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We have come up with another enticing success story where the highlighted venture is contributing to the modern era by harnessing advanced technologies such as GIS and remote sensing to provide comprehensive solutions for data management, analysis, and decision support.

Their specializations span various domains including natural resource exploration, urban mapping, and environmental applications, enabling them to offer tailored solutions that resonate with different requirements of clients. They are expert in leveraging AI, ML, and cutting-edge mapping techniques to not only enhance data accuracy and efficiency but also contribute significantly to environmental management and sustainable development efforts.

Ravikumar Veeramani is the Founder & Managing Director of GEOTECH GEOSPATIAL PVT LTD and guides the operations of the venture at the forefront higher aloft. We wanted to elaborate on what the company stands for. Hence, we explored the length and breadth of the company in a virtual meeting and curated this narrative to be shared with our global aficionado.

He opened the discourse by explaining that the overall vision behind GEOTECH’s functioning is to evolve as a market leader. They have envisioned a future where they rely on the latest concepts and approaches that could make them the most sought-after solution provider in the world of Geospatial technology.

The business model

GEOTECH GEOSPATIAL started as a software solutions company to complete IT solutions related to Geospatial concepts covering Business Analytics, Application Development – Web & Mobile, Location Data Services, GIS, Image processing, Photogrammetry, etc. With time, they have been instrumental in setting up GIS/Remote Sensing labs in several central and state Government departments across South India.

They know how to cater to their needs and ensure customized application-oriented services. Also, they develop custom software/ apps with GIS and remote sensing-based solutions. Such approaches stem from the core competency of GEOTECH’s experts in providing solutions related to data creation, data conversion, data analysis, modelling, and management.

Key capabilites

Exhibiting their fortes across a whole spectrum of GIS remote sensing data services, their competencies extend to ensuring Data Collection and Management, Spatial Analysis, Web Mapping, Geocoding, Data Conversion and Migration, and Image Processing. They also facilitate clients in acquiring geospatial data products and provide specialized support in Geospatial and Visual Data Analytics software.

GEOTECH specializes in IT solutions where the main focus is on data conversion between various GIS and CAD file formats. They are proficient in converting raster data to vector data and employ cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The tech advances are to automate the extraction of building footprints from high-resolution satellite images, focusing on Indian cities.

At the forefront, they empower clients with web mapping solutions to access and interact with spatial data seamlessly over the internet. It converged on offering a user-friendly platform for efficient data management and analysis that would be expanded in the upcoming years.

Offering quality and security GEOTECH

has a great fervor for the certifications in upholding quality and security standards in Geospatial data and solutions. They have strategically utilized such certifications to enhance trust and confidence among clients, emphasizing the importance of third party validations. GEOTECH’s approach includes acquiring industry leading certifications relevant to the Geospatial domain, aligning with international standards, and adopting best practices.

The esteemed ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 27001:2022 certifications attained by GEOTECH act as a framework for their internal processes and practices. These certifications facilitate the implementation of robust quality management systems and stringent security measures, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and accountability within GEOTECH.

Furthermore, GEOTECH has a sheer pledge to contribute to ongoing learning and refinement in quality assurance and security by investing in training and development initiatives. This dedication reflects their proactive approach to ensuring the highest standards of quality and security across their Geospatial solutions.

Setting apart from the peers

Apart from Geospatial software support to their esteemed clients (central and state government departments/institutions, educational institutions and private firms), the company offers unique Web/Mobile Application service support for public requirements.

GEOTECH’s noteworthy efforts for the public welfare include the development of a web application for the citizens of Chennai, for monsoon preparedness, which contains zone/ward boundaries, location of NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) personnel, location of boats, relief centers and location of pumps. Simultaneously, they have created a dashboard for monitoring the incidents and the actions taken.

Another effort for the public was the development of a web application and mobile application for Parliamentary and State Assembly Elections, which facilitated better planning and implementation of actions by the organizational users.

Enhancing scalability and user experience

GEOTECH operates as per the needs of the clients. All the solutions are developed after in-depth consultation with the client. They altogether design solutions that are known for the performance, efficiency, and reliability that sync with the client’s expectations. “Our solution designs always have a scope for upgradation and are capable of dealing with larger and more complex data sets in the future. A recent example is the project on “Geo-tagging of the microforests in Industries”, wherein scalability was given prime importance,” stated Ravikumar.

Claiming their client-centricity, they affirm that there is no room for complaints since the solutions are engineered with scalability and growth trajectory in mind and are designed in consultation with the clients. They pay heed to the suggestions for improvements do come in to suit their new needs, preferences, and pain points.

Contribution to the decision-making processes

Well, this is truly amazing to know that government departments have particularly found GEOTECH’s GIS solutions highly beneficial in the decision-making process. For instance, the Forest Department has leveraged GEOTECH’s expertise to develop Web Applications and Dashboards.

These tools are used for visualizing crucial information related to Forest Assets, Plantations, Human-Wildlife conflict, Forest fires, forest types and covers, and mortality for elephants in the forest corridors. These solutions have significantly improved the decision-making process within the department.

Expertise in Image Processing

As explained by Ravikumar, Image processing is one of their key focus areas. This is mainly due to the expertise available to them where the increasing needs of their clients to deal with hyperspectral and high spatial resolution image data play a crucial role. They have honed their skills in the exploration and mapping of natural resources such as agriculture, forestry, minerals, soil, surface and groundwater, and coastal and marine areas.

