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Gtropy Systems Private Limited

Gtropy Systems Private Limited

An Elixir for the logistics industry with broad & Deep Offerings

Revolutionizing the way the logistics industry operates by revamping its processes and introducing advanced tech solutions, a New Delhi-based GPS and Fleet Management solutions company, Gtropy Systems is one of the leading players in Location-based Analytics platforms.

The four-year-old endeavour under the leadership of CEO Harman Singh Arora has successfully worked with global logistics service providers, manufacturing, and trading companies helping their logistics operations streamlined and implementing technology solutions.

The renowned brand was ventured by a passionate team from the world’s most eminent institutions. With continuous determination, the company has gained 2,00,000+ live vehicles to its credit with quarterly growth of 40% and has successfully owned a gigantic network of 350+ partners. Gtropy travels the extra mile fiercely to ensure that its partners are provided with business growth, increased incomes, and advanced technology 0. along with additional benefits.

Harman Singh Arora – Co-founder & CEO of Gtropy Systems is an Electronics Engineer by education. He is truly a technology evangelist and is awesome at finding technical solutions to business hurdles. He is widely renowned for his thought leadership and revolutionary ideas across the logistics industry.

He holds over 16 amazing years of experience and his expertise spans strategic planning, management, product development, and marketing. At Gtropy, Mr. Arora is spearheading the company’s success while bringing years of cumulative logistics industry knowledge, experience, and technological expertise to the table and taking it to a higher altitude.

Gtropy’s initial steps were laid back in January 2017 and today, the firm stands as an award-winning state-of-the-art Logistics Technology Provider, which disrupted the traditional way of delivery/ transportation management, fueled by its cuttingedge technology. The advanced location analytics by Gtropy allows its customers to monitor the fleet in real-time, capture important data, and also provide actionable insights for their use cases.

To set benchmarks for analytics in the logistics industry in terms of imparting avant-garde solutions, high-quality services, and seamless support to the customers, Gtropy has progressively established itself as one of the most trusted GPS vehicles tracking solution providers among the esteemed partners and well-satisfied customers.

It has a rich clientele with some of the leading names in the country like HMSI, Diageo, Suzuki, Mahindra Logistics, JK Cement, and Wonder Cement to name a few. Recently, Gtropy has been awarded as the best technology solution provider of the year 2022 by Logistics World Summit Awards due to its super-advanced and customized solutions.

Gtropy offers an array of customized solutions for every industry type in the logistics domain that help in the management of logistics operations, passenger transportation, fleet management, supply & distribution as well as pickup and drop services. Below is the list of primary solutions offered by Gtropy:

  • GPS FLEET MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS: Gtropy comes up with comprehensive professional fleet management solutions which offers a highly scalable and customized solution to the users.
  • SUPPLY CHAIN ANALYTICS: The supply chain analytics by Gtropy helps businesses to optimize the whole supply chain right from manufacturing to planning operations. The smooth collaboration of activities among suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, third-party logistics 93PL, and many more.
  • LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS: For logistics management, the company brings a modular approach that can perfectly fit from procurement to production planning, inventory management to warehouse optimization.
  • VEHICLE TRACKING: Another innovative solution from Gtropy is its software that tracks vehicles by collecting real-time fleet data for a comprehensive picture of fleet locations.
  • CONTROL CENTER: The control center lets customers outsource the traffic management of their operations. Gtropy’s robust remote monitoring platform features tailor-made solutions for logistics management that enables huge data accessibility to multiple stakeholders.
  • OPEN MARKET FLEET MONITORING: It is a holistic platform with customized business modules to assure 100% compliance for the open market fleet and assure for efficient and robust processes to get higher ROIs.

Gtropy touches multiple modules ranging from planning, in-plant & out-plant operations to finance, sales &
marketing for its various stakeholders. Here, each module is independent but also integrated resulting in a flexible architecture that allows customization across industries and operation types.


  • Dedicated to the field of GPS Based Fleet Management Solutions and its exhaustive Data Analytics, Gtropy is proficient in providing valuable solutions, catering to a diverse clientele from various verticals.
  • Gtropy is associated with multiple stakeholders in the supply chain to provide a medium for collaboration and improve efficiency.
  • It also works closely with enterprises for multi-angular fulfillment in the supply chain and assists them in enhancing the overall logistics efficiency.
  • The company takes the advantage of AI/ML algorithms to predict patterns and identify defaults acting as a control center platform for the entire logistics operations
  • Gtropy takes a consultative approach to solution development, there by building custom modifications in their solutions to solve customer-specific problems and challenges. The company’s robust analytics results identify the challenges in existing integrations and suggest custom modifications to maximize the productivity in the day-to-day business of their clients.
  • The unique teamwork is another differentiating factor at Gtropy. Every employee at the company across different levels is responsible for providing customer service and ensuring satisfaction. Ownership and accountability go hand-in-hand at Gtropy with rewards and recognition to make everyone feel empowered and valued in the company.
  • Gtropy’s control center platform is used by players across the industry to enable quick and accurate decision making thus, reducing the risks that can hamper the productivity.

Gtropy is constantly innovating and updating its production process to come up with new features and advancements for clients. The advancements involves the latest hardware and Saas platform to hit the market which is extensively tested before being rolled out in the masses.

Some of these include fuel monitoring solutions, Dashcams for driver monitoring systems, tire pressure monitoring systems, etc. They also keep enhancing their data analytics capabilities to come up with interesting analytics insights and Key Performance Tracking (KPI) tracking.

For instance, the control center module takes into account various KPIs and keeps track of all defaults and actions are taken to counter them. With MapmyIndia’s recent investment, now they also have access to high-quality map data which can be plugged into the system for enhancing user experience and integrating insightful route and trip analytics modules.

Gtropy takes a highly consultative approach in designing sectoral solutions. A constant pain point is security and risk analytics, for which Gtropy has come up with interesting solutions like a highly effective and cost-efficient driver monitoring system using Dashcams, a message relay system to alert drivers of danger, risk threat detection using maps data and many more.

Some of the KPIs like detention, route deviations, and OTIFs are common pain points, others are specific for example – Unloading point detection is a very common pain point for cement while detecting freewheeling is more of a challenge in the auto sector. Gtropy studies the client’s supply chain and on-the-ground operations to develop a holistic project module involving hardware, software, and manpower requirements.

R&D plays a major role in the growth of a business and staying competitive in the industry. The management team at Gtropy understands this very well. And, that is why R&D and innovation are the center stone of all kinds of customer engagements here. There are constant updates to both the mobile app as well as the web platform with a new update rolled out every other month. These updates range from high-level analytics and dashboard widgets to QOL updates on the platform.

Gtropy is positioned to lead the development of the logistics industry and is committed to investing in innovative solutions that can streamline logistics operations. It is planning to introduce new security modules around driver visibility, risk identification and mitigation, and video analytics and also set up a control center suite for the real time tracking of KPIs and course correction using AI/ML soon.

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