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iXceed Solutions

iXceed Solutions

A Yogita Tulsiani Led End–to– end Talent and Digital Solution Company, Creating Value for both Clients and Candidates

Staffing is an essential requirement for every organization. The lack of skilled labour may trigger any organisation’s vital assets, like cash, materials, and machinery, to fail. There is a pressing demand for dedicated players who can leverage their in-depth knowledge and experience to serve as “strategic business partners” for organisations by taking care of their entire human resource needs and enabling growth for them. This will help companies gain a competitive edge and stay at the forefront of their market.

iXceed Solutions, a pioneering talent and digital solutions provider , has been hailed as a leader in the recruitment space for offering comprehensive talent solutions, enterprise services, and digital solutions, as well as specializing in hiring for all positions both horizontally and vertically across a variety of industry verticals.

Yogita Tulsiani, a visionary and seasoned industry leader, decided to embrace her profound expertise from nearly a decade in business development and strategy consulting with Fortune 100 organizations in diverse sectors, cutting across continents, to establish the innovative enterprise iXceed Solutions in 2018. Ms. Tulsiani co-founded the organisation with the creative vision of enhancing the human ecosystem by offering cutting-edge talent solutions and supporting clients in making the most of their brands. The company started off by operating out of its London headquarters, but it shortly established itself as an internationally recognized brand in the staffing and recruitment industry.

The Woman at a Helm

With a profound experience of one and a half decades, Yogita Tulsiani, the Co-founder, has been leading iXceed as Director. Her expertise spans a strong track record as an accomplished leader in business development and strategy across a range of industries in the UK, USA, Europe, and APAC. She possessed significant positions in the information technology, telecom, retail, and financial services sectors before founding iXceed, where she developed ingenious business solutions to lower costs, increase business agility, and use artificial intelligence/ML for competitive advantage.

Yogita has always been an ambitious individual who strived to do her best in everything she did, whether it was in school, extracurricular activities, or her employment. As a result, she has received countless prizes and distinctions throughout her academic and professional career. She is the recipient of the “Female Tech Entrepreneur of the Year 2022” award from the SME UK Enterprise Awards, the “Extraordinaire: Change Makers” Award at the 6th Brand Vision Summit 2022 Award Ceremony, recognition as “Ace Women Leaders to Watch in 2022,” and the “Entrepreneur of the Year 2022” Gold Award from one of the most prestigious Titan Business Awards in the category “Recruitment.”

Established on a foundation of innovation, iXceed has grown into a trusted name that works with international businesses to accelerate their growth by offering best-in-class services with a combined force of technology and talent.

iXceed: At a Glance

iXceed’s services have over the years supported 200+ organizations in developing and launching 450+ projects, products, and services across various geographic segments, keeping its hawk eyes on talent and connecting it with golden opportunities for multinationals within the staffing industry.

Yogita’s Journey: Ushering a New Era in the Staffing Landscape

In academics, Yogita did her schooling at Holy Child School and went on to study engineering at the esteemed Delhi Institute of Technology, which is now known as NSIT. She later completed her MBA at Hyderabad’s renowned Indian School of Business (ISB).

It was not an easy decision for her to become the first woman in her family to start her own business after more than ten years of job stability. However, she managed to succeed in her endeavor. Yogita now serves as the director of IXCEED. Yogita’s present position as Director at iXceed is the culmination of a number of previous jobs in her career, when she executed global expansions and experienced exponential revenue growth.

“One challenge I encountered was the fact that I did not really have a background in the recruitment industry or know the business dynamics, but I still selected this pathway as I wanted to make a difference in society”, the leading lady revealed when asked about her key obstacle.

Bundled with Top-notch Services and Solutions

With decades of expertise serving clients with their talent needs and initiatives involving digital transformation by enhancing their knowledge, iXceed offers an extensive spectrum of services that address all facets of a business.

The company offers top-notch end-to-end recruitment services to toptier and mid-tier IT enterprises and managed talent solutions across the entire spectrum of technologies eg: identity and access management, data management and analytics, SAP services, and plethora of new -gen technologies.

Industry Evolutions Over the Years

The market for IT skills was severely deficient. People were not being placed in the proper positions for their abilities and skill sets. After observing this situation, Yogita decided to build valuable partnerships with companies and candidates by offering effective talent solutionsleveraging artificial intelligence.

Yogita’s Take on ‘Being a Woman Leader’: Major Struggles

“I’ve received judgment and criticism for my decisions, such as the statement that married women with children should not truly strive to pursue entrepreneurship. They would advise me to concentrate on assisting my husband in pursuing his entrepreneurial aspirations ”, stated Yogita, sharing her experience in the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a woman.

She further highlighted the following points as the primary obstacles women leaders face:

• Lack of support for female entrepreneurs
• Female business owners are perceived as being less capable than their male counterparts.
• Perceived bias within the venture finance community is a concern.
• Generally speaking, women are more risk-aware than men and are more cautious when beginning or growing a firm.
• Society believes women possess low entrepreneurial skills.
• Women have additional responsibilities for the home and children, and young children require a great deal of care during their formative years.
• It’s like walking an invisible line to balance a career and a family.

The Clientele and Corporate Ethos

Numerous well-known brands have chosen iXceed to design and outsource the best recruitment systems for their businesses. Some of the notable names include Oracle,, HCL, Infosys, NIIT, the Global Research Council, Coforge, and AsenTech, to name a few.

Customer-centricity is at the core of the company. They partner with multinational corporations to boost their growth by offering topnotch services. They are constantly coming up with new, innovative methods to use cutting-edge technology and toolkits to strengthen processes and better serve clients. Their AI-based recruitment solutions offer enterprises and candidates the best-inclass user experiences.

