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Top 20 Cities OF India That Is Famous for Its Food

Top 20 Cities OF India That Is Famous for Its Food

India has diverse cultures and very different language which change state wise. Also, you can experience the old train network and Bollywood movies. Besides them, you can enjoy food as well. If you are a food lover, I would like to suggest you India is the perfect place to enjoy the cuisine.

Today I am going to introduce 20 foods which have won so many hearts all around the world.     

Varanasi – Malaiyo

Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in India where you see so many temples of lord Shankar and Ganga river. However, Varanasi is not only famous for spiritualty but also famous for cuisines. There is one cuisine you cannot get anywhere else that is called Malaiyo. This sweet dish is prepared with milk froth flavored including saffron. Preparing after this testy cuisine, it is garnished with pistachios and almonds. Each bite will be melting in your mouth and you feel so great. For your information, this amazing cuisine only gets you in the winter season, so don’t miss it all.

Srinagar – Rogan Josh

Srinagar what an amazing place where you see mountain view that is covered by ices. it is a completely different nature I don’t have a word to explain those views. The city has been situated in the northern part of India. If you are foody and like test different kinds of foods, I would like to suggest a dish called Rogan Josh. This wonderful dish is concocted with goat or lamb including traditional Kashmiri chilies. The smell is delightfully appetizing. You can say it is greasy gravy.

Shillong – Jadoh

Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya and one of the best hill stations in the northeast part of India. Here you can see all of the destination places like elephant falls and the ward’s lake. However, you cannot miss here cuisine called Jadoh, this an amazing dish is Khasi preparation that has become famous among all residents of Meghalaya. the dish is prepared from different ingredients cooking red rice and pork. This dish is the best choice who are meat lovers and pork lovers. This cuisine has a very unique color that comes from a wide array of spices.

Patna – Litti Chokha

Patna is the capital of Bihar where you can go to museums, the zoo, and tara Mandal. In Patna, you can taste a lot of dishes. But one of the best nutritious street foods called Litti Chokha. It is a kind of tennis ball that is prepared with wheat flour and sattu (it is made from grams.). the food serves with Chokah (boiled potato) and other mix vegetables like brinjal. It is a very healthy and delicious snack that can be found in every street of Bihar state. The taste like spices and salty.

Panaji – Prawn Gassi

Panaji is the capital of the city goa that is situated in the western part of India. If you love beaches and nightlife, it is a really great place to visit. Here you can see nature by doing boat riding. However, if you are missing Cuisine called Prawn Gassi. It means you have an uncompleted goa trip. Prawn Gassi is a traditional curry that offers a really great taste of the authentic Goan cuisine. Here you can enjoy seafood as well.

 Mysore – Mysore Pak

Mysore city is situated in southwestern that is the capital of Karnataka state in India. The city has a very reach tourist place where you can see so many monuments. After watching this place, you will be amazed. But don’t miss Mithais, it is a beloved part of the Indian food that will cause you water in the mouth and your heart is going to meltdown. This is prepared from Ghee, Graham flour, and sugar.

Mumbai – Vada Pav

Mumbai is situated in the west coast it is also known as a financial city. If you are visiting Mumbai, you have the chance to see your favorite Bollywood celebrity. Apart from Bollywood, you have the chance to explore street foods. Not any food can beat the taste of Mumbai street foods, by taking Vada Pav one bite will make you feel so amazed. The piquant snack is made of a fried snack and bun, this dish is served with green chutney. This is one of the most mouth-watering dishes all over Maharashtra.

Kolkata – Rasgulla

Kolkata is one of the places where you can see Queen Victoria place, Howrah bridge, and many more. Also, one of the best sweet called Rasgulla, it is the most famous sweet in the country. The sweet server in every single Indian wedding and party as well. The Rasgulla is prepared with milk and sugar syrup.

Kohima – Steamed fish in the bamboo shoot

Steamed Fish in the bamboo shoot is Naga style steamed fish. The dish prepares in a very simple and delicious way, just make sure that you cooking with fresh fish. The food is prepared with red dried Chilly, Cloves of garlic, and bamboo shoot juice. If you have the plan to visit Kohima, my personal suggestion, you must taste this steamed fish. I’m sure you gonna love it.

