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iEnergizer: The “Pole Star” of BPO Services

The arrival of 21st century gave many reasons to rejoice and to dream of a new world. At that point of time, most of us were still using boring Telephones. Internet was a distant thing then. Even having telephone connection was not a piece of cake. One was meant to undergo painstaking registration process before getting connected to their loved ones or acquaintances by means of that humdrum source of communication.

For those who were unwilling to get trapped in the cumbersome process, they had an alternative in the form of hitherto not in trend “Cellphones”. But it was too expensive to think of. There were only few lucky people to afford Mobile phones.

With the change in times, we were on a path to witness the futuristic changes. The driving force for that was the frequent advancement in Technology. Availing cellphones became much easier all thanks to the competitiveness in the IT across the globe. The first decade of the 21st century saw a dramatic change in the Mobile phones user base.

The industry witnessed a mammoth change from only 6 million mobile users in the year 2001 to more than 1 billion users in the year 2017. With that, an ocean full of desires and aspirations surfaced on top of the users’ mind.

As the number of customers kept on escalating, their demand for better services kept on increasing. In such circumstances, it became vital for telecom operators to outsource BPO services. As telecom industry became the prime medium of business for various industries, it was quintessential for them to ensure satisfactory services for their customers.

This paved the way for many BPO companies to emerge on the Indian landscape of outsourcing. Among a multitude of such organizations, there was one company that had learnt the minuteness of outsourcing from the very beginning of the industry. It was none other than the NOIDA based iEnergizer itself.

iEnergizer is a strategic Outsource partner to various Companies who are market leaders in their respective segments, across different verticals. Providing services across the entire customer service lifecycle, iEnergizer provides a complete bouquet of services for Clients looking to reduce cost, with the best quality and enhanced operations, while continuing to focus on core competencies.

iEnergizer strongly believes in and thrives to be in an environment that promotes proactive partner interaction and aligned perspectives on People (Who are involved), Process (How things get done), Technology (Ease of systems interface) and Measurement (Aligned benchmarks and goals). Alignment on these four critical points is the cornerstone to create the best opportunity for robust long-term partnerships.

“From our agents to our COO, we commit to create a dynamic, highly collaborative operating environment with our clients and its customers at the core of our existence”, says Adarsh Kumar, the seasoned MD of iEnergizer. The Company with a colossal expertise of over 17 years is working with a mission to create new standards for customer support using world-class solutions, Human Resource and Technology.

iEnergizer’s vision is to become one of the globally respected corporations; providing quality-centric business process outsourcing (BPO) services to fortune 1000 and other leading global and domestic companies. “We foresee to be acknowledged as a world leader that enables organizations to enhance business insight with innovative solutions for high performance”, says the MD of the Company.

iEnergizer’s approach towards business is guided by the following principles:

iEnergizer has a robust development policy and model that is based on Optimal, Efficient and Effective use of all resources to produce effective Business Solutions of desired quality and in the desired time schedule. The resources include Man, Machine, Method, Money, Technology and Time. Moreover, iEnergizer is receptive and responsive to the changing needs and wish to deliver Customer Delight and not just the Customer satisfaction.

Involving employees at every stage of the process has helped iEnergizer embed a strong value based culture throughout the business. The Company believes in achieving together that displays its core value of working in networks. Moreover, individual and business relationship are governed by the highest standards of integrity. Apart from this, iEnergizer respects customers as individuals, recognize that they have different needs and continually strive towards satisfying those needs to improve the quality of their lives.

Not only this, iEnergizer constantly researches and develops superior services that meet the ever changing needs of the customers. This has resulted in continuous improvement thereby achieving excellence. This Noida based company operates 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and provides round the clock services to customers located within and outside India.

The Company has domain expertise in Banking and Financial Services, Telecom, Electronics, Consumer Durables & White Goods, Gaming, Technology, Retail, Travel, Healthcare, Publishing and Automotive.

It has recognized headship in providing platforms, teams and services to acquire, support and renew customers through high-value communication at every stage of the customer lifecycle for the clients.