In addition to this, they prove their competencies in urban mapping, including road network and building footprint extraction, as well as environmental applications like soil and water pollution monitoring. Their expertise extends to super-resolution mapping, artificial neural networks (ANN), support vector machines (SVM), AI and machine learning (ML) based approaches, spectral matching techniques, and multi-sensor image fusion.

Their image processing methodology goes beyond mere enhancement; it involves extracting meaningful spectral and spatial information from multispectral and hyperspectral imagery.

Here is an overview of all the key strategies that GEOTECH curates to cater to the needs of the client:

Expertise and Teamwork: GEOTECH is proud of its team of specialized professionals with extensive experience and expertise in the core areas of Geomatics. Further, they are a dedicated and committed team of professionals. They are passionate about Geospatial Technology and its applications, ergo, they are capable of providing unparalleled services and tailor-made solutions that suit the needs of their clients.

Paying attention to the clients: Most of their operations are focused on their clients and their needs. They are always willing to lend their ears and prioritize understanding the needs and goals of the clients.

Innovative Solutions: Be it “building-footprint extraction” or “development of a horticultural information system” or “Geotagging of the micro-forests in the industrial areas”, GEOTECH introduces innovative solutions that use ML or the recent concepts of DBMS. They are committed to innovation and seek to develop solutions that address the challenges in the Geospatial industry. At present, they have become an undisputed choice of several government and private agencies primarily due to their track record of implementing innovative strategies.

Quality is the Mantra: GEOTECH is keen on maintaining high standards in its products, outputs, and project reports. There is always a rigorous QC component in place whenever a project is executed. Their long-term relationships with clients are based on trust and reliability and primarily serve as an outcome of their concern about quality.

Continuous feedback loops: They also ensure that the clients receive prompt and proactive assistance right from the initial consultations, which continues well after the completion of a project. Continuous updation: Being updated with the developments in the Geospatial industry is perhaps the key to the success of GEOTECH and its team members.

The laurels

Since its inception, GEOTECH’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. We have enlisted the achievements and accolades attained by the company as follows:

  • Made strategic partnerships with the world’s number one Geospatial Software, Image Processing, and Remote Sensing OEMs.
  • The company has been awarded: (i) ISO 9001:2015 and (iii) ISO 27001:2022 certification.
  • The company has been awarded: (i) Partner of the Year 2019 by ESRI India; (ii) Partner of the Year – 2021 Business Impact by ESRI India (iii) Partner of the Year 2023 – Business Impact by ESRI India.
  • The company has signed strategic MoUs with Anna University & Tamil Nadu Agricultural University for the exchange of domain expertise in the Geospatial Segment.
  • It is ranked among the TOP TEN GIS service providers in India (Industry Outlook Magazine, Nov 2023).
  • It is ranked amongst the TEN Most Promising Geospatial Service Providers in India (SiliconIndia Magazine, April 2024).

Futuristic outlooks

The future endeavors of the company involve a lot of the targets that are still on their bucket list. Let’s dive deep into what they are striving to achieve in the coming years:

• Talent Development: It is proposed to build a strong team that will possess core/domain expertise for almost all the Geospatial segments. This will be achieved through talent acquisition, training and development.

• Diversification of Services: GEOTECH proposes to expand the range of geospatial services offered to a wider spectrum of industries and applications including drone mapping, hyperspectral remote sensing, and AI and ML-based applications. It is also looking forward to diversifying towards manufacturing/custom ERP solutions / medical equipment shortly.

• Focus on Verticals: GEOTECH has identified certain key vertical markets/applications where geospatial solutions can provide significant inputs. Climate-change-induced disaster management, emergency response, agriculture, transportation and logistics, and natural resource management are included in this vertical. Of particular interest is the area of Risk Assessment and Underwriting, to help insurers evaluate factors such as proximity to flood zones, earthquake risk areas, and landslide-prone areas that influence the likelihood of claims.

• Global Expansion: GEOTECH has its foothold in Singapore and Mexico. They are currently exploring opportunities in the Middle East and Africa to tap into emerging markets. They are proposing to establish partnerships with the local agencies and further way into their market. They believe that the credentials of the team and track record would prove powerful in this regard.

• MoUs, Partnerships, and Collaborations: The team has initiated a series of steps to sign MoUs and forge strategic partnerships with Universities, domain experts, research institutions, and government agencies. Such collaborative initiatives and knowledge exchange are aimed at accelerating innovation, especially in the fields of AI, ML, drone image processing, applications in the health sector, disaster management, etc.

The parting words by the luminary

Before signing off from the conversation, the founder said, “Our success story is based on being client-centric, sheer focus on quality, and willing to diversify. These apart, we wish to convey to the readers and the esteemed members of the Geospatial community that the domain of GEOSPATIAL technology possesses a great potential to cut across several verticals.

The role of UAV, AI, ML, and Data Analytics in all such verticals is yet to be fully explored by the Geospatial community. Thus, there is a bright future and ample scope for the growth of firms like GEOTECH GEOSPATIAL Chennai. We wish a bright future for all our clients and success to all the other players in the Geospatial industry.”

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