Powered by the Latest Technologies

iXceed relies on AI and MLpowered talent solutions, which are changing the way the industry perceives talent solutions, to set itself apart from competitors. The company takes advantage of off-shore advantages while fully adhering to local legislation. The foundation of its success is its extensive local expertise , cumulative years of knowledge and usage of AI. Additionally, the RPO solution employs strict procedures that give its clients crucial benefits. In addition, iXceed uses a reliable and effective process to create solutions for the recruitment industry. This assures that the businesses are the forefront of the innovation curve by leveraging expert talent capital.

Fulfilling Growth through R&D

In an ever-changing industry, research and development (R&D) are essential to expansion. Ms. Tulsiani highlights how important R&D is to keeping a business on the cutting edge. Using AI-based talent solutions, which are revolutionizing the way the industry views recruitment and streamlining the entire process and robust delivery, they were able to launch new lines of business focused on digital solutions, take advantage of cutting-edge technology like AI and ML to build sustainable businesses, and introduce new product lines.

Nurturing an Innovative and Friendly Work Culture

Being a company focused on innovation, iXceed aspires to implement the most up-to-date technological tools to improve production, increase efficiency, and create resilient processes. The management makes sure that everyone has equal opportunity, and it also provides awards and possibilities for advancement based on production and the accomplishment of goals rather than a person’s position in the hierarchy.

Every thought or idea is respected equally here, and employees are free to approach management with any problems thanks to the open-door policy. Employee experience is valued equally to client-centricity at iXceed.

Guiding with Compassion and Empathy

Yogita focuses on creating a better ecosystem for employees to boost their growth and add value to themselves. Sharing her insights on leadership, the inspiring lady said, “Leadership should be approachable and connected to the grass-roots level.” She looks up to Indira Nooyi as her role model and gets a lot of inspiration from her. Additionally, Yogita’s mother , Mrs Mala and her little daughter Devanshi , have been her biggest motivation. Yogita’s mother had faced a lot of hardships in life, bringing her up due to the circumstances they were in. She constantly encouraged herto be resilient, have faith in her own abilities Her mother taught her how to pursue her objectives with tenacity.

Her daughter has been a constant source of motivation for Yogita . Devanshi looks up to her mom as her hero and Yogita wants to ensure to live up to her daughter’s expectations.

Sharing her key message for people who look up to her, Yogita stated:

• Don’t be afraid of challenges. Failure is a part of success.
• Don’t be satisfied with stories about how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.

Yogita’s Insights on Women’s Entrepreneurship

Women entrepreneurs today are unquestionably significant. It is thought that when more women work in enterprises, more value and influence are generated in the community as a whole. In this situation, it is crucial to encourage women to participate more frequently in industries like business that are dominated by men. This will increase the economic value of the planet and alter the thinking of financial lenders. Female business owners have a significant economic impact. Women who start their own enterprises create new jobs for themselves and others, as well as provide society with various answers to organizational, management, and business problems. A new value is contrived.

Better throughput is another benefit of having more women in business. Long-term relationships are more likely to be formed and maintained by women. They possess more effective networking, communication, and organizing abilities.

The Roadmap: To Be a Global Leader in the Future

For the upcoming two years, iXceed has established a clear strategic direction and ambitious plans. This includes growing in new regions, such as the Middle East and the US, as well as fostering the development of two new service lines, such as digital marketing and enterprise services, which will result in a 40% increase in revenueYOY and become the preferred employer throughout Europe and Asia-Pacific. while also growing in the Americas and Asia-Pacific.

The company has recently begun operating in the Middle East and Southeast Asian regions as well. Additionally, management is very concerned with improving the working environment for employees so they may advance their careers and contribute value to themselves, as well as looking into new opportunities to forge fruitful connections for businesses and people by providing efficient talent solutions and maintaining their commitment to connecting talent with global opportunities.

The Proudest Milestones and Recognitions

Since its inception, iXceed has grown to be the recruiter of choice for some of the most prestigious brands all over the world with its exclusive range of recruitment services. Further, it has accomplished numerous awards and recognitions over the years. A few of them are listed below:

• Recognized as one of the “5 Most Promising HR Tech Startups” by a reputable publication in 2021 for using technology to transform recruitment firms
• Recognized as one of the “Top 5 HR Tech Startups Empowering Talent Recruitment” by a reputable magazine in 2021
• List among the ‘Hottest HR Tech Startups’ revolutionizing the hiring game using technology in 2021 by a renowned publishing brand
• Awarded as the ‘Most Admired Global Indians’ by Passion Vista, 2022
• Honoured as the ‘CEO of the Year 2021’ by The CEO Story
• Recognized as ‘Top 4 Women Leaders Technology Pioneers of 2021’ by PinkVilla
• Honoured among the ‘10 Most Influential Business Women Revamping the Future, 2021’ (by a renowned publication)
• Giving Back to the Community
• “Giving back to society and country is very important”, said Yogita. “In order to secure societal improvement, we should give back. Take action and create sustainable environmental solutions. As the company’s founder, I firmly believe in doing my part to improve the world,” the magnificent woman shared. iXceed has been running several great social well-fare activities, like –
• Undertaking initiatives to sponsor education for underprivileged kids in India
• Contributing to organizations dedicated to the cause of safeguarding children from domestic abuseFunding a charity for deaf children
• Donating to many charities for the current COVID crisis in India

Attributes and Advice for New Entrants

Success depends on grit and dedication. While hard work is expected, smart work is crucial. Yogita last shared a famous quote by an ancient poet:

It’s your road and yours alone; others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.

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