Kochi – Meen Fry

Kochi is also called cochin that city flaunts one of the best natural harbors of the world. the city is located in the southwest of India. Here you enjoy Meen fry or fish fry. I know you will say that doesn’t sound like food but these true people prepare Meen fry by using authentic spices. The taste of Meen fry is great that makes the Meen fry stand apart from another fish fry.

Delhi – Chole Bhature

Delhi is the capital of India where you have to see several mountainite like red fort, Qutab Minar, and many other museums as well. However, if you are foody then be ready because Delhi street food will steal your heart and you become thankful forever. since different states people live here, you can see very different verities of street food. But in the end, you would like to go to chole Bhature. It is a really famous dish all over North India.

Jaipur – Dal Bait Churma

Jaipur is another historical place where you can see several historical fort and experience completely different clutter. And most importantly foods, Rajasthan has famous foods known as Dal Bati Churma. By taking a bite of these foods, you will become a fan of this food. Let’s split up these three foods Dal (lentil), Churma (wheat cooked in Ghee and sugar), and Bati(hard bread). These three foods have their own unique taste. You can’t say enough thanks.

Hyderabad – Hyderabadi Dum Biryani

Indian history is so big and we all have heard Mughals empires. But did you know Biryani comes from Mughals? The food has made a name all over the world that is concocted with rice and meat in an earthen pot. Also, the dish is prepared on slow fire. This amazing food has very unique masalas that are found in India. If you like spicy and meat, I’m sure you are going to become a fan of the Hyderabadi Dum Biryani forever.

Guwahati – Spinach Khar

Guwahati is located along the side of the Brahmaputra that is called the sprawling city. If we talk about foods, all Assamese foods are so delicious. Apart from another cuisine, Khar, it is one of the renowned cuisines in Assumes. This is made by the trunk of the banana plant or banana peels. This delicious food is usually eaten before having a meal. Here are some ingredients which you can feel while you are eating. Like Spinach, Toor Dhal, Garlic, Mustard Oil, Green Chilly, and Banking Soda.

Coorg – Pandi Curry

Coorg is a very calm little town that is located in southern Karnataka. The city is famous for Austere sights, varied wildlife, and coffee. Besides these, the city is a famous port dish called Pandi Curry. This dish is made with different kinds of herbs and species, if you have had it, I’m sure you wouldn’t experience this kind of taste in other cuisines.

Chennai – idly

Do you like fermented foods? If yes, then I would say go for idly. It is one of the best healthy food. This fluffy white disc is concocted with two basic things such as rice, and lentils. That has a bland taste, this delusions food is severed with Sambar and green coconut chutney. Also, you can taste this cuisine everywhere in India.

Amritsar – Amritsari Kulcha

Amritsar has great spots like the golden temple, Jallianwala Bagh, and many others. Also, you can enjoy holistic food experience in the golden temple. However, if you are looking best food of Amritsar, then you should definitely try Amritsari Kulcha that comes in pair with chole. Generally, Kulcha is prepared with Maida. But Amritsari Kulcha contains vegetables, paneer, and onions or potatoes.

Ahmedabad – Khandvi

Gujarat is the best state for food lovers where you can eat several foods like Khandvi, Dhokla, AamShrikhand with Mango Salad and many others. but you are going to surprised when you try to take a bite of Khandvi. This is prepared with gram flour, and yogurt, it served with the green chill, Sauteed Mustard seeds, and green chutney.

Lucknow – Tunday Kebabi

Another best place and for foody people, you can enjoy so many foods like Kaju Curry, Murg Shahi Korma and many more. However, you cannot miss one of the most famous food called Tunday Kebabi. It is one of the best kebabs that is made with minced meat. It has a really great test.

Bhopal – Poha Jalebi

Madhya Pradesh is one of the most beautiful states of India and Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. In Madhya Pradesh, there are different kinds of nature and heritage you can see. But, without having Bhopal’s Breakfast, your trip could not be complete this is known as Poha Jalebi.


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