E-learning is the latest way of accessing knowledge online. There is beaucoup of websites which impart knowledge about various subjects and sharpen skills of individuals without a need of moving to classrooms. Etrain Education Pvt. Ltd. is the company which offers a great contribution in the sphere of Education Technology. Gaurav Kapoor, 47 years old, is the Managing Director of the organization.

“The entry of technology in the educational arena has multiplied its standards hence resulting in faster and better skills for individuals” ~Gaurav Kapoor

EtrainIndia helps people to excel and succeed through IT and non-IT skill certifications. Their globally recognized credentials are aimed at enhancing individual productivity, marketability, and value.

EtrainIndia is a marketplace for globally recognized skill certifications.

They serve both the academic and commercial markets. Their users entail students of any age and stream, corporates and the Government. They offer exquisite training for anyone interested to earn or learn a new skill.

All their products are globally accepted and recognized. They offer the best in class technology products with little or no competition. In this way, they synchronize with changing market trends.

Companies are built by a team of people and not alone. Therefore, employees are the most indispensable asset to any company and need to be managed with utmost care and enthusiasm.


Business partners are associated with them since inception and their Principals continue to offer them more products every year. They currently manage approx. 400+ business partners across India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal, and this number is growing every year.

They maintain a transparent relationship with clients and follow ethical practices at work. Their customers hold an imperative value to them so they ensure seamless and high-quality services.


They have created a unique business model in the education space taking into consideration cost, time, reach and sustainability.

They develop, manage and expand a network of partners across India to deliver quality training & certifications. Their business model allows students to appear for an online test from any part of the country and receive globally recognized certifications almost instantly.

Reminiscing the struggling days, Gaurav Kapoor says,

“Nothing comes easy. Companies and people grow and evolve by dedication, passion and patience. We have been through thick and thin and have emerged stronger each year. I guess it’s all about belief in yourself.”

The entrepreneur besides work believes in physical fitness, therefore he exercises daily. And, he loves to spend quality time with his family and always tries to maintain a work-life balance.

According to Gaurav’s perspective, the government is focusing strongly on skill development for individuals which is a great help however, there are fewer initiatives for educational start-ups.


The company has received numerous awards that include ‘25 Fastest Growing e-learning companies in India’ in 2017, Corporate Excellence award in 2018, was rated among the best education brands by the Economic Times in 2017 and 2018 and Amity Entrepreneurial Leadership award in 2018.

With their continuous focus on technology education and skill development, they are confident of growing at a good pace every year.


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