easy-to-use format that can be effortlessly incorporated into Indian food and lifestyle. The health benefits & Effectiveness have been Clinically proven and trusted & endorsed by experts (nutritionists).

The Safety is approved by international regulatory bodies such as the USFDA, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), GRAS, and the FSSAI in India. Most of their products are being launched for the 1st time in India.

Since 2019, Essens Wellness has thrived under the dynamic stewardship of Bindu Damodaran, the Co-founder, and CEO. Leveraging her two decades of experience in marketing and leadership roles, Bindu, an alumnus of MDI, Gurgaon, and a corporate professional turned entrepreneur, has a proven track record of launching, building, and growing businesses in challenging, emerging markets. Steering the helm, Bindu has propelled Essens Wellness to successfully establish the ‘ActiFiber’ brand and expand its business footprint nationwide.


As per the latest report released by the Govt of India in 2023, 1 out of every 3 Indians (500+ million) is today dealing with the health challenges posed by one of these 4 big health concerns – Diabetes, Excess Weight, Cholesterol & Blood Pressure. It not only has a significant impact on quality of life, but also puts a strain on finances.

The ACTIFIBER range of Dietary Supplements from Essens Wellness, delivers innovative solutions that enable people to better manage these health issues better and regain control over their lives.


• Nature: Plant-Based Products made From Proven Natural Ingredients
• Science: Clinically Proven & Potent Products, Nutrition Expert Endorsed, Sourced by Collaborating with the best in the world, Approved worldwide by Health Regulatory bodies
• Sustainability: No Toxic Ingredients, No harsh chemicals, Responsibly Sourced NonGMO

Currently, ACTIFIBER helps address 3 big health challenges with its range of 4 innovative products. There are number of promising products in the pipeline too.

• ActiFiber Natural Sugar Control helps manage Diabetes better
• ActiFiber Natural Weight Control and ActiFiber Natural Lean & Fit support healthy body weight.
• ActiFiber Natural Gut Strength delivers Better Digestive Health


Essens Wellness is driven by innovation, impeccable ethics, and an unwavering commitment to scientific rigor. Their dedication is shaping a healthier tomorrow and setting new benchmarks in the industry. They focus on the following 3 matrices to measure their impact:

Good Health and Well-being: Help consumers lead Healthier, Fuller lives. Essens team reaches out to the Real Users of their products & tracks the Real Results their products deliver in terms of Better Health and Quality of life outcomes. In a short span of just 4 years, since launch, over 25,000 Indians trust ActiFiber Natural Sugar Control, their bestseller variant to help them manage their Diabetes better, every day.

Innovation & Responsible Consumption: Drive Innovation that delivers health benefits with Natural & Sustainable dietary supplements. They launch products that are innovative, 1st time in India and meeting global benchmarks of efficacy & safety.

Consciously Hire, Empower and Support Women: They provide a Supportive work environment, encourage Up-skilling, and Mentoring. Essens Wellness is powered by Women. They lead key Decision-making roles such as CEO, Head of Marketing, Head of Nutrition & Innovation. 60% of the team are women, 75% of them are Mothers who had taken career breaks and restarted their career with Essens.


Essens Wellness has strived hard over the years to resolve health issues by fusing the finest aspects of science and nature, and it has solidified its position as a pioneer in the healthcare supplement industry. While moving on its path, the company achieved numerous awards and milestones, like:

• Real Users, Real Results: ActiFiber is trusted by over 35,000 users and many leading Nutritionists.
• India’s ‘Top 10 Health Supplement Startups 2022’ by Industry Outlook
• “Woman Leaders Award 2023” by CMO Asia & World Women Leadership Congress
• Best Seller in its category on with great reviews across all platforms by 1000+ users.
• Listed among India’s TOP 10 Diabetic Products by Best Reviews Guide
• 100,000+ people follow the ActiFiber brand on social media.

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