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Infiniminds Pvt. Ltd: A Trusted Platform Ensuring Exceptional Outcomes

Exclusive Interview

Our team came across the profile of INFINIMINDS that stands as a perfect example of a workplace should be. Driven by the core values of Integrity, Intensity, and Innovation in every operation, they have created marvels by prioritizing their employee’s well-being.

These values are basically the guiding light of the organization’s culture and approach to business. Whether it’s welcoming a new employee or embarking on a new project, INFINIMINDS propels itself ahead with the help of these values only. This promise is reflected in the company’s vision which  was set up by the founding team of the company.

As we wanted to explore the unknown aspects of the company, our team reached out to Rajesh Nagarajan who is one of the founding leaders of the organization. In our interaction, he shared an in-depth detail of what it is they are doing differently to have gained global acclaim as a people-oriented venture.

At present, Rajesh Nagarajan has been guiding the company as the Chairperson and Managing Director since May 2015. With over 35 years of extensive experience in IT, ITES, and Supply Chain industries, he aims to make INFINIMINDS a top 5 People Services and Solutions provider in India.

His leadership has led to significant growth, introducing customized services and expanding relationships. He is known for his charismatic leadership and has a track record of guiding businesses to achieve greater success.

The Company Profile

INFINIMINDS is delighted to celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2024. Over the past decade, the company has undergone a remarkable transformation, emerging as a dynamic organization with a diverse range of services.

Guided by the leadership of Alfred Mathan Raja, our People Services Division stands out for its innovative solutions in the realm of staffing and CXO Hiring. At INFINIMINDS, we understand the evolving needs of businesses in today’s fastpaced world. That’s why our flexi-staffing solutions offer clients the flexibility they require, providing temporary manpower that precisely aligns with their unique requirements.

Whether it’s skilled professionals, technical or non-technical personnel, our comprehensive model covers managed payroll and ensures compliance with all statutory regulations. Expanding beyond our flexi-staffing services, our permanent staffing division specializes in recruitment support. We aid clients in securing pivotal roles with top-tier candidates, harnessing our extensive network and talent acquisition expertise.

In the domain of Business Process Services (BPS), under the guidance of Sriram, INFINIMINDS thrives in outsourcing customer-centric processes. This includes both Voice and Non-voice processes such as inbound & outbound call center operations, Invoice processing, order management, Procure to Pay services, and inside sales support.

Our expertise further extends into Financial Services, led by Srihari Kumar, encompassing Accounts Receivable Management, collection outsourcing, GST governance and TDS Reconciliations tailored to meet the needs of our clientele. We work constantly towards reducing DSO and maximizing collection and cashflow for our clients.

In pursuit of fostering brighter future opportunities, INFINIMINDS is strategically expanding into Technology Services. Our goal is to establish ourselves as a trusted partner for clients, catering to their modern IT requirements. This includes offering managed IT services, cybersecurity solutions, and cloud services. This diversification within our business vertical underscores our commitment to innovation and delivering holistic solutions across various industries.

Notably, all our processes are ISO 9001:2015 certified, reflecting our commitment to rigorous quality management systems. We also take pride in being recognized as a TRAC-enabled organization, certified by TRAC, a renowned NGO specializing in certifying businesses for their exemplary business ethics and leadership.

In 2020, we proudly received the esteemed Great Place to Work certification for our exceptional HR processes,” CMD Rajesh explained. “This recognition reinforces our standing as one of the most desirable companies to work for, showcasing our commitment to fostering an outstanding workplace environment.”

Creating ripples as a thought employer

INFINIMINDS proves its employee-centric approach through a well-established culture and operational strategies that foster teamwork and productivity. Firstly, the company emphasizes building trust among team members, enabling them to rely on each other and offer mutual support.

Effective communication is another key aspect, ensuring clear task assignments, progress updates, and goal achievement. This communication efficiency leads to increased productivity as teams leverage individual strengths and delegate tasks effectively. Additionally, the company prioritizes team-building initiatives to create a cohesive work environment where employees can socialize and build friendships.

This focus on teamwork and culture not only improves employee satisfaction but also attracts and retains talent, contributing to sustainable business growth. Moreover, INFINIMINDS advocates for contract staffing, highlighting its benefits such as team agility in scaling, cost flexibility, market responsiveness, and increased diversity leading to innovation.

Through these strategies, INFINIMINDS not only offers staffing solutions and HR management System Tool for 360-degree HR processes but also empowers businesses to build talented, creative, and productive teams for success in today’s dynamic business landscape.

How do they stand out in the industry?

The company’s leading edge is drawn from its persistent focus on people and their wellbeing. The organization never lags behind when it comes to nurturing and motivating its employees, fostering leadership development within its ranks. This commitment to its workforce has been recognized with the globally renowned Great Place To Work® Certification™.

INFINIMINDS firmly believes that prioritizing employee well-being ultimately leads to business success. Across its various divisions, including people services, financial services, and BPO, the company boasts a team of highly satisfied and motivated employees, delivering exceptional value to its customers.

We ensure that every customer we engage with is delighted through process enhancements, increased productivity, and a commitment to quality keeping abreast of current global trends and innovations. Our team, including myself and all directors, possess high competency in both process management and quality assurance, which we apply rigorously in all our business dealings.

By integrating these methodologies into our operations, our processes become leaner, our deliveries achieve world-class standards, and ultimately, we exceed customer expectations, driving business growth. This commitment to quality is at the core of our unique selling proposition.” Rajesh Nagarajan.

Leadership ethos

Rajesh, through his leadership insights, centers his approach around the mantra of “Keeping the Ignited Fire Burning” focusing on instilling passion and motivation within his team. He embodies a hands-on leadership style, actively engaging with both employees and customers to understand their concerns firsthand and address them.

The organization under Rajesh’s leadership has implemented robust people processes and structured Townhall meetings that encompass reward and recognition, career development, and transparent communication. These initiatives prioritize the well-being and empowerment of employees, enabling them to excel in their roles.

With an approachable and friendly attitude, Rajesh encourages open dialogue, fostering a culture of accessibility and collaboration throughout the organization. His leadership style not only inspires and motivates his team but also creates an environment where individuals feel valued and supported in their professional growth.

The Future Plan: INFINIMINDS Sets Sights on the Future with Automation and AI

In the discussion with Rajesh, we learned about INFINIMINDS’s forward-thinking plans for its leadership panel. The company is making significant investments in automation technologies like artificial general intelligence (AGI), data engineering, and service expansion, particularly in accounting, which they view as a key growth offering.

INFINIMINDS has already scaled up its services by incorporating “Digital Workers” (software bots) into its accounting business processes. They are continuously innovating to develop these digital workers for other service offerings as well.

INFINIMINDS prioritizes a “digital first” approach. By embracing digital transformation for both internal process automation and client service delivery, they have established a unique niche offering that focuses on passing automation benefits to its clients. This involves partnering with a leading US-based AI company that specializes in low-code Python automation.

Together, INFINIMINDS and their partner leverage cutting-edge technologies like bots, machine learning, and others to improve existing processes and deliver “bot-as-a-service” solution for its domestic and global clients.

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