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How to Transfer Money to Ukraine From Abroad: Best Options

How to Transfer Money to Ukraine From Abroad: Best Options

Sending money to relatives in Ukraine is possible for Ukrainians residing overseas. You can use specific systems to make transfers internationally. We’ll evaluate the most common methods for receiving foreign money transfers in Ukraine in this brief post. Let’s move!

How to send money to Ukraine from abroad

Transfers are possible from overseas:

  • via international money transfer networks; 
  • via credit/debit cards (Visa/Mastercard); 
  • via SWIFT via IBAN.

Depending on the commission amount and your bank’s capabilities to send money to Ukraine, select a transfer method.

Using SWIFT, the sender needs to make the following specifics:

  1. name of the recipient’s bank; 
  2. SWIFT code of the recipient’s bank; 
  3. the recipient’s account number (or international account number – IBAN); 
  4. name (surname, first name) and address of the recipient; 
  5. purpose of payment; 
  6. if necessary, the bank may request the details of the correspondent bank.

Recipients must also tell senders their full Latin names and card numbers to transfer funds from one card to another.

International Transfer Systems

Western Union

This is a global network of fast financial transfers that links over 200 nations and territories. You can send transfers within Ukraine as well as internationally with the system’s assistance.

You can utilize the web platform to send money via Western Union without having to open an account with a foreign bank.


Ukrainians overseas can send money home quickly and safely with Profee, a regulated money transfer company. Profee is accessible in more than 30 nations and provides a range of features that make it a desirable option for Ukrainian ex-pats living abroad, such as:

  • Sending money home is affordable with Profee since it has some of the lowest costs in the market.
  • It won’t take long for your loved ones to collect their money, thanks to the speedy processing of fee transfers.
  • Profee protects your money and personal data with cutting-edge security features.
  • Profee is simple to use on mobile devices as well as online.

With Profee, sending money home from overseas is as easy as creating an account and adding the recipient’s details.


Through the well-known online payment service PayPal, Ukrainians living overseas can transfer money to their loved ones back home. PayPal is still a popular alternative because of its accessibility and ease of use, even though it might not be the most economical option because of its higher fees and unfavorable exchange rates.

Users have the ability to transfer funds to other people’s PayPal accounts and, in certain situations, to bank accounts in Ukraine. It’s crucial to remember that for more significant amounts, PayPal might not be the most affordable option.

In summary

There are several methods available for sending money back home from overseas. The best approach for you will rely on your unique requirements and preferences. When sending money, make sure to check exchange rates and costs and pick a reputable money transfer provider.

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