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Intellemo – The Digital Marketing Company that Combines Intellect with Emotions

Insights of the Organization

Intellemo is a result-oriented digital marketing company which is located in Gurgaon. The prominent service is to uplift the revenues of any business by increasing the sales of its products or services. In a fragmented market full of various marketing channels, it’s crucial to have a combo of the strategic marketing mix and impactful creatives that capture the minds of consumers and deliver performance for the Client.

It is achieved through performance marketing activities across Google Search, Google Display Network, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Times Internet and others. Even a new channel like TikTok is being used. The idea is to unleash the untapped creativity of our network of professionals and execute it effectively using technology.

Intellemo is an amalgamation of intellect and emotions which is the core philosophy of the company. This provides an edge over its peers. Intellect is essential to recognize precise targeting using technological automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. On the other hand, creativity and innovation define humans which make an advertisement to connect with the user through emotional touch. A combination of both aspects provides a perfect digital ad strategy.

There are eminent figures behind the establishment of this colossal organization to empower the digitization across the nation.

Saurabh Gupta, a connoisseur, is the man behind Intellemo Adtech Pvt. Ltd. He is an IIT Delhi alumnus and has managed the overall portfolio of Digital Marketing in a career of 7 years. His core expertise is to combine digital marketing automation with creativity.

Tusha Agrawal is a Salesforce certified CRM professional with an overall experience of 8 years. Having worked with American Express GBT, Barclays, and HCL, she developed expertise in CRM implementation, integration, enhancement, and data management.

Shivam Gupta is an ace digital marketer with a career of 3 years. He comes from Urbanclap, where he managed Performance Marketing on Google Ads & Facebook Ads.

The company has adapted itself to the latest needs of the market by providing a holistic digital marketing service which is result oriented and accountable to achieve business revenue growth. Presently, every part of digital marketing activity is done by multiple agencies due to which they lack consistency, and the customer does not get an impactful and influential communication from all the possible sources.

The core focus is to simplify it for business owners so that as digital marketing experts the company takes care of all the aspects from creativity to the landing pages according to user segmentation and preferences.

The technocrat says, “We are using Big Data & AI for ad relevancy according to user preferences. With IOT, advertisements will be viewed at places. With AR, now competitors’ hoardings can be changed to yours. It brings opportunities of immense innovation.”                 

Pioneering digital arena, the venture is engaged with a multitude of clients such as UrbanClap, Fitso, Footprints, Neetprep, Peebuddy (Sirona India), Faboom, etc. The company ensures an unbreakable faith of clients by remaining transparent about the achievable goals and the project progress.

Intellemo tries to deliver the services in accord to its promises with the clients. Henceforth, by creating a win-win model, the venture triumphs the trust.

Expanding the horizons, it renders a great heed to the process of Research and development. The strategic process of R&D is to develop new tools that can enhance the performance of the ad execution.

The CEO of the organization remarks, “Anything that is mechanical or has some kind of pattern to it is either automated or being automated. So, ultimately the crucial thing that remains prominent in future would be human’s creativity. We are trying to combine both to build brands of tomorrow.

Synchronizing with the autonomy of latest technology, the company is using advanced tools to provide standardized and exemplary services. Besides this, Intellemo is developing its tools that enhance the performance of Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, which is itself appreciable.

To strengthen the foundation of the company, its workforce should be focused. Mainly two attributes need to be taken care of. The foremost is efficiency which is ensured by the staff having right skills, and being provided the proper guidance. These are the monolithic aspects required to form a standardized team.

Along with efficiency, employees’ morale ought to be boosted. For achieving this, Intellemo provides fair incentives, due recognition, and career growth according to the contribution of the employees for the company’s advancement.

In order to keep the spirits of the employees high, the mornings in Intellemo begins with catch up meetings to discuss the goals of the day. Saurabh, an ardent, says,” We use stairs instead of elevator to keep the blood flowing. Everybody feels that it’s their own work not the company’s.”

Story of struggling period

The company has faced a lot of obstacles and complexities in an expedition. Initially, days were about survival; at that time, every day was a new challenge to face in the journey of business. The company’s tycoons ought to keep them and the employees motivated towards the accomplishment of goals. An ardent says, “Entrepreneurship is highly challenging, and skeptics wouldn’t believe an idea or the product. It’s about the satisfaction of the users for the product, and we are striving to deliver it up to their satisfaction.

During the inception, the company had undergone obscurities from all angles. The biggest challenge was to finding highly skilled employees and clients to deliver its services.

Saurabh inspires by saying, “We’re still trying to sail through them. It happens through a belief in our own philosophy, execution capacities, and working continuously to have the best solution for the problem of our clients.”

It is cumbersome to remain relevant in this competitive world as the people preferences has changed a lot within a few years. Every brand is struggling to remain relevant. One has to keep up with the users through social media so that their feedback ensures the relevancy of products remains up to the mark.

With the advancement of technology and an overflow of information, it is much easier for everybody nowadays to generate innovative ideas, and execute them in an efficient manner. As global supply is available, the production of new products is much easier. Additionally, global markets are within every entrepreneur’s reach. What lacks is an efficient and impactful digital marketing strategy to capture the minds of consumers around the world. This is a great transformation happening in the entrepreneurial world.

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