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Most of the global technology companies are focused on solving challenges faced by large enterprises. We are building solutions that would enable medium and small-size companies to use the right platforms and technologies to scale their IT operations in line with their business requirements Mr. Charudatta Pande- CEO- Groples.

Technology is not a choice in this new environment, but rather a core business strategy that must be integrated into every aspect of an organization. Today’s modern customer, whether internally or externally, demands the very same level of service in a work context as they do in their personal life.

However, for a firm, this might be difficult to do. There have not been more options in terms of where and how applications are delivered, as well as who to collaborate with Groples’ enables businesses to quickly grow their operations by using digital platforms and technology. They are aiming toward a goal of making a thousand Indian businesses entirely digital by 2025. Mr. Pande steers,

“ Post COVID 19, Digital is the new way of life for all businesses. Whether you are a manufacturer, trader, reseller, or service provider, your business needs to be digital.”

Organizations that don’t really undergo digital transformation will fail Why are some firms performing better than others, and why are some firms doing better than before the crisis? Firms that have effectively executed digital transformation or those that have been able to swiftly adopt digitalization are doing better than others.

“Companies who do not adopt Digital way of business will be left behind and eventually go out of business” believes, Amit Joshi CFO.

Yes, Covid 19 proved out to be a disaster for the world. Many companies were shut down. Millions lost their jobs. Startups could never revive. But there’s another side of the story as well. There were many businesses that thrived. Numerous new opportunities cropped up. Firms that were able to switch to a digital means of doing business dived through these situations to come out on the top.

As e-commerce demand increased, several merchants were able to expand their online presence. Gyms were able to provide live fitness sessions to their subscribers via their own applications and social media. Ride-hailing and delivery platforms were able to spread their services to other industries and assist them in moving online.

Within the first year of its formation, the Groples team had two of the major Indian corporate houses as clients

“ We have actively contributed to their diversity and social responsibility initiatives by helping them hire more candidates with challenging backgrounds.” shares Amit Khanzode, the chief Sales and Marketing Officer.

Groples enables consumers to beat the competition by providing digital transformation and technology services from concept to implementation. Groples, a company that was “born digital,” uses an innovative, inclusive strategy to create customized solutions around the virtual supply chain.

Groples Solutions can help you operate your business more effectively or increase your revenue faster. Better cooperation inside and across organizations, more personalized customer interaction, greater staff flexibility, and more reliable data findings are all benefits of the tech revolution, all of which help a firm expand and thrive post-pandemic

“ Core businesses such as accounting and Human resources may gain from digitalization by shifting away from paper processes and digitizing key aspects such as payroll, thus empowering management to concentrate on broader competitive advantages.” quotes the CEO, Mr. Charudatta Pande

Because of the Internet of Things, businesses now have access to bigger amounts of data than ever before. This data may be transformed into useful advanced analytics with the proper combination of analytical tools, allowing you to make better, faster decisions

“We strongly believe that the next decade belongs to India. We are going to experience unprecedented growth. The companies need to be internally prepared to capitalize on these opportunities. While we are preparing technology solutions for the medium and small enterprises, the owners and senior management of these organisations must start considering technology as their partner in growth.” quotes the CEO

Customer demand is growing, and rivalry within sectors is strong. Businesses are growing more dependent on one another, collaborating with distributors and retailers, middlemen, and specialized advisors. Managing these relationships frequently necessitates document-based interaction, which has historically been seen as a time-consuming impediment to efficiency. However, technology is now available to revamp this procedure

“ We assist in the transformation of technological infrastructure workflows in order to offer digitized frameworks, boost corporate agility, and promote sustainability,” adds Mr. Amit Joshi.

The company would build on cofounder’s experience of working with large corporations and solving complex business problems using enterprise systems to develop simple value-generating applications for medium and small enterprises.

“ We believe that the digitalization for the medium and small enterprises would follow A different growth curve compared to the large enterprises. These companies have their peculiar challenges and would need realistic solutions to drive adoption at the ground level. Hence, we are going to build these applications for medium and small enterprises.” quotes the CEO.

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