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FutureSoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd has been an impeccable contributor in helping the enterprises to transform, and thrive in changing the world through their IT Services and System Integration. An unprecedented growth of companies and industries in the arena of Information and Technology has created a tremendous buzz. Numerous industries require IT services and solutions for smoothening their respective processes. FutureSoft Solutions is one such organization, providing exemplary IT and System Integration Services.


The colossal organization is FutureSoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd., which was incepted in 1996, and is headquartered in New Delhi. The Chief Executive Officer of the company is Vipul Datta, who has put strenuous efforts in the foundation and progress of the ace organization. The company has achieved a pivotal benchmark in IT services and System Integration under the supervision of Vipul. The most specific goal of FSPL has been to achieve a high point of recall with clients and become their trusted IT partner, which they have triumphantly achieved and aim to continue doing it.

It has been rated among the top-notch IMS companies in the country. Being a leading consulting, technology and next-generation services company, FSPL enables clients over 450+ locations across India to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve. They are renowned for their incredible approach of vendor-agnostic process, Automation & optimization, and flawless delivery of all projects.

FSPL has also established a network of 400+ technology partners amongst whom are global leaders like: Microsoft, Symantec, Cisco, Veritas, ARC Serve, Trend Micro, Oracle, Citrix, VMWare, IBM Software, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Red Hat, HP & HP Software, Dell, EMC, Lenovo, Juniper, Sapphire, Com Guard, Synology, and some niche players for specific technologies in the areas of Surveillance, Smart City, Adoption and Availability of IT in rural India.


The ace entrepreneur, Vipul defines TEAM as: Together Everyone Achieves More’. The employees are committed towards their goals, and they are true to their aspirations. FSPL is currently serving more than two hundred clients, with hundred percent business retention. The team consists of experts possessing cross-functional skills and strong experience in diverse markets.

They have pioneered sustained growth and healthy traction across PAN India. The core team of FSPL has a combined experience of more than two hundred years, who are serving clients across a multitude of industry verticals such as State & Central Government, PSU, IT, ITES, BPO, Retail, FMCG, Manufacturing, BFSI, Hospitality, Healthcare, Media and a lot more.


FSPL ensures Great Workplace experience – Developing People Managers within an ecosystem.

FSPL’s continuous focus is to keep their employees happy and contented. Constant efforts are there to uplift the morale of the workforce, by numerous motivational programs. This results in the expansion and growth of the FSPL with beaucoup of accomplishments.

It scales the growth of the company by offering benefits such as flexible working hours, works from home option with justifiable reasons, and introducing initiatives and programs like Executive Team Effectiveness, Innovation at Work and People Focused Programs for the upheaval of motivation and high spirits. Due to these plans, employees show high levels of trust, credibility in their work, and camaraderie regardless of who they are or which department they work for.


It has also been a regular practice to organize monthly get-together by inviting employees, who love to celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries every month. Celebration gets even better if any festival falls in the same month. All employees dress up according to the occasion, and the Human Resource Department plans and organizes team bonding games, snacks, and drinks. Different choices of food are arranged by HR team, which brings smile on employees’ faces.

FSPL has accomplished two decades in the Indian market, and it was a joint decision by management to celebrate it with real Pomp and Show. Employees with families, ex-employees, key customers, associated corporate partners and their vendors were personally invited to be a part of their happiness.

The superlative Management understands that grand business success comes in the kitty because of hard work and perseverance of employees. To motivate and keep the rhythm going on, FSPL organizes quarterly or semiyearly get-together parties at the outskirts of city. The Umbrella of Digitization has changed the market trends, customer behavior, created unexpected opportunities and disrupted traditional methodologies of doing business.

FutureSoft Solutions spreads limelight on adopting Digital Strategy, by using technology to improve business performance, whether that means creating innovative ways to offer services or reimagining current processes. They consider digital strategy as a lead to a concrete plan or roadmap of activities and processes that need to be changed to provide better services to their customers.


Team, at FutureSoft, takes pride in applying experiential learning gained over a period to help customers commission a business-aligned integrated service delivery platform.

With Converged and Smart Infrastructure leading the marketplace, FutureSoft looks forward to introducing Blockchain with appropriate use cases to address problem statement thrown by the business.

The Company’s key management speaker explains, “It’s no longer a guessing game, service consumers understand that it is beyond adding an extra server or storage to solve a problem. It is also least likely an eventual service consumer presenting a Blockchain proposal, extending a perfect opportunity to IT arm and SIs to drive a solution, which is not only technically leveraged but also economically meaningful”.

It is the expertise and ingenuity of the service provider that will bring the layer of change. FutureSoft Solutions is positioned as one such service provider which has always accepted challenges and emerged through all the projects with ground-breaking solutions. One of the State Government’s leading IT initiatives has explored opportunities to leverage the use of digital tokens and innovative technology such as Blockchain and Mobile Wallet to manage the delivery of benefits programs to its residents.


FSPL continues to grow as a profitable business, prioritizing and funding the next generation of business. They have worked towards improving operational effectiveness of their working models; and FSPL stands as a CMM Level 3, ISO 27001/ ISO 20000-1/ISO 9001:2015, ITIL certified organization. They intend to attract, engage and retain good talent. Their core focus is to continue to leverage technology for enhancing new customer acquisition by adopting Digital Strategy to lead a concrete plan or roadmap of activities and processes, related to latest sky bounding technologies to work on namely: Business Intelligence (BI), Blockchain, AI, HCI, Cyber Security, Private & Hybrid Cloud and RFID.

Talking about the achievements, the stupendous company has acquired business from:

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