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One-Stop E-Learning Platform For Computer Science Geeks

By Sandhya Agrawal

A market research report has projected that the Indian online education market will expand at a CAGR of about 20 per cent by 2020, worth about 18 billion U.S. dollars. Also, by 2021, the online education industry in India will experience a growth of about X6 times. It is surprisingly true that by 2021, 9.6 million people will be enrolled in online education compared to 1.6 million users in 2016. Currently, with the whole buzz around the pandemic, the e-learning portals have been flourishing.

GeeksforGeeks is a computer science portal created by-geeks and for-geeks. The Portal has set industry standards for quality and systems that others thrive on matching. It is focused on producing quality rich content under multiple fields like Data Structures, Algorithms, Programming Languages, and Interview Preparation. For the Computer Science geeks, the Portal has an ocean worth of information to offer.

Exclusive and Outstanding Mindset
Behind the inception story of this one-of-a-kind EdTech start-up is the motivation of Sandeep Jain (Founder) to address the placement problem of Indian Engineering students. Jain identified that a considerable number of students experience unemployment after the completion of the degree as companies tend to ignore tier-III engineering colleges for placement. Further, he noticed that due to campus placements students lack knowledge in the procedures of off-campus placement.

Sandeep took steps in this area because of his passion for teaching and to tackle the students’ placement problems in India. He realised that for addressing all the above issues, there was no dedicated platform. Then came in the picture, the concept of GeeksforGeeks. Jain began writing blogs to help students plan interviews, and the demand for the information gave recognition and growth to the Portal.

From conception to completion, it’s admirable how GeeksforGeeks has marked its presence in the e-learning world. Making their way out through the crowd, the Portal offers new members to contribute research-driven articles and even pays for it. The vast collection of computer science-related articles and the opportunity for being an essential contributor is not yet available with any other e-learning portals in India.

Sandeep Jain is the genius mind behind this unique platform; he commenced this massive e-learning platform in 2009. Jain is an IIT Roorkee alumnus, and he likes to solve programming problems in the most effective ways. Apart from GeeksforGeeks, he has worked as a Software Developer with DE Shaw and Co. and as an Assistant Professor at JIIT Noida.

Entrepreneurship is not a destination, but it is a journey filled with hardships. One must always choose this path if they’ve dreamt of it, and criticism will come by default, so you must learn, grow, and then move on. Lastly, while taking any step, always hunt for knowledge and believe in yourself and your ideas.”

  • Sandeep Jain (Founder) 

A Platform for Everyone
For Computer Science folks, GeeksforGeeks is a blessing. The USP of the Portal is well maintained with the most extensive collection of Computer Science topics, and curated articles that are keenly focused on the updates of new technologies and inventions.

Furthermore, the site has a dedicated section for free e-learning courses and freelance writing prospects. Here, industry experts and professionals share their expertise and experiences through video lectures. GeeksforGeeks offer all these unique advantages exclusively for the field of Computer Science.

Besides, the ‘Learner-centred techniques’ that the Portal closely watches is the weakness and requirements of the student. The GeeksforGeeks squad coordinates with students and challenges them, and also offer dedicated TAs for doubt assistance. The dedicated team of professionals have created Portal where students can track their progress, and problem-solving assistance is a significant part of learning methodology in the Company.

Products & Services of-Geeks for-geeks
GeeksforGeeks, a platform that is highly committed to the career of students, uses countless strategies to improve the excellent participation of students in online courses, which includes problem-solving through a dedicated doubt-clearance team, track-based learning, assessment tests, premium video lectures, and much more. In addition, the career development opportunities offered by GeeksforGeeks includes internships, lifelong access to classes, theoretical material by subject matter experts and the course completion certificates. Besides, additional features are included, which depends on the type of courses opted by the student.

The GeeksforGeeks portal possesses well-researched explanations to several mysterious questions, and it even has a dedicated section for interview preparation material for several exams like GATE, UGC NET, ISRO CS, which covers everything from scratch.

