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The impact of influencer marketing on PR strategies for Indian business

The impact of influencer marketing on PR strategies for Indian business

Now-a-days, for every successful marketing strategy, influencer marketing has become an important part. About 80% of the marketers think that influencer marketing is effective while 89% believe that influencer marketing is better than other marketing channels.

Coming to impact of influencers on consumers, almost 49% of people think that influencer recommendation is more effective and trustworthy than any brand recommendation.     Consumers just want authenticity and trust. In this blog, we will explore the impact of influencer marketing on PR strategies for Indian business.

Impact on influencers on buyers’ journey

In order to create brand awareness through televisions and online ads, it has become quite important for the brands to approach influencers as plenty of people follow them. It will be much easier to create awareness among mass through the influencers who have huge impact on general mass.

They have a specific range of audience and thus their engagement rate is quite higher. There are various ways through which an influencer can activate leads for any brands. The effective ways include live videos, marketing of product through tutorials, product reviews etc.

Influencers are well aware what to cater to their audience that will convey the relevant information at the perfect time and keep their interest in mind. The content of influencer decides to put limelight on that specific product of brand. They create the content by keeping the interest of their viewers in view. They also guide their audience through their approach towards that product.

Effect of Influencers in marketing

As said earlier, influencers better know the taste of their audiences. They know the proper way to engage their targeted audience. They boost traffic on the websites of brand by generating authentic content, interest and trust for their brands. Now-a-days, influencers have already a wide range of followers who listens and follow them. Thus, no extra money is required to test the required market.

As per a source, almost 84% purchase a product if recommended by an influencer. They influence the targeted audience through their compelling message in the content and audience are easily triggered by it. It is more like a word-of-mouth marketing in which consumers have a firm believe in their trusted influencers.

Various practices are followed these days which never fails to create a memorable social media experience. You must have seen doing ‘unboxing’ of any new product which arrives to market. The influencers either through live streaming or video clip connect to their fans and influences them to buy that specific product which increases their worth as well as that of brand through which they are working for.

Another important aspect of influencer marking is setting the trend. You must have seen a content goes viral and becomes trend. These influencers are no doubt the trend setters. They entertain their audience through their content. People are easily attracted to it which increases the sale.

Identify the right influencer

First of all, understand your targeted audience. Explore various strategies in order to identify a suitable influencer for your brand. It is also very important to understand the influencer’s niche, as it is quite crucial for successful collaborations. You should learn or have a proper knowledge about the conduction of various research for an effective influencer and its outreach.

Micro-influencers and their audience

In order to understand the landscape of influencers, it is important to delve deep into understanding the impact of micro-influencers and their audiences. Macro-influencers have a wide range of audience where as micro-influencers have a good range of comfortable audience. In order to get the maximum impact, you should learn to grasp both types for influencers. It will also enhance your outreach.

Create a genuine collaboration

You should discover the importance of creating genuine collaborations with the influencers. Being authentic is the key to build trust among your audiences. Try to understand the alignment of your brand values with the influencers and create the content along with others that is not only relevant but also resonates with your targeted audience.

Long term relationships with the influencers

Try to build long-term relationships with the influencers and explore its benefits. Enhance credibility by deepening brand associations and repeat collaborations with the influencers. Foster the ongoing partnerships which are beneficial for your brand as well as influencers.


Influencer marketing has the potential to influence the targeted audience to consume the product willingly and rely on it. They have a huge impact on business as well as audiences.

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