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Jamecho Edu2fly

Jamecho Edu2fly

Revolutionizing Student Consultancy Services

The education consulting industry, despite being a dynamic and competitive industry, has only a few qualified players. Jamecho Edu2fly, a passion-driven initiative by two young entrepreneurs, has been a trusted guidance provider since its incorporation in 2023. Having laid the foundation of Jamecho, the young and enthusiastic founders of the organization, Ayaan Mehra (CEO) and Arhaan Chopra (COO), the alumni of Modern School Barakhamba coined the idea to initiate the successful endeavor this year when Ayaan thought of revolutionizing educational guidance for students and shared his concept with Arhaan.

The New Delhi-based consultancy offers candidates complete solutions catered to their specific needs and supports them as they traverse their journey from School to University with the ultimate goal of positively impacting the lives of at least 1 million students. Mr Ashok Pratap Singh (Former president and member, Board of trustees, Modern Schools) blessed this venture by cutting the ribbon on the inauguration day and launched the website ( and the software for Jamecho Talent Assess Test (JTAT).

Edu2fly Program (study abroad), Career Counseling with the JTAT, UNIGEN and The Chakra View (customized training modules for the corporate sector), and Visa and Immigration Counseling are the four programmes they are now catering to all while ensuring that their clients receive the best advice, support, and guidance possible.

The Tale of Jamecho’s Inception: How It All Started

It all began over dinner at the North Delhi restaurant Boa Village. As fate would have it, Ayaan Mehra had a breakthrough idea while looking at a billboard that would revolutionise how students are guided through their educational endeavors. With sheer excitement, he shared this vision with his best friend, Arhaan Chopra.

“When my best friend, and now business partner, Ayaan Mehra approached me with just an idea; After careful consideration and with the urge and hunger to do something big, we turned this ‘idea’ into what today is known as Jamecho”, revealed Arhaan.

Jamecho was founded with the mission of assisting students and professionals in achieving their goals and realising their potential as a result of their combined passion and determination. As the saying goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Building a company is a teamwork that benefits from the many viewpoints and expertise of a reliable team rather than being a single player. So, Ayaan keeps surrounding himself with the right partners to elevate this business to new heights.

Significant Industry Transformations in the Indian Startup Ecosystem

Over the Past two months, the team has witnessed a significant transformation in the startup, thanks to visionary initiatives such as Startup India, Digital India, and Aatmanirbhar Bharat spearheaded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. These initiatives have produced an environment that encourages entrepreneurship and gives people the freedom to follow their aspirations. The startup environment is now bursting at the seams with potential and opportunity, empowering business owners to unleash their ground-breaking concepts and leave a lasting impression.

Leadership Approach: To Transform a Team into a Force of Innovation

Imagine a leader who is eager to lead the globe and has eyes that sparkle with ambition. Team Jamecho firmly believes in the ability of a compelling vision to spark their spirits.

“Leadership is the magical art of inspiring others to reach for the stars”, said Ayaan.

Jamecho strives to create a world where dreams of success and fulfillment paints a vivid picture of their purpose, mission, and long-term goals. The directors use their leadership role to motivate the team to become a driving force in innovation and excellence. They strive to create a cauldron simmering with cooperation, innovation, and limitless possibilities by establishing a lively and inclusive work environment.

“The ambitious business professionals understand the need for clear and consistent communication because they are the harbinger of change. In order to bring our team members together and have a strong external brand presence, communication of our startup’s values, vision, and objective is essential”, according to Ayaan. They create a shared understanding among the team members and gain the trust and credibility of the stakeholders by clearly stating their purpose and goals, both internally and externally. They move confidently and clearly through the entrepreneurial landscape thanks to transparent and convincing communication.

Every business needs a dream team—a group of exceptional individuals who are not afraid to take on obstacles. Jamecho looks for extraordinary individuals who not only have the required abilities but also share the same beliefs and enthusiasm about shaping futures. By nurturing their growth and unlocking their full potential, They have brewed a potion for unparalleled success.

Sharing his views on leadership, Arhaan stated, “I believe Leadership is an ongoing process of development and progress. Effective leaders recognise that leadership is a lifelong process of sharpening abilities, extending knowledge, and developing with the changing circumstances. Leaders are people who are dedicated to continued learning, self-reflection, and development.

Being a leader entails motivating, directing, and swaying others towards a common vision or objective through honesty, effective communication, empathy, decision-making, teamwork, and flexibility. At the end of the day all Individuals, teams, organisations, and communities will be able to benefit from such a dynamic and transforming process.”

The Work Culture. Focused on Transparency, Trust, and Respect

The work culture at Jamecho is characterised by open communication, trust, and a flat organisational structure. The directors, being youthful leaders, value every suggestion and perspective from team members, promoting a culture where their opinions are valued and respected.

“We are firm believers in lifelong learning and development, and R&D is a key component of our growth strategy. We keep ahead of the curve by continually asking ourselves how we can improve our services and make a difference, the inspirational leader said while shedding additional light on the work environment at Jamecho.”

Jamecho’s Future: Expanding Their Reach and Impact

“As we envision a future where success is driven by effective leadership and collaboration, our mission at Jamecho is to nurture a culture that fosters innovation and empowers individuals and teams.” Ayaan Mehra

Their long-term goals revolve around increasing their influence and reach. They strive to make Jamecho a renowned brand that proudly represents students and their aspirations. Collaboration with organisations and educational institutions that share their objectives is essential for the company’s development and success.

As the team conducts in-depth research and development, the creative Jamecho programmes, like Edu2fly, Unigen, JTAT, The Chakra View, and Visa Counselling, will continue to change and advance. The company is further aiming to forge strategic partnerships domestically and globally, ultimately touching the lives of more students and individuals across the world.

A Piece of Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs

You can only advance by stepping outside your comfort zone. Ayaan advises budding business owners to value efficient communication, foster reliable relationships, and welcome challenges. Keep in mind that success depends on your capacity for clear vision, smooth collaboration, and persistently pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

“When you have a dream to chase you are the only one that can stop yourself.” Ayaan Mehra.

Arhaan suggests aspiring entrepreneurs to give continual learning and personal development a top priority. Accept downfalls as a learning experience and do not get disheartened that will help you succeed, surround yourself with encouraging people, and pursue your passion with tenacity.

“We are trying to change the way consultation is perceived in the world of education”, shared the visionaries.

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