The services offered by iEnergizer include:

  • Data Ware Housing & Analytics
  • End-to-end Process Improvement and Ownership
  • Customer Service and Technical Support (Voice, Chat and Email)
  • Account Receivable Management
  • B2C, B2B and Enterprise Direct Sales (Acquisition, Conversion, Penetration, Maintenance and Renewal)
  • Social Media
  • Back Office Operations

iEnergizer has comprehensive suite of customer management services including but not limited to Customer, Customer Services , Customer Acquisition , Technical Support, Billing and Collections, Transaction processing, E-Commerce(Inbound/Outbound) Sales, and Market Research.

What makes the company different? There are a plethora of things that place iEnergizer ahead of the herd. iEnergizer provides services across all the verticals (BFSI, Travel, Electronics etc) and through all Channels (Voice, Non Voice, Email, Chat, Back-Office etc). While iEnergizer is extremely competitive in terms of Cost, it is extremely Quality conscious too.

Being listed at London Stock Exchange, iEnergizer is extremely transparent and has very high rate of Client Vintage. This can be corroborated from the fact that the first client (acquired about 17 years back) is still with iEnergizer. This is really commendable.

Industries have gone through a huge metamorphosis in last two decades. Keeping updated with the changing times is crucial and the company has always worked with a visionary mindset that makes iEnergizer foresee the future needs of the customers. iEnergizer has proved that the commitment towards excellence in customer satisfaction is all that is needed.

The same predilection has helped iEnergizer in gaining the confidence of its huge employee base of over 10000. iEnergizer enjoys low attrition rates and has very high employee rate. “Our flagship facility in Sector 60 Noida is spread over 600,000 square feet of area and that makes us one of the largest contact center in India (in pure third party category)”, proclaims the MD.

Employee Welfare – “We Care”

  • Subsidized Meals
  • Medical/ Accident insurance
  • Vibrant cafeterias and recreation rooms to spend spare time
  • 24/ 7 snack shop
  • LAN accessibility to ensure effective communication channel across the organization.
  • Educational Tie Ups
  • Career Concerns-Career Counseling and Planning
  • Job rotation
  • Employee Satisfaction surveys
  • Contest and Quiz programs to share knowledge and have fun.

Welfare scheme & benefits

  • Health
  • Life Insurance
  • Paid Holidays
  • Referral Bonus Program
  • Promotional Schemes and Tie-ups
  • Exposure to international work environment, global best practices.

Quality Practices and Methodology

iEnergizer, the ISO Certified 27001: 2005 & PCI Certified Company has well framed and strictly adhered Quality Practices and Methodology in place. Quality Assurance is the fundamental way of measuring the efficiency of business processes. “Our quality assurance systems ensure process control, enabling consistent delivery and sustainable business improvements”, asserts the MD.

There is an evaluation system in place to continuously evaluate the performance of Agents, Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers. The system generates the “Quality Score” for all the resources based on parameters like number of calls handled, AHT and number of leads generated, etc.

iEnergizer Quality Difference

At iEnergier, quality is not only focused on transactions but is focused towards achieving process excellence on various core aspects as follows:

  • To provide excellent customer experience by taking quality inputs from C-SAT study, internal audits & client.
  • To provide excellent platform for training and development.
  • Ensure high level employee engagement.
  • Ensure transparency and healthy work environment.
  • Ensure quality in all operational aspects touching the life cycle of an employee.
  • Quality of work & Quality of life – Work-life balance.

iEnergizer thrives on imbibing the quality culture to the root level by continuous education and awareness amongst the employees. iEnergizer’s “Learn from Experience” philosophy is to share and imbibe the best experience and enrich customer experience adding continuous value.

