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How to re-energize yourself at work

How to re-energize yourself at work

Tiredness at work is a lack of energy, motivation, and concentration towards work. The all-too-worn-out phrase, Energy is the power that enables us to do work and gives stamina for doing hard work, gets at the crux of the “chicken or egg” problem. However, you can hold so much power over yourself by following some easy ways to re-energize whenever you are feeling low. We all believe that a day just has 24 hours and you too only have so much energy at your disposal on any given day.

You may be surprised to find out that our bodies hold the equivalent of 1.86 million kilotons of TNT energy or 88,403 times more explosive energy than the hydrogen bomb that destroyed the whole city. Not the right picture to understand, but you get the point in the head by this example. A person has more energy in them, where we can imagine a person as a human-machine to work accordingly.

Now how do you harness the situation of Tiredness and know about why you are so tired? The first step is to realize that tiredness in your body, mind, and spirit’s way of telling you that something is out of balance.

Sleep: Poor Quality 

Studies have shown that nightshift work and sleep duration of fewer than six hours or greater than nine hours is detrimental to your health in terms of lack of proper sleep. Besides, taking sleep medication to obtain optimal hours of sleep does not ensure improved sleep quality, this will affect badly.

How do you know if you have poor sleep quality or quantity? First, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I wake up tired?
  • Do I wake up with a dry smelly mouth?
  • Do I wake up with a headache?
  • Do I get up at night more than once to urinate?
  • Do I snore?

If you experience any of these, you may have sleep apnea and should discuss your sleep further with your doctor. Meditate10 minutes of deep breathing and clearing your mind before bedtime. This way is amazingly good for you to give your best time to sleep. There is much soft music available as meditation music and programs to choose from a list. Take a bath and lit a few candles and a couple of drops of your favorite oil into running water is pure heaven at the end of a long day and make you pamper. Do not caffeinate yourself after 5 pm as a normal person at work already had 2-3 drinks per day.

Exercise boost your body

Exercise during working life does not mean heavy gymming and early morning walk; most of us do not get enough of it to do. However, a normal person needs at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. It can be anything like a walk after lunch at the office or using stairs and steps. You do not need to spend any vast amounts of money on gym fees or classes for fitness just follow your steps and think of as many ways you can do for yourself.

The simplest way to get more exercise is to incorporate it into your daily routine with 10 minutes of meditation as an exercise of mind and 10-20 minutes’ walk after your mid-meal. If you practice this method, then you do not have to spend any extra money on the gym. You can also set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than usual and can go for a brisk walk before breakfast if you can do. A walk before breakfast energizes your body and mind, getting the blood flowing and your heart pumping so that you will work as a pro at your working place. Moreover, best of all this walk, it is free!

If you cannot go in the mornings, then try to incorporate a walk into your daily routine like lunch and dinner walk. In another way, you take public transport to work, then hop off a few stops earlier and walk the rest of the way. If you drive for the work, then take at least 30 minutes at work during the day to go for a walk. In this way, not only will your body benefit, but also your brain, when you get back to work.

Let us look into 12 other ways that can Re-energize you at work:-

  1. Medication and it calmness effects
  2. Playtime during work and at home with kids
  3. Create a ‘not to do’ list at night before sleeping
  4. Walk and talk at work, wherever it is possible
  5. Oxygenating your body by an adequate amount of liquid and exercise
  6. Drinking natural spring water to be on top
  7. Belly laughing with company and home makes you mentally happy
  8. Planting and gardening for feeling good
  9. Group sports and exercise to keep yourself fit
  10. Expressing Gratitude towards everyone
  11. Honour special occasions as the best time ever
  12. Good food and Juicing for diet

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