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Hindustan Business Accelerators

Hindustan Business Accelerators

“Catalyzing Growth, Fueling MSME Success Stories”

The quality of an inspirational entrepreneur is reflected in the standards they set for themselves. People who inspire others and help them realize their full potential are extremely rare. Counted among those stands Roy Mathew, who inspires people with his work that embodies his passion and aims to move small entrepreneurs and enterprises from where they are to a place they have never been. The credit goes to his dynamic leadership; Hindustan Business Accelerators sprouted from its existence as a small business-accelerating endeavour to being one of the promising startups of 2023 in a matter of months.

Envisioned to empower MSMEs to flourish, encourage cross-trading between them, and embrace local excellence, HBA brings a comprehensive range of management consulting services for all management verticals, including sales, marketing, HR, finance, and branding.

Mr. Roy takes pride in discussing a variety of topics with HBA about his entrepreneurial journey. Here is the excerpt.

Ushering a New Era of Growth in MSMEs

Micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs) are the primary driving force of the economy and can influence the accomplishment of many sustainable development goals. In both developed and emerging countries, MSMEs significantly contribute to the advancement of regional, industrial, economic, and technical aspects of society. However, the main obstacles to the sector’s development are the unpredictable economy, intense competition, and a globalized market.

The idea of HBA was conceptualised to empower small and medium enterprises to grow to new heights and facilitate MSMEs in breaking the ice with larger corporate entities.

Roy Mathew, co-founder and CEO of HBA, is one of the most seasoned professionals and industry leaders.

Roy is a seasoned professional with an impressive track record, boasting over two decades of diverse global technology and management experience. His career has been marked by a wide array of roles in business consulting, process improvement, strategic planning, business development, talent management, and leadership development. This extensive background equips him with a profound understanding of the multifaceted challenges that characterize today’s dynamic business landscape.

Having honed his skills and insights through hands-on experience, Roy possesses a rare blend of expertise that is invaluable in addressing complex issues across industries and geographies. Roy’s distinguished background also includes his service as a veteran with a prestigious pedigree from the National Defense Academy and the Indian Military Academy. This military experience has imbued him with a strong foundation in discipline, strategic thinking, and leadership – qualities that have been seamlessly integrated into his professional endeavours.

As the leader of a team of dedicated professionals at HBA, the team consistently delivers high-quality business acceleration services to a diverse clientele spanning various industries and geographies. Roy and his team challenge themselves to drive individuals and organizations towards their peak performance.

“Importing goods from China is something we will always need, but our primary objective is to develop local firms as well.”

And it’s a pretty clear vision.

“We are a profit-making firm, and we want to provide growth to our MSME customers, and with that growth, we also want to expand.”

“All the governments and our current Prime Minister are very focused on the growth of the MSME sector, and the government is working towards it, but I think it needs to come from every individual citizen,” he further added.

The Tale of HBA’s Incorporation: An Entrepreneurial Journey During their conversation, three school friends, Roy Mathew, Prakash Singh, and Niranjan Kaushik, found that there is a lack of an end-to-end consulting service provider for MSMEs. They immediately made the decision to work on it.

Prominent management consulting firms typically aim to acquire extremely affluent clients. Smaller consulting businesses do provide stand-alone management services to MSMEs at low costs; however, they are all prepaid services. But rarely does any single business fulfill end-to-end consulting need in the MSME sector. This is what inspired Roy to resign from his position right away and establish HBA with the initial set of clients and the support of other co-founders.

Roy’s Insights on the MSMEs Segment

MSMEs account for 50% of all exports from the nation and contribute more than 29% of the GDP. Additionally, they are responsible for one-third of India’s manufacturing production. Over 11 crore people are employed by MSMEs, and in the upcoming years, it is hoped to increase this figure to 15 crores.

In spite of this, MSMEs in India face challenges related to funding, insufficient experience in business, and outdated technology. Due to market uncertainties, duplication in production processes, and deregulation, Indian SMEs are also up against fierce competition from their international rivals.

The primary issue, though, is that most MSMEs are oneman armies. Because margins and cost structures are highly competitive, he attempts to handle everything himself. Such businesses lack the funds to add sales, marketing, and human resources representatives to a management team.

With a broad range of services covering support management, marketing, sales assistance, human resources, and financial services, HBA aims to handle all business operation-related responsibilities. HBA hopes to do this by acting as a growth accelerator in light of the MSMEs sector’s explosive growth in India.

The Spirits Behind the Success

Prakash Singh, Director for Marketing and Branding Services

Prakash Singh’s 20 years of career trajectory is accentuated by his pivotal roles in fostering growth and development for numerous renowned organizations. Having worked with global entities such as Ericsson, Nokia Siemens, Dell, HCL, and ISS, Prakash has successfully navigated the complexities of the corporate landscape, demonstrating an unparalleled understanding of the intricacies of marketing strategies, web design intricacies, and the art of creating captivating brand narratives.

His profound expertise is reflected in his ability to conceptualize and implement innovative marketing campaigns, harness the power of cutting-edge technologies, and craft visually striking designs that resonate with audiences on a global scale. Prakash’s strategic insights, coupled with his keen understanding of consumer behavior, have consistently propelled brands to new heights, solidifying their market presence and fostering enduring customer engagement. Prakash remains dedicated to spearheading transformative initiatives and redefining the standards of excellence at HBA.

Niranjan Kaushik, Director for Partnership and Alliances

With a remarkable career spanning over two decades, Niranjan has established himself as a prominent figure in the business landscape, harnessing his innate business acumen and strategic foresight to drive growth and foster successful partnerships. Hailing from a family with a strong entrepreneurial legacy, Niranjan Kaushik embodies a deep-rooted understanding of the intricacies involved in building and nurturing enterprises across various sectors.

Through his adept guidance, he has successfully navigated the complexities of multiple industry verticals, leveraging his astute business insights to drive strategic collaborations at HBA and yield mutual benefits for all stakeholders involved.

Planning for Future Growth

Under the guidance of excellent leaders and professionals, HBA is successfully bringing success to its clients in terms of improving their profit margins and revenues.

“We are trying to work with the first set of customers with the best possible efforts; acquiring hundreds of clients today will not benefit us in the long run”, the leading man revealed.

Customers are requesting more and more services for marketing, branding, and sales. To effectively meet this need, Mr. Roy plans to expand his teams and broaden the company’s reach, if not throughout India. This would involve investing in hiring teams and bringing the greatest personnel to HBA so that it can serve clients.

The company aims to raise the necessary funds in 2024, both through internal fundraising and by enlisting the help of angels and regular investors. By 2025, they also aim to diversify their investments.

Advice for the Leaders in Making

If you have an intense desire to become an entrepreneur, you should pursue it as soon as you can and start your entrepreneurial journey at the earliest in life.”

The Parting Words…

Before wrapping up, Roy shares his key message: “We need to embrace our local products and the craftsmanship of our industry. We should focus on embracing local excellence and local production. If you’re a passionate entrepreneur in need of management bandwidth & support, HBA is ready to collaborate with you. With our motto of ‘Your Business, Our Velocity,’ we love being kingmakers, nurturing success by playing the role of a catalyst in your journey to success. “

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