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How to Stay Healthy, Fit and warm During the Winter Season?

Written By: Yashika Sabharwal

How to Stay Healthy, Fit and warm During the Winter Season

Winters are the most romantic season in every country. What comes to your mind when someone mentions winter? Um… Heavy and, itchy woolen clothes with fleece? Chapped lips and rough cracked skin?

Winter is all about a new start but did you even know that winter is regarded as the best season to improve immunity. During this time, hunger and the body’s diet both increase effectively than before. This is the best season that amazingly works for your body engine to stimulate better. In this season foods are better digested and you can restore the real power from them.

There are countless winter strength tips and ideas that are available to ensure you about lots of ways to stay healthy, fit and safe this holiday season and overall winter season. There are some healthy winter habits that will help you to recognize your health and fitness.

Best Food to Stay Healthy in Winters Season

The food you eat during any season may affect your body, similarly the food for making you warm affect the same warmness in you. When the natural temperature drops and cold weather sets in your county, then it’s a great time to fuel your body with food that can help elevate your body temperature and make you feel warm.

Here are a few best food items which make your body warm and mind sharp:-

Eat Bananas: Bananas have a lot of vitamin B and magnesium, which are important for your thyroid and adrenal glands to function properly. These glands help regulate body temperature. Bananas can also boost your mood and preserve your memory, among other health benefits.

Drink your tea with ginger: Hot ginger tea or even normal use of ginger in your food can make you feel warm inside on a cold day. Apart from drinking and eating ginger, it is also known to be good for digestive health and can stimulate thermogenesis. It’s also regarded as a diaphoretic element, which means it will help your body warm from the inside out.

Eat Oats: Start your morning rituals with some hot breakfast of oats or other types of porridge, gruel, burgoo, catlap, daliya, and pottage. Oats and this type of meal are a great source of whole grains and fiber bosted diet. Herby, in order to keep you warm full of energized during the day, oats meal are full of effective nutrients.

Be caffeinated: Drink Coffee, one of the best and effective benefits of drinking coffee is the caffeine. Caffeine is the source to increases your metabolism, which can raise your body temperature and makes you strong during the harsh winters. It is regarded as top-most food for being warm during winters.

Eat Red Meat: Any of the meat family is an essential source to eat during winters, but red meat is a rich source of energy and warm giving food. Other iron-rich meats beef, lamb and pork, are also meant for increasing your metabolism. Iron is an essential mineral to help you carry oxygen throughout your body the whole day or maintaining the balance of it.

People with less iron in their system may notice their cold hands and feet or feel tired easily during winters. Eating red meat can save you from all the coldness and also supply vitamin B12, which contributes healthy nerves to strong immune system.

Be hydrated: Drink Water, a very simple and Best way to help your body stay warm this winter is to drink water and maintain the PH level of the body. Water keeps your body functioning very well and its best to regulate your internal temperature. Most of the people are less likely to drink water when it’s cold season because they don’t feel as thirsty as they are in summer.

According to research, it is found that you may want to carry a water bottle with you to serve as a reminder for winters also. Being hydrated means keeping your skin and lips good and restores them from being chapped.

Use Honey in food: During winter you can use it all the more, as it keeps the body warm and helps fight infections and viruses that might cause cough and cold.

Eat Green leafy vegetables: Green leaves like spinach are an ideal inclusion in your winter diet. Spinach is an antioxidant and is high in vitamin A and C. During the winters it is always good for the hair & skin and provides proper iron nourishment, powerfull protein, minerals, and vitamins.

Root vegetables: Winter is a season of Root vegetables. Root vegetables like carrot, beetroot, turnip, potatoes, and radish are not only nutritious but are also abundantly available during winter in their freshest forms.

Citrus fruits: A lot of citrus fruits with vitamin C, especially oranges and lemons are best in the winter season to included in your diet because they help you with pain and tiredness. These fruits keep you warm and energize your body. Citrus fruits, like oranges, tangerines, and grapes, are very rich in vitamin C and are good for the skin and metabolism control to fight pain and illness. These fruits help you to fight cold, regular common disease and keep viruses away. They are fiber-rich and helps in controlling cholesterol.

Garlic: Apart from making your food tasty garlic plays the best role during winters for fighting with different diseases. There are countless health benefits to it, especially during winter. Garlic helps in keeping your body warm and has many useful antibacterial and antiviral properties that will fight different winter diseases.

Avoid Alcohol: You may follow the old age traditions like taking a shot of whiskey can keep you warmer during the night, when the temperature is low. However, whiskey and other kinds of alcohol actually lower your body’s core temperature. One can feel warm at first but it will be hard for them to stay warm overnight for a long time.

Alcohol also impairs your ability to shiver, which is a natural response to raise your body temperature. To stay warmer for the winters, avoid drinking alcohol.

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