Integrating Quality Check Results to Quality & Performance Management

  • Quality Check results have to be evaluated and analyzed to reach a conclusion and take necessary corrective measure. This integration of QC Results to Performance Management is key to various factors like Employee Performance Appraisals, future increments and growth plans and overall health of the Process etc.
  • iEnergizer follows a defined scorecard system which is generated or reviewed on weekly/monthly basis depending on the type of program requirements. Control and transparency along with constant performance is its focus.
  • A scorecard is created for every level including an Agent, Team Leader, Quality Analysts, Trainer and Managers, etc.
  • In addition to this, a process scorecard is also created, which primarily shows the health of the process Vis a Vis the defined SLAs as per agreement with the vendor/client.
  • A scorecard consists of the core KRAs for the respective level along with the detailed description of performance check.
  • It also consists of a Weight age against each KRA/parameter along with a rating criterion.
  • These KRAs are created in a way that iEnergizer is linked with the overall process SLAs and deliverables.
  • A scorecard also consists of points which are given by the respective immediate supervisor during the review meeting which is held every month.
  • There is a benchmark set at process level for overall score and the bottom performers are tracked on the basis of the defined benchmarks as in who has met and who has not met the benchmarks up to acceptable level.
  • The benchmarks are specifically set in agreement with the clients which have a direct relation with the process SLAs.
  • The bottom performers are tracked on regular basis and necessary Development Action plans are prepared to improve their performance.
  • The process scorecard gives a clear idea on the immediate area of improvement. Using the quality tools, the process manager drives the initiatives to act on the possible areas of improvements.

Apart from the above mentioned points, iEnergizer also adheres to following Quality Control guidelines:

  1. A well-defined quality assurance audit program is in place for every Process. The audit program is fine-tuned from time to time as per suggestion and feedback from Client.
  2. Audit programs monitor agents’ performance and provide feedback to agents of all functions and streams (as per the Audit Policy). The sample size and frequency of Call quality and audits is decided mutually with Client and as per business requirement.
  3. The format of Call quality audit and feedback sheet and daily or monthly quality MIS is as per business requirement. iEnergizer is also finalized after mutual discussion with Client.
  4. Complete adherence is ensured to Client Feedback , Training and Quality SoPs.
  5. The company has the best in industry Calibration Process under which the trainers are trained and are given certificates after satisfactory results. To this end, preparation of training material is done by making use of Vetting. Quality observation score is given simultaneously by Trainers and Clients. The scores are stacked up against each other. In case, there’s difference in Calibration scores, variances are discussed with Clients.


  • Consistent growth in business, year over year ( for over 17 years now)
  • Client vintage
  • Low attrition rates / High resource retention rate
  • Complete bouquet of Contact Centre Services offered to all
  • Clients
  • Technology neutral
  • Quality and cost conscious
  • Flexibility & Transparency
  • Expansion and Scalability
  • Quick Decision making
  • Engagement model

A mammoth growth in its kitty

iEnergizer’s obligatory for a ‘Service Delivery Organization’ to possess continuous endeavor to respond to the ever-changing dimensions of client and end customer expectations. Maximum growth opportunity lies with setups that amalgamate the Technology and Delivery with Omni channel avenues, embed big data analysis with business decisions and navigate Client satisfaction matrix using scientific methodologies and tools.

A Contact Center will be in fast growth trajectory and will be ahead in race if iEnergizer is able to respond to the complexities and challenges of creating perfect customer experiences, is competitive and is continuously green on KPIs with enhanced use of technology, happy and growing force with lower attrition rate.

In the offing: AI, Omni-channel and much more

Contact Centre operations are focusing more into Business Analytics using Artificial Intelligence (AI) embedded tools and applications. The company aims to work with more intelligent tools (AI aided) being integrated to Contact Centre Solutions for enhanced customer experience and seamless delivery.

iEnergizer endeavors to provide better services to the clients with competitive price and enhanced quality. “Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) tools like team collaboration applications will be strategically important for contact centers because they enable employees to leverage the collective intelligence of the whole business”, says Adarsh Kumar.

Moreover, the company over and over works on continued emphasis on self-serve documentation. To that end, iEnergizer uses tools like Knowledge Bank etc. thereby helping the business to have first call resolutions, quick kill etc.

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