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Pioneering a New Era of Fashion, Carlton Solle and G95 Brings an Innovative Range of Wearables with Built-in Filters

Wearing a face mask has become the norm for us to protect ourselves from COVID-19. However, the global increase in single-use masks has huge environmental costs. Thankfully, there are eco-friendly options available with brands that care about the planet, like G95, which designs fashionable wear with a built-in filter that provides better protection against airborne particles than an N95-rated mask.

The company is proud of its distinctive product line, which includes washable and reusable items with built-in particulate filter protection that appear, feel, and work like regular clothing.

Their expertise lies in crafting a unique range of hoodies with a built-in mask made from a material that can (theoretically) filter out more germs than an N95 mask and zips up into the hood—which is itself a filter. Further, it makes scarves that double as air filters. Throughout the testing, the design successfully filtered out around 99% of airborne contaminants 0.1 microns, protecting from bacteria, viruses, air pollution, smoke, and some more airborne health issues.

The Genesis of G95

The groundwork for G95 was laid by, Carlton Solle, to bring wearables with integrated filters. Based out of Carlton Solle, came up with the idea after he fell ill; when he went to China for business purposes in 2015.

While staying abroad, Mr Solle developed a hacking cough. Since he was a frequent traveller, his doctor advised him to wear a face mask going forward.

Solle was reluctant to wear a mask, but as a regular traveller in China, he realized that he needed to protect himself. He thought of coming up with something better. He got an idea: Why couldn’t we include filters in ordinary clothing instead of having people wear masks?

Products that looked cool and fashionable and functioned like normal clothes, but that could also help protect the wearer at the same time. He started researching, filtering materials, and creating the first Bioscarf prototype right away.

He eventually found a highly specialized manufacturing group that helped him make it happen after months of research, and together they created the unique G95 filtering material. In the year 2016, he applied to register his first patent for sandwiching reusable and washable filtration material in fabrics.

The worst wildfires in the history of the San Francisco Bay Area struck the Bioscarf in 2018. A large area of Northern California became smothered with thick, choking smoke. The visionary man sent all of his products to relatives and family to be distributed since he felt that his filtration could give individuals the exact protection they needed during this time.

“That crisis was our first “real world” test, and the Bioscarves did the job, outperforming their wildest ambitions. It’s been an amazing journey with numerous obstacles to face along the way; that is how the G95 came into existence,” the leading man asserted. the leading man asserted.


Since its inception, G95 has been getting positive responses from its target audience. There were a lot of people who didn’t want to wear a mask and wanted some other alternative. From its Michigan plant, the company currently manufactures a variety of protective gear, such as a neck tube and a hoodie with a G95 filter inside. The brand emphasizes sustainability by using recycled plastic bottles for their cold weather wear and hemp for their warm weather gear.

Additionally, COVID has strengthened public support for sustainable clothing. The company is presently making masks for FEMA and some hospitals in Michigan.

Overall, G95 has proved to be instrumental in protecting people from heat and dust and coming up with sustainable solutions. With the upcoming launch of the “Wrap the Warriors” campaign, the company aims to replace one million single-use disposable face masks by giving 20,000 of these masks to front-line employees.


With an impressive journey spanning over two decades, Carlton Solle emerges as a renowned thought leader in environmentally conscious design and sustainable business practices. He holds great expertise in the realm of product development, branding, design, sales, marketing, and management.

As the visionary founder of G95, Solle was lauded for his innovative ideas and unparalleled efficiency. His expertise spans diverse industries, recognizing market opportunities and creating cutting-edge solutions that take advantage of those insights.

Carlton is a born marketer and excellent visual communicator who can create and develop consumer goods and oversee the entire process from idea to launch. His role as CEO at G95 involves crafting unique product strategies that will increase the company’s product line and take it to new heights.


G95 introduced the world’s first, single-use, 100% plantbased, biodegradable KN95/FFP2-certified facemask and a range of other innovative products. A few of them are mentioned below:

Bioscarf: Though it has the appearance, texture, and functionality of a traditional scarf, the Bioscarf is incredibly supple, insulating, lightweight, and breathable. It comes up with the company’s signature style. Further, Bioscarf has the built-in G95 filtration technology.

Biohoodie: The Biohoodie offers the wearer a complete shield of protection thanks to integrated G95 filtration technology that covers the entire hood from the shoulders up. Whether you’re at the gym, out for a run, riding a bike, or travelling by bus, aircraft, or train, this simple yet elegant everyday fit hoodie offers athletic comfort with the trademarked G95 filtration material for protection wherever and whenever you need it.

Biopullover: The Biopullover, the newest model in the G95 Gear Collection, has the integrated G95 filtration technology around the entire neck, from the shoulders up. When you need protection, pull it up and use it; otherwise, keep it down around your neck.

It’s super soft and comfortable, and with our signature style—new blacked-out branding, stealth pockets, and an adjustable waist, and neck—this one is an absolute game-changer that provides the wearer with incredible functionality and protection.

Bioshield: Compared to Bioshield 1, Bioshield 2 offers a more structured fit. It is super soft and breathable, and it is made for comfort throughout prolonged wear. It features an adjustable nose wire, simple straps for a personalized fit, and its exclusive G95 filtration technology integrated within.



Addressing the pressing issue of disposable face masks being used to prevent the spread of coronavirus, G95 manufactures a variety of protective gear, perfectly meeting the soaring demand and making its mark in the market. Another unique part of G95 gear is that it can be washed over 50 times before the filtration efficiency starts to decrease.

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