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Image Station

Image Station


Emerging from a tight hold of stereotypes and biases, the female force of contemporary times is unfurling the flag of success and excellence triumphantly. The remarkable contribution they are exuding in their endeavors is unmatched and unbeatable.

All types of odds and obscurities women are bypassing with a trace of a smile on the face. Manavalli Veena is an exemplar of infinite potential and strength who possesses astounding leadership traits. Image Station is a wonderful and colossal creation of hers.

Coming from a typical orthodox South Indian family, Manavalli lacked exposure and was naïve about how to carry herself? Though she was competitive enough. Luckily she worked for corporates where she got a lucid understanding of presentation skills, dressing sense, and all the cognitive and non-cognitive traits.

Thus Manavalli experienced a positive change in her personality that acted as a catalyst for the inception of Image Station. A gigantic experience of more than 15 years in Banking, Finance, Insurance, and Security & Deposit imbibed a layer of confidence for experimenting the expertise in Image Management and Consulting.

As a matter of fact, women are emotionally stronger and is considered to be a stupor of Patience and Acceptance. They can manage things well; overall women have exceptional management and leadership skills. Manavalli exemplifies all the mentioned traits. Thereby, this woman entrepreneur has tremendously kept a coherence between her personal and professional realms.

Strong grip of male dominance and patriarchy worldwide, especially in India, put a lot of questions on the worth, capability and strength of women. In spite of putting a lot of effort and energy into the work, they always occupy a second position in the corporate world or the public sector. Trespassing all these odds, questions, biases and limitations, Manavalli has emerged as a shining Sun from the grey clouds.

On the same subject, Manavalli says, “Being a woman is a blessing. They can maturely and patiently manage work and life.”


Image Station as the name incurs is an Image Consulting and Training company; it also deals with the Woman Entrepreneurship programs. Closely introspecting the client’s needs, then offering customized solutions as per the needs of the client, Image Station aims to create an impressive and formidable image of the person. Broadly classifying the work of the company, Image Briefing and Personal Branding are its main components.

The scope of their work covers Education Sector where they train students, Corporate Training for making the employees best fit for corporates, Attitude for Success where Personal Branding one on one basis happens, they also run a Customized Program known as ‘Signature Image’ where the sessions of mentoring for aspiring women entrepreneurs take place, various Online Consultation Programs, and Skill Development programs.

Image Station is creating wonders in the business space because of the sterling workforce. Manavalli always tries her best to empower the team members. The best part is that she provides ownership and responsibility to the workforce. This stimulates them to work more independently and consciously.

She is a firm believer of ‘the Law of Attraction’, that’s why all the employees in the company are women. Thoughts and ideas quite resonate with each other, and there are smooth and fluid proceedings. She says, “Effortlessly and smoothly we work. We do have an apt understanding, and somewhere around our thoughts quite fall in synchronicity.”

Research and Development is the centrifugal force around which Image Station circulates; the maestro feels that it is quite essential for advancement. A powerful Social Media Presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linked in opens the portals to look around and intrigues, what’s new?


Things are changing across the globe, women are coming up more openly and showcasing their worth. But still in India, a lot of work has to be done to increase their participation. It’s the conditioning from historic times that is needed to be removed so that they can realize their worth and potential.

Each woman is unique. She can do anything whatever she has locked in her bosom. Only the self-belief and confidence are the catalysts. The best way to bring her talent forth is to educate, empathize and mentor them so that they can trust in their own unique identity on the planet.


Being an artistic soul, Manavalli loves to indulge her being into arts and crafts in free time. She does pottery, paintings, reading, and tries to learn new skills timely so that they can add value to the industry.

Manavalli’s mother is her constant support throughout her journey till now. She is extremely thankful to her and all those people who were the roadblocks in her excursion. Through them only she has learnt to carve her ways out. Indeed, the REAL GURUS.

Bhagavad Gita is a spiritual treasure to her, and the learnings from it help her to live a more fruitful and balanced life.


In her 10 years of the journey, she trained 18000 individuals, conducted more than 300 workshops on image briefing, associated with various Women Empowerment Programs, etc.

For future prospects, she wants to get into the Skill Development Programs, which are running in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities by the Government of India. By this she connects with the people who are in the utmost need.

Till 2020 she is targeting to train one lakh individuals, which is her much-desired dream.

To the aspiring entrepreneurs, she says, “They are smart, creative, and innovative. Focus on one thing at a time.” And for the women, “Be yourself, never look back, and think Big.”

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