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In an era where intellectual property rights have become the lifeblood of innovation and business, a beacon of legal expertise shines brightly – Ms. Navneet Momi. As the Managing Partner of Intellect Juris Law Offices, Ms. Momi’s journey through the complex labyrinth of litigation, technology, and intellectual property law has been nothing short of remarkable.

In a world where innovation is both the driving force and the battleground, she stands as a formidable advocate and strategist. Join us as we delve into the captivating story of Navneet Momi and explore the challenges and triumphs that define her career.


Navneet Momi’s journey into the world of law commenced with an firm commitment to excellence. Armed with an LLM from University of Manchester, United Kingdom, a Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Laws from the National Law School of India University, Bangalore, and a B.A., LLB from the School of Legal Studies in India, she was well-prepared to embark on her path to legal prominence. Her educational pedigree was only the beginning of what would become an illustrious career.


With over 15 years of experience in her arsenal, Navneet Momi’s career has been marked by her relentless pursuit of justice and intellectual property protection. As the head of the Litigation Group at Intellect Juris Law Offices, her legal acumen has been put to the test in general commercial litigation, technology, and intellectual property cases. Her clientele, a mix of multinational giants, universities, and Indian enterprises, reflects her versatility and the trust they place in her expertise.


Navneet Momi’s legal prowess shines brightly in the courtroom. She has been at the forefront of some of India’s most prominent intellectual property cases, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and design matters. Her representation of a leading global electrical company in a $2 billion trademark litigation case that resulted in a landmark judgment showcases her ability to navigate the most complex legal waters. Furthermore, she facilitated groundbreaking testimony via video conferencing at the Office of the Indian Consulate in New York, setting a precedent for international legal proceedings.


Navneet Momi’s profound expertise in the realm of intellectual property has earned her the well-deserved moniker of ‘The Intellectual Property Maven.’ With a career spanning over a decade, she has honed her skills to perfection, becoming a true authority in this intricate field. As the Managing Partner of Intellect Juris Law Offices, her contributions extend beyond the confines of traditional legal practice.

Momi’s role as an intellectual property strategist is pivotal. She advises companies, both domestic and international, on crafting and executing comprehensive intellectual property strategies. Her insights have enabled businesses to navigate the complex landscape of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and design matters, often across multiple jurisdictions. Her exceptional accomplishments include her representation of a leading global electrical company in a groundbreaking $2 billion trademark litigation case, culminating in a landmark judgment.


Momi’s influence extends far beyond India’s borders. She is a prominent member of the Asian Patent Attorney Association (APAA) India Chapter, the International Trademark Association (INTA), and the IP Forum at the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI). Her insights into intellectual property law and her keen business acumen make her a sought-after advisor for multinational and Indian companies alike.


Companies, both large and small, turn to Navneet Momi for her wisdom and guidance. Recognized for her deep understanding of the law and her keen business sense, she is the go-to choice for devising litigation and intellectual property strategies. Her counsel has proved invaluable to prominent business houses and organizations seeking to navigate the intricate landscape of intellectual property.


Navneet Momi’s impact extends far beyond the confines of the courtroom and boardroom. She is a passionate advocate for intellectual property rights and regularly lends her expertise to various domestic and international events. Momi’s role as a speaker and thought leader involves hosting webinars and engaging in discussions that shed light on the multifaceted aspects of intellectual property rights. Her audiences span a wide spectrum, ranging from government entities and embassies to industrial giants.

Notable among her recent speaking engagements are her contributions to the MoE’s Innovation Cell, Government of India, where she conducted a webinar on Intellectual Property Strategies for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs. She also participated in the World Intellectual Property Forum, offering insights during a session focused on Brand protection and its challenges, delving into the intricate process of crafting a successful strategy.

Furthermore, Momi actively participated in a webinar organized by the FICCI IP Forum, where she shared her expertise on Intellectual Property Strategies for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs. Momi’s commitment to disseminating knowledge and advocating for robust intellectual property protection continues to have a profound impact on the industry.


Navneet Momi’s dedication and contributions to the field of intellectual property have not gone unnoticed. She was honored as a “WIPF Powerful Women in IP INDIA 2021” by the World IP Forum, a testament to her influence in the industry. Additionally, she received the “Legal Awareness & Human Rights for Asia’s 1000 Women Awards” from Womennovator in 2021. Her recognition also extends to the Women Entrepreneur India, where she was featured in the list of “Women in IP Copyright and Trademark 2021.”


Navneet Momi’s journey from a distinguished educational background to becoming a stalwart in the realm of intellectual property law is a testament to her unwavering dedication, legal acumen, and business foresight. Her presence not only in the courtroom but also on the global stage as a speaker and thought leader reaffirms her position as a trailblazer in this dynamic field.

As businesses continue to grapple with the ever-evolving landscape of intellectual property rights, Navneet Momi stands as a beacon of guidance, offering clarity, protection, and innovation to those who seek her counsel. Her story is not only one of professional success but also an inspiration to aspiring legal minds and entrepreneurs seeking to navigate the intricate world of intellectual property rights.

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