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GMN HEALTHCARE PRIVATE LIMITED: Working hard for your wellness 

Addressing the protein/nutrition need of the widest range of customer needs, GMN Healthcare Pvt Ltd was started in the year 2018 and has been in the pharmaceutical distribution business for more than three decades. More than a typical pharmaceutical organization, which works more on illness, GMN provides products for wellness.

The product offerings are Pro360 Vanilla, Pro360 Chocolate, Pro360 Kesar Badam, Pro360 Elaichi, Pro360 Diabetic Real Badam, Pro360 Diabetic Roasted Coffee, Pro360 Dry Fruits, Pro360 Women Butterscotch, Pro360 Women Strawberry,

Pro360 Women Chocolate, Pro360 MOM Saffron with Dry fruits, Pro360 Hair Grow Chocolate, Pro360 Hair Grow Vanilla, Pro360 Ortho Vanilla (Veg) Pro360 Ortho Vanilla (Nonveg), Pro360 Slim Strawberry, Pro360 Slim Chocovanilla, Pro360 Weight Gainer Chocolate, Pro360 Canpro Orange, Pro360 Hepa Vanilla, Pro360 Nephro HP Vanilla, Pro360 Nephro LP Vanilla, Pro360 Respiro Strawberry

“We had many obstacles especially in product stability & in achieving the taste, our customers want. All our product has unique ingredients and formulations in this case to source those rare ingredients were a challenge until we discovered our best vendors.” says Megha Swetha, CEO of GMN Health Care

The Inside Story. 

Right from the start, the group had their basics correct. R & D has also been the key to achieve 100% palatability of the product which serves as a key selling point. With a strong R&D which aims to develop world-class products for customers, the team of GMN healthcare takes great care in choosing the quality & right ingredients so that the taste of the products are incomparable in the market.

Constant Research has helped the company in improvising and developing products according to the needs of the consumers. High interactions with the consumers as well as the doctors have kept GMN healthcare stay ahead. Due to the constant interactions and field surveys conducted with consumers, there is a constant update on the needs of the end-users. This way the company can fulfill every need of the consumer’s expectation in a nutritional drink with up-gradations in the product to make it better every day.

When the team of Business Connect asked “what gives you an edge over your peers and how your company is different from others in the same arena” 

Mohan Babu, Founder of GMN Health Care feels

“We are the only company which provides protein/nutrition supplement to all kinds of needs viz., general wellness, pediatric, pregnancy & lactation, diabetic care, derma care, sexual wellness, renal care, onco care, liver care, weight management, ortho care. Next, we have online B2C marketing as well as ethical (Doctor) marketing. Additionally, we provide a wide product range of packing and flavors which is unparalleled in the market. We are end to end integrated exclusive nutraceutical organization. Our opportunities are wide for covering all the nutraceutical needs in one organization.”

Creating opportunities for women

GMN Group of companies has always been keen on creating employment opportunities and this startup (GMN Healthcare) had a greater opportunity in creating employment opportunities for women employees. The history of GMN Groups has always been exploring new industries and excelling in them.

In the challenging world of scaling heights and handling materials, GMN Groups introduced 360 Degree Global Equipments Private Limited as an emerging player in the scaffolding and ladders manufacturing industry with its high profile supply of materials across the globe. It has been a passion more than returns and the nutraceutical industry was one such. With the previous expertise in the pharmaceutical field, it was even more interesting for the team of GMN to explore the nutraceutical market.

“ Nutrition / Nutraceuticals is a fast-growing segment and GMN is in the right market. Our vision is to take the product to the doorsteps of the patients hence we have strongly adapted to online sales platforms viz Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Paytmmall, Netmeds, 1mg, Pharmeasy & growing. Not only the product but we all provide much sought after nutritional information through our website and electronic mailers. The company aims to expand pan India in the next two years and achieve USD 100 million (Rs 750 crore) in the next five years. The plan is not only to take a fair share from the market but also to be the nutritional partner of every single person living in India in very few years.”

The Secret Mantra

One needs to keep the passion to achieve the vision, be highly observant and need to be highly versatile & adaptive in the initial period to be successful. The history of GMN Groups has been to explore and capture new industries. Every time there is a startup from GMN Groups the sector or the industry might differ but the same ethics are followed in motivating and holding on to the company through the days of struggle.

From the team of GMN: A message to all young entrepreneurs

Have a strong vision, build & believe in your human resources, stay focused on the vision, seek feedback actively, be versatile and you will surely be successful. A start-up is like typically growing a tree and harvesting fruit out of it. There is constant care, watering, and patience needed in enjoying the taste of the fruit similarly constant hard work, patience and focus only can bring success to any startup irrespective of the industries.

Sustainable developmental practice

The workforce is highly motivated and energized because of the unique and healthy model ie GMN focus is more on prescription generation (secondary sales) and not on primary sales & the usual sales pressure. The sales are driven by strong marketing fundamentals & creative campaigns Similarly the field force is well aware of the organization’s vision, growth & recognitions. The company constantly works on educating and training the workforce which not only helps the company’s growth but also grooms them individually. Apart from the Monthly & Quarterly sales achievement award, GMN is also motivating the workforce by giving awards on their call average & doctor coverage.

Of various milestones GMN has achieved, here are a few 

  • GMN Health care is well accepted in the market and has around 5,000 doctors prescribing its products. The products are available in major hospitals like SIMS, Apollo, VS Hospitals – Advanced Cancer Care, Dr. Rai Memorial Medical Centre, Prashanth, Bloom, Jeevan Fertility, Indigo, KHM, CFC. Our products are available in Apollo Pharmacy, Medplus, Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi stores, etc.
  • The company is one among the few companies to a breakthrough in the shortest period (less than 2 years)

“ Our customers are regular buyers and are deeply connected with the organization. The team is in regular touch with customers to get insights, feedback, and product development ideas. Also, we understand & provide their critical requirements ie., information of nutrition & latest ingredients, highest quality ingredients & taste at their doorsteps We have tie-ups with top research-based raw material suppliers across the world so that we bring out the best in our products. It is our constant endeavor to provide our customers with the latest products with exceptional taste/flavor.”

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