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Harminder Sethi

Harminder Sethi

The Embodiment of Wisdom, Creativity, and Expertise, Assisting Students Embark on Their Academic Journey Abroad

English Zone, an eminent educational consulting firm based out of Yamunanagar, Haryana, has been successfully providing professional guidance and support to individuals seeking quality education and training opportunities abroad under the hegemony of Harminder Sethi, Director Academics and Co-Founder of the company.

Having laid the foundation of English Zone, the accomplished teacher and entrepreneur Harminder coined the idea to initiate the successful endeavour eight years ago to help students realize their dream of studying abroad. “We believe that education plays a critical role in determining one’s future, and our goal is to make studying abroad easier and more accessible for aspirants”, shared the leading lady.

At the heart of English Zone’s operations lies a great mission to empower people with the knowledge, confidence, and abilities to communicate in English successfully. This will allow them to take advantage of new opportunities and build relationships with people from a variety of backgrounds. The company’s core focuses are to provide top-notch language programs, individualized guidance, and cutting-edge resources for learning while fostering a welcoming and inclusive learning environment. Harminder believes that she can help students flourish personally, succeed academically, and advance professionally in an increasingly interconnected world by providing them with good English language skills and cultural awareness.


Harminder Sethi, Director Academics of English Zone, is also the Regional Manager of BWBS Education Consultants North India’s head office. She is an alumnus of the prestigious Kurukshetra University, where she earned her B.A. and M.A. degrees in English Language and Literature. She is a seasoned educator and entrepreneur with more than 22 years of experience. Her inspirational leadership has played a pivotal role in transforming English Zone into an influential force in the education consulting industry.

The company has risen to the top in the sector because of Harminder’s strategic thinking and dedication to providing exceptional education, earning it a reputation for reliability and uncompromising quality. Further, she serves as the Occupational English Test interlocutor and speaking examiner for the British Council, Cambridge Press, and other organizations. During her tenure at Sant Nischal Singh Public School in Yamuna Nagar, she oversaw a Global Exchange Program in addition to serving as the Editor of the School News Letters.


English Zone distinguishes itself not only through its team of experienced education consultants who are dedicated to assisting students at every step of their academic journey but also through its unique range of service offerings. English Zone offers personalized support and professional advice catered to each student’s particular goals and needs, from choosing the best course and institution to helping through the application process, visa formalities, and even pre-departure preparations.

The range of services at English Zone includes assisting students in identifying suitable study programs, researching different colleges and universities in depth, and giving them detailed information on financial assistance, scholarships, and entrance standards. Additionally, they also support visa applications to ensure that students have a seamless transfer from their home country to their chosen study place.

What sets English Zone apart is its robust network and connections with top universities across the globe. The objective is to provide their clients access to a variety of topnotch courses and programs through these partnerships, so they can make well-informed decisions about their academic endeavors.


India’s education consulting industry has changed significantly in recent years. A major shift is the heightened focus on career-focused and customized learning. Education consultancies today place a greater emphasis on helping students find appropriate educational choices that match their interests and objectives by getting to know their specific requirements and aspirations.


The team places a high priority on developing enduring connections with the clients, responding to both their shortterm educational needs and providing continuing support and direction for every phase of their academic careers. The company’s primary objective is to provide exceptional client service by quickly and effectively handling any questions or issues.


R&D enables enterprises to develop and maintain their competitiveness in the marketplace. It enables them to create new products, develop improvements to already existing ones, and find new technologies and procedures that can raise output and efficiency. R&D also gives businesses a competitive edge by helping them remain ahead of market developments and client expectations. Thus, a corporation can achieve longterm success and growth by investing in R&D.


English Zone is aggressively advertising its brand on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkdin in order to interact with the target audience and raise brand awareness. There is a dedicated team implementing SEO techniques to increase the website’s exposure on search engines and generate organic traffic. Moreover, producing informative and valuable content for blogs, videos, and infographics will position the brand as a thought leader in the marketplace. Further, the team works with industry leaders and influencers to improve their credibility and reach. Finally, they continually evaluate and refine their marketing initiatives using data analytics to assure the greatest return on investment and success.


Effective leaders, in my opinion, possess a strategic mentality, excellent communication skills and the capacity to uplift and motivate people, a willingness to listen and work together, and a dedication to their own personal development. Being a leader involves more than just being in a position of power; it also involves influencing people, making an effective difference, and achieving objectives through results-driven work.


To keep moving on their success path, they need to have a healthy and pleasant environment that English Zone ensures for its dedicated and enthusiastic employees. With respect, transparency, and innovation as its key values that permeate every part of the business, the company takes great pride in cultivating a happy and cooperative work environment. Regular team-building exercises are conducted by employees in order to promote cooperation, innovation, and candid communication. These initiatives contribute to a strong sense of friendship and support within the organization.


Since its inception, English Zone has made significant progress, achieving a multitude of milestones and huge success with quality, commitment, and satisfaction in their services. Further, the company has crafted a comprehensive plan focused on various key areas to assure their continued growth.

Firstly, they aim to forge strong partnerships with globally recognized academic institutions. This will make it possible for the team to provide the clients with access to a variety of learning opportunities and programs. They also intend to take part in events and fairs dedicated to education on a national and worldwide scale. These occasions provide the team the chance to present their services to a wide spectrum of people who are interested in studying abroad and provide excellent networking possibilities. The leading lady, Harminder, believes they can expand the firm successfully by building good relationships with parents, students, and other professionals in the field.


Sharing her secret formulas for success, the visionary leader advised all the aspiring entrepreneurs, “Be willing to learn and change at all times. The business environment is constantly evolving; therefore, it’s critical to keep an open mind and embrace fresh ideas and inventions. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to take calculated risks and learn from your mistakes. Persistence and patience are necessary qualities for success in entrepreneurship. Never forget that every setback offers a chance to get better.

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