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The Communication Landscape Of A Prestigious University Undergoes A Transformation Through The Implementation Of Matrix Technology, Featuring Dedicated Modern Elements Within A Multi-Location Solution.

The Communication Landscape Of A Prestigious University Undergoes A Transformation Through The Implementation Of Matrix Technology, Featuring Dedicated Modern Elements Within A Multi-Location Solution.

Customer Name: A Science and Technology University

Industry: Education

Products offered:

  • PRI Gateway: SARVAM Gateway ENT License
  • Digital Key Phone: EON510


  • Anand, Gujarat

University Overview:

A highly esteemed private Science and Technology University situated in the Charotar region of Gujarat originated from a parent organization dedicated to social service through education for over 125 years.

Recognizing its excellence, the Gujarat Government has designated the university as a “Centre of Excellence.” With approximately 1700 faculty members and 8000 students, the institution stands as a prominent hub for education in the region.


This university holds a distinguished reputation among science and technology enthusiasts. Its enrollment has increased thanks to successful educational approaches, rendering outdated communication technology within its buildings obsolete.

Furthermore, there are plans for expansion in the upcoming academic year, incorporating modern communication technology to streamline communication across various buildings and offices.

To further delve into the difficulties they face:

  • Outdated and insufficient capacity: The system demonstrated obsolescence and inadequate capacity to handle communication loads within both single and multi-location institutions.
  • Communication issues among Multi Location offices: The university was in the process of expansion, establishing a new building situated at a distance that required seamless connectivity with the main building.
  • Lack of modern features: The absence of contemporary features such as Multi-party Conferencing, Unified Services for Mobility, etc., provides them with a motive to modernize their antiquated communication system.
  • Scalability and Redundancy: They needed a solution that could easily adapt to future requirements, guaranteeing seamless scalability for upcoming applications. Furthermore, the incorporation of redundancy (backup) was essential to ensure uninterrupted operations.


Matrix Comsec, in partnership with Rutvi System, meticulously examined the challenges faced by the university authorities. Collaboratively, they formulated a tailored solution for multiple locations.

The proposed strategy concentrated on improving and extending the existing infrastructure through the integration of Matrix Telecom Solutions. This included the implementation of a Hybrid IP PBX and the integration of a Media Gateway to streamline communication processes, preparing them for future requirements.

The Matrix solution includes:

  • The Hybrid PBX, known as ETERNITY LENX, with Gateway, was situated within the University complex at location 1. Alongside the digital key phone, analog phones were linked in location 1.
  • Location 1 was linked to location 2 via an IP connection. The ETERNITY LENX, along with SARVAM Gateway ENT, facilitated a setup of PRI Gateway from location 1, assigning an IP connection to ETERNITY MENX at location 2. In location 2, a collection of digital key phones and several analog phones were interconnected.
  • The Matrix Multi Location Communication solution seamlessly merged both sites, offering a range of contemporary communication features. This results in enhanced adaptability and flexibility within the organization, delivering optimal benefits for modern communication needs.


The adopted solution enabled them to experience the benefits of up-to-date communication features while ensuring smooth communication throughout their expanded infrastructure.

  • The Hybrid PBX Systems, namely ETERNITY MENX16SAC and ETERNITY LENX27SDC, offered a user scalability capability of up to 2000 IP Users, positioning them for future needs. Furthermore, the Hot Swappable Card feature guarantees uninterrupted operation and simplified maintenance. The incorporated Redundancy ensured a high level of availability and seamless communication.
  • The SARVAM Gateway ENT License empowered them to utilize SARVAM both as a Unified Communication Server and Gateway concurrently, eliminating the need for additional investments.
  • EON510 – Premium Digital Key phone comes with next-gen call amenities like Global Directory Integration, and Advanced Call Routing. This helped the institution to make the best out of these modern features by enhancing employee productivity and efficiency.
  • Matrix’s Multi Location solution allowed the University to effortlessly link various buildings, and the contemporary communication features made them more efficient and well-prepared for the future.


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