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Honeycomb Creative Support Pvt. Ltd

HONEYCOMB, Incorporating Virtual Revolutions in the Web Development and Designing Industry

“Don’t be scared of failure, don’t lose hope and understand that hard work is always the key.”- A. N. Noufel

The augmentation of digital revolution has all been about evolving further for a better tomorrow and the Indian talent is all set to rub their shoulders with international counterparts in the industry of web development and graphic designing as the market grows at a steady pace.

People have inclined towards technology and have become more of gadget freaks, and like they say if the internet is breathing, so are the developers and the designers with it. Regardless of how much time they invest in the web property, be it full time or free lancers, the requirement would always be high.

Understanding the requirement of the client would always serve as the primary purpose combined with the efforts of the service provider, only then the vision of the company can be portrayed well and put out successfully in the market.

Though the popularity of this industry internationally is far more, it is gradually making its mark in the market with the metamorphosis that it has gone through in the chain of movie making and the encouragement that it has been gaining through the mainstream media of entertainment is a lot. The graphic designing and web development vertical has only been increased with the growing demands and changing time.

The augmentation of the sectors of web development and graphic designing have bought a lot of scope for the expert professionals who are offering finer solutions for the receivers.

And one of these experts is a leading marketing communication services provider, Honeycomb creative Support Pvt. Ltd., the brainchild of A N Noufel-Founder, V Krishna Kumar-Co-Founder, Shafeeque K A-Co-Founder, and Sajeevan M-Co-Founder who are dedicated in producing engaging and effective content through Graphic Design, Video Production and Web Design & Development, Fine Art Printing amongst others. They have been in the business for over 10 years now and continue to grow at a rapid pace.

In a conversation with Business Connect Magazine, A N Noufel, Founder, talks about their plans, present scenario, the industry dynamics and more.

Business Connect: Do you feel the competition is growing in the marketing communications sector?

Mr. Noufel: Definitely, the competition is growing and nowadays, everybody is looking at the Marketing Industry for innovative and creative solutions.

Business Connect: With the changing times, how do you keep up with the shifting trends of the market?

Mr. Noufel: We try to keep updating ourselves and get a hold of the trends and incorporate those in our marketing solutions.

Business Connect: In your sector, do you feel the emergence of entrepreneurs has increased over the years?

Mr. Noufel: Definitely and in vast numbers. Nowadays, at every nook and corner, there is a Marketing Company trying to build its image in the industry but that doesn’t affect us and the expertise has given us command over all such entrepreneurs.

Business Connect: Enlighten us on the challenges and obstacles you faced when you started?

Mr. Noufel: I remember it not being easy, of course, it was difficult and we were running low on budget and, I and co-founders were struggling to build an image and name. We started like everybody else, with hope and faith. We take pride in being what and where we are today.

Business Connect: What is that one learning passed on that is carried from the struggling days?

Mr. Noufel: There is definitely a lot of learning in this entrepreneurial journey but what has stayed is always “Quality over everything, one should be hardworking and persistent to get where they want to be” and I think, it takes a lot of courage and quality customer treatment and servicing is important and word of mouth can take you a long way.

Business Connect: How do you ensure unbreakable faith of clients in your company?

Mr. Noufel: As I mentioned earlier, living up to the faith your clients comes from effort, your quality work and client servicing take you to places.

Business Connect: Who are your target clients and what are your strategies to ensure that the target receives your message right?

Mr. Noufel: Businesses, Corporate who would need marketing solutions throughout the year, and businesses over 500 employees, earning 50+ crores in a financial year are our main Target Clients. We are mainly looking at Lifestyle, Healthcare, IT and Manufacturing sectors.

Business Connect: How much do you rely upon Research and Development for the growth of your company?

Mr. Noufel: A 100%. There is nothing better than researching about the industry that you’re in, the industry that your TG is in. There are so many pros and perks of Research and how much one does, it is never enough, like you need to keep researching, keep reading, it could be on social media or old school like books.

Business Connect: Do you believe positive competition is healthy, if yes, how do you remain relevant in this competitive world?

Mr. Noufel: Yes, positive competition is healthy and keeps you going, it keeps you updated and on-the-go, looking forward to grabbing opportunities and moreover, it makes you work harder and smarter which is great.  To stay relevant, you need to work in areas and involve yourself where you haven’t already and know trends, research is important and stay true to what you do, it gets you to places, do justice to the client and your business.

Business Connect: Do you believe in a healthy working environment and that a content staff is necessary, if yes, how do you ensure the same?

Mr. Noufel: We have always tried to maintain a healthy working environment where there is a balance between personal and professional life. And more importantly, we think, a person who is appreciated for the good things s/ he has done, will do more than what is expected.

Business Connect: Have you been associated with community work, how do you believe are you giving back to society?

Mr. Noufel: Yes, community work is important, more than the society, for yourself, the feeling that you’re giving back in some of the other ways, is very important and is what makes you sleep at night. We have done a lot of CSR Activities, the recent one was a photo exhibit where we partnered with MSSI and exhibited photographs of an upcoming photographer who is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, himself.

Honeycomb has grown from a 2-member company to 80+ members now and from 200 square feet to 6000+ square feet. But other than materialistic milestones, they have an esteemed 2500+ clientele and a company they truly believe to be a family.

The revolution in the digital scenario has amplified new streams of communication that empower the economy and the consumers, both at the same time, giving them the permission to source the information whenever they want through a number of platforms like IoT, nanotechnology, cloud based information mobile internet and more. While proliferation has happened in the realm of digital technology, the growth has invoked a revolution in the world of web development and graphic designing on a parallel.

Hence this revolution has not just benefitted the consumer but also the provider in ways of paving the way for more diverse and paramount collaborations, creations, innovations, designs, communications etc. clubbing less barricading and more efficiency.

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