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IIPC India is a Professional Training Institute with international acclaim, with its presence in India & other countries like the USA & Germany. It helps its candidates by providing the latest knowledge in various courses with a practical approach and provides corporate job opportunities to help them cultivate a career in the right direction. IIPC was established in 2014 with one dream: to standardize the education given to the youth. The youth is the future and helping them ensures a better future for all, where there is an abundance of ideas and opportunities to grow and build together.

IIPC India offers a variety of courses including Digital Marketing Courses, HR Courses and Data Science Courses for both Online & Classroom with many subsections and customizable modules to meet the expectation of every learning aspirant. Behind the inception of IIPC India was the idea of giving back to the world, of leaving it better than they found it. The founders of IIPC, Mr. Tejas Kharat (Founder – Director) & Mr. Swapnil Dalvi (Founder – Director), were already engaged in the education sector and strived to help students build their careers.

To accomplish more within the field and work without undue restraints, the founders took a step towards establishing an institute which would enable them to contribute more to their students’ successes. Mr.Kharat believes that the motivation behind IIPC was not money but the immeasurable gratitude that teaching as a profession brings. The team at IIPC values the opportunity to guide students towards the right path.

Mr. Kharat lives by the words of Tony Gaskins: “You either work hard to create your dream, or you will work hard to create someone else’s.” However, his dream is to help others achieve their dreams when they resonate with his values and morals. In the corporate environment, when that got compromised, he knew it was time to work hard on building his dream to provide the same values and morals in his business, IIPC India.

IIPC India has never failed to receive positive reviews from the students that have enrolled there. The institute’s uncompromising focus on providing knowledge has ensured that they live up to the industry standards. The institute invests its resources in complete market research to understand the needs of the companies and organizations for which they train students and adjusts its modules accordingly.

This benefits the candidates in a major way as they are set with the real-time knowledge and corporate map of guidelines to follow in real life in their domains. This is one of the major factors that makes IIPC India stand out of the crowd.

Being in the Educational Business Sector, adapting to sudden and huge changes was a part of the job. IIPC India has always kept itself up-to-date, but the pandemic brought about enormous shifts overnight, that were supposed to take place over three to five years. Online Learning and Training became the only feasible way to provide the educational service to many without putting them in harm’s way.

IIPC’s adaptation to E-Learning Management System (LMS) was recently made public & Inaugurated by Honorable Mr. Praveenji Salunke (I. P. S., I. G., CID Crime, Maharashtra). Under LMS, they provide practical and engaging live interactive classes over preferable video calling applications. They have taken measures to ensure that monotonous video teaching format is discarded from the E-learning Modules, and have made it a two-way conversation where candidates can engage in real time and get their queries solved, which provides a decent replica of classroom training features.

This is the first step towards revolutionizing the education sector. The institute also plans to involve some upgraded methodologies in training and live business projects to gain valuable experience in terms of Placements & Trainings for its candidates. There are newer upgrades for the applications which we use to enhance the user experience and the app’s overall performance. Understanding that ‘change is the rule of Nature’, IIPC tries to build a dynamic process which keeps up with the trends and gives it the boost in making the workflow more efficient and feasible. IIPC India has synchronized its business modules with the ever-changing technology in a way that enhances the predefined processes. The third-party applications can be used towards this goal, and help in providing value and ease to the customers. Be it a simple everyday app like WhatsApp, or a complex method like Sales Force, the applications can and do add value towards stimulating the business workflow.

IIPC India has designed its modules with special emphasis on the practicality of learning. The students are able to relate them with practical experiences, with the assessments on the LMS platform having practical implementations as well. For these practicals the students’ queries are sorted presently during the Live Interactive Training Sessions. The Trainers are given adequate training to engage students in the online sessions to keep the flow of conversation interactional, and make it mandatory for candidates to keep their webcams on to ensure their participation is 100%.

IIPC India favors the 100% practical training module which benefits the candidates by increasing their potential and skills. They also have business projects and assignments which are compulsory for candidates, which eventually give them the advantage in the market while looking for a job or working on growing their business. When it comes to training and providing knowledge, the trainer’s skills and abilities to bond with the candidates and explain them the concepts is what keeps the candidates satisfied. The brand name and standards of IIPC India ensure that every Trainer meets the required criteria of being a great communicator, knowledgeable and well experienced so that they can impart their learnings and experiences acceptably.

Everyone can copy products and services, in fact many have already done it, but the process and the person’s unique abilities are the ones which make or break this business. As said in a famous phrase, “You can act like me, walk like me, talk like me, you can be the next best thing, but you cannot be me”. IIPC India is proud to be the influencer and not a follower.

IIPC INDIA has maintained a 78% placement record consistently for the last three years. It has been recognized as an esteemed institute showered with a number of accolades, such as:

  • “Outstanding work in the field of Education” – Janseva Foundation India
  • “Social Activist Institution” – Pune Police Friends Association
  • “Excellent Digital Marketing Service Provider” – Chate Public School, Pune

IIPC India has a clear vision and mission which is to standardize the training process all over the globe and become a globally recognized brand in the educational sector. The aim is to become one of the top ten institutes for providing quality Training for HR , Digital Marketing & Data Science to all the learning aspirants.

“Once you start providing a service desired and accepted by the customers, the money won’t stop flowing. The emotion, the community you build, and the jolly relations you create with your customers, that’s what differentiates a good entrepreneur from a great entrepreneur.” Mr. Tejas Kharat

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