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The ‘guiding star’ of the consulting industry

These days, companies are more focused than ever for getting their complexities resolved as quickly as possible. This lets them utilize their time efficiently and leads to the growth of their competitiveness in market. Due to this, assorted consulting companies found a perfect breeding ground for them. But the setups which can provide the A to Z of such services are very rare to be found.

Faber Infinite is one such gem that has been a leader right from its beginning. Faber Infinite Consulting is a global management consulting organization. Its offerings include Consulting, Training & Development, Technology and Benchmarking. The principal objective of the company is to create value by assisting client organizations in becoming more effective, efficient and flexible.

Team Faber has been helping organizations in building competitiveness by improving their revenue, growth and profitability. The remarkable consulting services provided by the company support clients in achieving benefits from designing right strategies to implementing it for leadership, improvements and sustenance. The company ensures that clients receive promised benefits by unlocking the hidden potential for them. This is achieved after detailed scoping on where to go next and implementing it along with the client teams. It leads to exponential return on investments.

The company leverages Transformation and Continual Improvement tools and processes by its Organization Transformation Framework© to drive flexibility, control and responsiveness. The goal is designing and doing the right things by right methods with speed and agility. Not only this, it believes in doing more with less, starting with harnessing the intelligence and creativity of every employee.

All these years, USP of the company has been the improvement across organization involving employees at all levels, from core processes to support functions. It assures around 20 times ROI to its clients in first couple of years of implementation. Faber Infinite brings in solutions for topline (Revenue) growth and bottom line (profitability) improvement for businesses. The “Organization Transformation Approach” makes the offering sui generis. This concept not only focuses on strategy but effectively links business strategies to operations and more importantly people.

In the training domain, it also works with the leadership team to identify training needs, and to design, develop, deliver, and evaluate employee skills to arrive at training and development plans and programs to meet the company’s strategic objectives. The technology platform for skill analysis paves the way for learning and development for any organization.

Faber Infinite Technology Solutions are instrumental in driving business growth and creating more efficient processes that contribute to increased productivity. Its futuristic technology solutions for smart manufacturing and Internet of Things (IoT) are getting good traction from the market.

Faber Infinite benchmarking solutions provides a means to compare client organization against other businessesand identify areas where client can improve their performance. Benchmarking data provides the foundation for understanding where the gaps are and what is needed to be done to improve performance.It also involves internal audit of the processes at any organization.

Assisting clients to increase profits
The solutions of the company has delivered time-tested results for its clients. One of its clients in engineering sector released hidden capacity of around 15-20%, which in turn increased their topline. It assisted in the cost saving for one of its clients to the tunes of INR 9 Crores. It went on to improve the manpower productivity by 90% for one of its clients involved in bone china crockery manufacturing. This is just a trailer of the movie that showcases its vast deliveries.

Faber Infinite has worked with around 150+ clients across different sectors, geographies and segments. Few of the sectors are Automobile, Construction, FMCG, Supply Chain, Electrical, Chemical, Food and Beverages, Retail, Engineering, Healthcare, Plastics, Industrial Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Transportation & Logistics, Commercial Farms, Textiles etc.

Some of its esteemed clients include Adani Hazira Ports, Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Bombardier Transportation, CG Corp Global, Indo Schottle Auto Parts, Jindal Rail Infrastructure, Varuna Pumps, Mahindra CIE Automotive, Varroc Engineering, Alliance Polysacks, Atlas Copco, Banco Products, Gufic Bioscience, Inox CVA, KHS Machinery, L&T, Wipro Waters and many more.

Taking inspiration from its huge clientele, the company intends to scale up the venture at fast pace. This includes expanding presence in Central & West Africa, and exploring new avenues in South-East Asia in the next 5 yrs. This will also require increasing the team strength to around 50 members in the consulting team and total team of more than 100 members. It looks to add 2 new countries to its reach coming financial year.

It also aims to diversify in vocation training business in Africa. It is working with a goal to increase its non-consulting revenue 10-fold by the end of next financial year. It is also planning to expand its consulting portfolio by focusing on “People Excellence”.

PRIZMA- the assay gizmo
For the betterment of its service, the company has come up with an innovative skill analysis tool called PRIZMA, which has been received extremely well by clients. PRIZMA is a tool aimed at raising employee and employer confidence, improving productivity and giving direction through correct and objective skill analysis. It helps employers to move forward towards the targeted result with the skilled employees. It plans to expand its technology portfolio further by focusing on “Internet of Things” and “Smart Manufacturing”.

Faber Infinite has served around 150+ odd clients in short yet eventful journey with operations in more than half a dozen countries now. The organizations efforts were appreciated by the Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Vijay Rupani during the national productivity week in 2017.

Key Officials

Aakash Borse – Aakash is one of the founding members and Director at Faber Infinite Creative Solutions Pvt Ltd. with operations in Asia Pacific, Africa & Middle East. Aakash brings in rich experience of working in the domain of Organizational Transformation, Operational Excellence and Management Consulting. He has led several Organizational Design solutions and rollout for businesses across various sectors and geographies. He has been engaged as Transformation Program Manager, Strategic Initiative Manager and Business Creation Director at Faber Infinite.

Vishal Kulkarni – One of the founding members and director at Faber Infinite Creative Solutions Pvt Ltd., Vishal spearheads the delivery and capacity building function. Vishal has worked in the domain of organizational transformation with 100+ clients across a range of industries including steel, plastics, textiles, automotive, engineering, pharmaceuticals, commercial agriculture, tea industry, food and beverages, FMCG, paper products, service sector etc. in Asia Pacific, Africa & Middle East. He has trained 10000+ professionals and employees on various tools & techniques.

Jalay Pandya – Jalay is one of the founding members and Director at Faber Infinite Creative Solutions Pvt Ltd. with operations in Asia Pacific, Africa & Middle East. Jalay is an Organization Turnaround specialist. His forte is in identifying capacity limitations & bottlenecks and process problems for taking corrective action.

He is experienced in designing robust business processes for achieving substantial improvements; planning, implementing & monitoring of process changes to enhance productivity. Jalay brings in rich experience from his past association with United Nations (UN) in East Africa.

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