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How to Feature in a Business Magazine?

How to Feature in a Business Magazine?


There are many magazines in the world today which are meant to provide useful and relevant information to readers. Business magazines can be specifically tailored for personal or business purposes and vary in size, focus, style, and topics.

There are many ways to get people’s attention. The trick is being different and unique. One way is by relying on the media and working with a professional magazine publisher to bring your product or service’s success story into the spotlight for thousands of readers, potentially forever.To be successful in your business, feature in a business magazine. This article will provide tips for ensuring you get featured in a top-tier publication that has widespread reach through magazine advertising.

Here are the top tips on how to feature in a business magazine.

01. business Magazines have longevity and extended reach:

As the name indicates, business magazines are specifically created for business people who wish to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, news, and market movements, so they can effectively promote their products and services. Business magazines also have long shelf lives and extended reach. This is because many advertisements seek higher exposure for companies or products at the end of each issue. Many businesses utilize this to get their product or service talked about in front of many people interested in what they offer.

02. Build a Foundation

Before considering getting a business featured in a magazine, you must have a solid track record. Many clients rush into obtaining the services of a magazine publisher without first building the foundation needed to ensure success. Before entering into business with any media company, you must have an existing clientele base. The bigger your existing client base, the more likely your story will be able to gain exposure through media advertising.

Building a foundation before pitching your account is incredibly important in the business magazine. Getting featured in a business magazine will be easier with a strong client base. The better you are at what you do, the more likely you will get noticed and featured by media outlets through media advertising.

03. Always Start with an Objective:

In any situation where you pitch your business to a publisher, always have an objective in mind. Having no dream will fail and waste time. Before you begin your pitch, here is what you should be thinking:

  • How can I get a media company to feature my business in its publication?
  • How can I garner the most media exposure for my business?
  • How can I get more coverage for my business?

Your objective should be decision driven and revolves around convincing a publisher that your story is worthy of being featured in the magazine. Your pitch will have to be strong and compelling to win over a communications professional looking at hundreds of submissions daily. Before you pitch, ensure you have a good foundation and an objective. After all, pitching your idea is only possible if publishers select it as something they would consider publishing.

04. GoSocial:

Social media is one of the best ways to get yourself featured in a business magazine. If you can generate conversation about your business and keep it going, you can generate a huge amount of interest in your industry. If people are talking about your business online, an editor will eventually hear about it. Media companies are always looking for good stories to generate users’ organic interest. Social media makes sharing information so easy and quick, which is why social media is an excellent resource for getting your name out there and your business featured in a publication.

05. Build up Relationships:

To get your business featured in a business magazine, you must build relationships with the relevant people within the publishing industry. There are many people out there who are involved in this field, and networking plays a huge role as well.

Establishing solid relationships is your best bet for ensuring your story gets featured in a media publication. The more people you meet and the deeper connections you form with them, the more likely it will be that someone will introduce you to someone who can help get your story published in a business magazine. These relationships always lead to opportunities, and this is why it is so important to establish them first and then start reaching out to journalists and publishers.

06. Start with Local

Even if you want to get your business featured in a magazine, you should start small and local. There are tons of local magazines, and they may be the best way to get your foot in that door. You must refrain from trying and jumping ahead, as this will lead to failure. If you start small and work your way up, it will be much easier to build relationships with publishers who understand the industry and know what they are looking for in a good feature story. Being featured in Local Business Magazine is a great first step: it allows you to build up a reputation locally, build your client base, increase sales and generate exposure for your business.

07. Expanded Grow

You must expand and grow your business so that the opportunity to get featured in a business magazine arises. Generating more sales is the best way to expand and grow your business. Also, if you are creating a loyal and strong client base. If you want your company featured in a business magazine, the best way to do it is by expanding your business and growing your client base.

Once you do this, the more likely it is that a media outlet will want to hear more about your business. Business magazines are always looking for information they can use in their publications, so if you have sales, expand and grow your business and continue working hard.

08. Makepersonalize pitches

Once you are well established and have a loyal audience, you can start pitching to the major publication leaders in the market. Do not make pitches that sound like you are asking for some favour; instead, create a pitch that will favour the publisher. Give value to that publication by creating content that will be loved by their readers and bring more social shares to their page. The more you work hard to create valuable and relevant content, the more likely it will be that media outlets will be interested in featuring your business.

09. Think LongTerm:

Your objective should be to get your business featured in a business magazine for the long term, not just for one article. Once featured in a magazine, you must work hard to stay there. This can only be done if you continue providing valuable content that readers of the publication will enjoy. Once published, you must provide valuable information that the readers of that magazine want to read. The more value you provide, the more likely it will be that people will continue reading your articles, and your name will become a household name within the industry.

10. Magazine Advertisements

There are a lot of business magazines out there, and some have advertising that includes big companies. These organizations want to get their name and products out there, so they will pay a premium to advertise in a more widely read magazine. This is why you have a market for featured in these magazines. Make sure you know who the advertisers for these publications are and concentrate your efforts on reaching those individuals. When you do this, it is going to help boost your name recognition and, ultimately, be able to get your business featured in a magazine article.

11. Getfeedback

You must seek feedback from your readers and customers. The only way to know how to do something better is to ask for suggestions and get feedback. If people say they enjoy your content, you are now following the right path. Readers want high-quality content, and when it is delivered, they will be happy to give valuable feedback on what they want to see or read next. This information can help you create better content for future articles or feature stories for different magazines.

12. Maintain your high level of concentration:

To get featured in a business magazine, you must maintain higher concentration levels throughout the creation process. You must avoid making mistakes, which will lower your chances of success. Sometimes, you start a piece of content and discover that it is better than you first thought.

It would help never to quit when you feel like this because this can lower your chances of getting featured in a business magazine. It is only when you are truly happy with the end product that you can get it published, so keep going until the very last moment.


Undoubtedly, getting your business featured in a business magazine will bring several benefits. Not only does this can help with expansion and growth, but it can also increase your popularity and fame. However, getting featured in a business magazine is more challenging. You have to work hard to make sure that you get the media outlets that are most relevant for your brand or the most appropriate for the content you create.

It is recommended that you pitch to them several times before you get accepted, which makes it clear how difficult it can be to get featured in these magazines. However, if you work hard, ensure that you never give up, and follow the steps above, you can get your business featured in a magazine.


Q.1- What are the top business magazines in India?

  1. Business India
  2. Business Today
  3. Entrepreneur
  4. Forbes
  5. Fortune
  6. Outlook Business Magazine
  7. The CEO Magazine
  8. The Economist
  9. Capital Market
  10. Time Magazine

Q.2- best business magazines in the world?

  1. Forbes
  2. Wired
  3. Entrepreneur
  4. Fortune
  5. Inc
  6. The Economist
  7. Consumer Reports
  8. Adweek
  9. Fast Company
  10. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Q.3- What is a business magazine?

A business magazine talks about the business community and features the articles specifically related to the businesses only.

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