Diving into a wide variety of online courses, GeeksforGeeks is becoming the #1 choice of e-learners. The e-courses offered by the Portal includes mock interview courses, computer science’s subject-specific courses, and placement preparation course for pre-final and final year students. Further, language courses like Java Fundamentals, Java Backend Development, and C++ STL is also provided.

Besides, data structures, algorithm, test series and low-level design courses for SDE interview preparation, OS, DBMS, and CN are some other courses offered by GeeksforGeeks. Not just this, the fast-paced e-learning portal even offers complete interview preparation courses, and a handful of free courses like Sudo GATE, Fork Python, Fork Java, and Fork CPP.

Technological Diversity
Keeping pace with the latest technological advancements is crucial for every e-learning portal because it provides room for growth and development of the Portal as a whole. GeeksforGeeks are navigating their way and are standing clear of the crowd as the Portal that here develops and introduces extremely up-to-the-mark content based on emerging technologies of the era.

One can easily find curated blogs on areas such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, React, NodeJS, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, and others. Besides, the Portal has introduced courses on new languages like Python and React. The variety of courses is helping students in learning, project development, and are adding weightage to their resume, which will eventually help them to get quality jobs.

In addition to technological advancement, and by giving a keen emphasis on the R&D, GeeksforGeeks focuses on addressing the demands of students and working professionals. The Portal closely checks the problems and builds effective solutions for interview preparation.

As unique as it is in the business, the Company analyses the recruiting practises of companies worldwide to help students get placement. Via the feedback evaluation, the Portal re-structures the courses, and this unique policy is making GeeksforGeeks the talk of the town.

Workforce – An Asset
Considering the workforce as their best asset, GeeksforGeeks meets the employees’ needs. Additionally, the Portal ensures to elevate the motivation of employees and preserve their enthusiasm, for the same, variety of techniques like constructive feedback, monthly appreciation rewards, recreational games, festival celebration, paid leaves, work from home, health insurance, fully stocked refreshments, and many more are used. Besides, the Portal takes care of freelancers by awarding them with “Geek of The Month Award”.

Sustaining an equitable environment, GeeksforGeeks safeguards the opinion and feedback of every person associated with the Organisation.

Marketing Tactics
Look-alike businesses exist in the market, but what makes them unique and top-notch, is an exclusive marketing strategy. Here, GeeksforGeeks is giving a tough competition to its competitors through its integrated marketing strategy. The Portal follows a B2C model of marketing. The emerging e-learning portal has three core strategy for competitive marketing of their products and services, and they are:

  • Bracket I: E-mail Marketing – GeeksforGeeks looks out to create a gigantic knowledge-sharing database to generate leads and create a pool of educational database that also provides updates on the Portal offerings.
  • Bracket II: Organic Marketing via Social Media – The Portal have succeeded in marking their visibility on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest with a comprehensive social media marketing approach. Today, social media marketing is vital for the growth of any Organisation.
  • Bracket III: Paid Media Campaigns – Paid media campaigns on the Google search & display network is an active part of the digital marketing plan. GeeksforGeeks hunt to comprehend user behaviour, acquisition, demographics, and website traffic to augment the search results and returns.

Achievements to Boast Upon
Centred on the achievement of GeeksforGeeks’ students, the Organization considers its real achievement. The zestful e-learning portal’s most significant achievement by far lies in being ranked 300 in Alexa Rank, and 50 in All India Rank. Also, students of the Portal who undertook several courses are placed with industry tycoons like Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, and many more.

Leading from the front, the GeeksforGeeks team is working day and night to bring this e-learning portal at the top. The Portal is continuously accumulating best-in-class resources from the industry for the courses they provide.

To increase the reach of the Portal, an upright focus is being paid to the marketing of the content. Further, the Company currently looks forward to improving its products and services and wants to create new market standards for the e-learning domain.


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