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Health and Wellness in the Food Industry

Health and Wellness in the Food Industry

Food Industry
and Beverages of this time have different consumption patterns and preferences. Food is a primary thing that is undergoing significant changes all over the world. Due to a vast luxury lifestyle, consumers are measuring the growing awareness of food quality in their every meal. These incidences are increasing because of food-heart-related diseases such as diabetes due to sugar level and obesity due to fast food. Hereby, the consumers worldwide are showing a keen interest in preventing their lifestyle rather than a curative approach to food.

Nowadays, people have adapted to better and healthy eating as a way of living a good lifestyle. This change in the Food industry for health is not surprising hereby; the health and wellness movement is been adapted by companies for consumer’s better health. On the other hand, the major food industry companies are proactively tapping into the rapidly growing product categories in the food market is becoming a pro. The health and food industry sector is at a budding stage in India and it is very important to poise better growth by combining the understanding of healthy food in the market.

Changing Trends in Food for Health and Wellness

Changing Scenario is an off late thing; there has been a good realization across the world regarding health and wellness. Most of the people these days make it a point to make time into staying fit and eating right according to their diet preferences. With the advent of the internet over food and nutrition, the availability of information over the last years is in customers’ hands about the food they eat. All the customers were well informed about what is healthy and what is not. The global wellness Food industry grew 12.8 percent from 2015-2017, from a $3.7 trillion to a $4.2 trillion market.

Healthy eating where to start?

Healthy eating has become mainstream, with most consumers expecting foods and beverages that meet increasingly nuanced attributes of health and wellness parts. “What hasn’t changed in consumers’ is their delight for various products that are indulgent and delicious with quality ingredients supplanting processed. Consumer follows the nutritionally filled meals. Hereby, healthy eating can be started from food eating knowledge and their desires are where superior pricing and profits for the brands that are paying attention to healthy eaters.

The shift towards Healthy food 

A shift towards healthy food options on the consumer’s plate is the thing that is most talked and about healthy F&B, there are very few things, which can be followed. Healthy food habits develop the concern for mass production, storing and transport like industrial duties. The healthy shift also concludes the usage of Natural, fresh and locally sourced food, which is considered to be more complete diet and healthy than packaged food.

The continuous health and wellness consumers in food consumption are increasingly influencing by the changing culture of the F&B industry. The consumers are looking forward to their fitness and weight loss with a complete food diet. The healthy shift for food gives them energy and connects their bodies with benefits. People these days have become more valuable than zero sugar or a zero fat food product.

The three basic trends shaping the health and wellness food industry:-

Energy Boosting Food

In today’s fast-paced era, it has become necessary to remain energetic and fit at work or any place throughout the day. Hereby, the consumers have understood the implicit concept between the food they eat and the energy they gained in return. Therefore, the focus has been shifted to healthy eating habits from weight management and nutrition purposes.

People are adopting the concept of energy-boosting food that has a holistic approach to healthy living. Hence, the increasing demand for energy-boosting food & drinks is at peek these days. Moreover, this trend in the era is giving a major boost to the brands dealing with energy bars, juices & aerated drinks.

Organic food for health benefits

Organic food has been the talk of middle-class people and normal food consumers for the past few years. The market officials have predicted that the organic food industry will be growing with continuous speed. Hereby, opening a whole host of opportunities in this segment is the best business advantage for the food industry. 

Consumers are increasingly purchasing products perceived as fresher, more natural and more sustainable. Receiving a great amount of money by the normal public is improving living standards. Moreover, the government took initiatives aimed at improving the current scenario of organic farming in the country by providing the help of financial and technical support to organic farmers. Therefore, the organic food industry is predicted to thrive in the coming years.

Meal kits as a diet food

Consumers’ quests for ways to simplify their diet food by exploring and preserving time of delivery. The willingness to spend money to save time drives innovation to heath delivery apps such as EatFit, and it opens the flexibility that the Internet age has ushered.

This represented the major opportunity for alternative business models in the food industry, many outlets for healthy food is opened with the emergence of subscription meal boxes. The delivery meal boxes with a focus on health and wellness foods such as diet salads and oats meal. This is the result of the increasing innovation seeking to target consumers looking for only organic foods, dairy/gluten-free offerings or non-refined carbs, which is showing an opportunity for growth in Food Industry Business for health.

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