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Jatin Malik

Jatin Malik

The Brain Behind It All…

I envision JMC as more than just a fashion brand. I am planning to launch an art gallery, a perfume line, a women’s wear line and most importantly, a fashion school in five years

Haute Couture is quite competitive as well as evolving space. Here, each stitch narrates a story of how they mold the vision into fashion as per the client’s expectations. And in this realm, Jatin Malik Couture (JMC) stands firm as a beacon of sophistication and innovation.

Established by a well-acclaimed, visionary designer, Jatin Malik, the brand has not only redefined groom couture in India but has also established itself as a global fashion powerhouse in a relatively short span of seven years.

Jatin Malik Couture is an integral component of the broader JMC ecosystem. It is serving as the flagship entity within the parent company. Under JMC’s purview, Jatin Malik oversees various brands such as Jatin Malik Couture, In-House PR, and JM Unplugged.

In an exclusive conversation with our team, Jatin Malik who is the founding father of the venture shared his entrepreneurial voyage and overall portfolio of his venture. This article shines the light on the ways Jatin Malik has made ripples with his entrepreneurial streak and what gives him an edge in his niche allowing him to create a legacy of his own.

From its humble beginnings in a Noida apartment to becoming a global fashion force, his journey demonstrates passion, innovation, and a commitment to reshape the landscape of Indian couture. Dive into this special read prepared as per the excerpts of conversation held with Jatin Malik.

Business Connect: What Is Your Vision For Future Ventures And Diversification As A Serial Entrepreneur?

Jatin Malik: For the future, I envision JMC as more than just a fashion brand. I am planning to launch an art gallery, a perfume line, a women’s wear line and most importantly, a fashion school in five years.

The overall vision is to establish an ecosystem where people connect with our story and find a place for themselves. Also, the focus would be steady on fostering growth and well-being with a team management approach. Our culture would transcend traditional hierarchies in future.

As a firm believer of maintaining an open-door policy, I would facilitate accessibility and a sense of equality among team members. This modern day approach cements a strong bond encouraging them to align with the brand’s purpose and vision.

Now, JMC’s achievements involve being titled as the fastestgrowing men’s couture brand that has established two flagship stores and solidified a global presence across 30 PAN India locations. However, these milestones are just the beginning of many more fantastic things to come. My vision includes making JMC the biggest fashion house in India before 2030.

Business Connect: Can you walk us through your phenomenal journey so far?

Jatin Malik: The escalation from Passion to Profession is how I view my success story in the realm of fashion. I commenced my entrepreneurial journey during my teenage years, designing garments for friends and family. After completing my graduation and MBA, I decided to turn my passion into a profession.

Starting from the guest bedroom of my Noida apartment, I set up a modest workspace with a few racks. Utilizing Facebook ads and pages, I invited people to explore my designs, marking the official inception around 2015- 2016.

In May 2018, the brand transitioned to a physical store, marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey that would span across 30-35 locations worldwide.

Business Connect: We got to know you put great emphasis on EQ in your culture and ask your people to enhance it in the best possible way. Could you shine some light on this?

Jatin Malik: My team-building philosophy revolves around cultivating emotional intelligence (EQ) rather than a focusing on IQ-oriented approach. For me, team members are not just employees but integral parts of the JMC family. Here, each individual is shortlisted based on certain criteria where the versatility of an individual gives him lead. I am proud to recite the success stories of team leaders, who started as interns and emerged as inspiring leaders today.

The JMC ecosystem exemplifies the organic growth as the team has burgeoned from a core group of five people to over 200. This increase in headcount reflects the brand’s promise to endorse the endeavors of the talented folks.

Business Connect: How are you embracing ‘technovations’ and creating waves in the business realm?

Jatin Malik: I have always advocated elevating storytelling through innovations. My innovative streak makes my apt team embrace tech advancements, especially in storytelling through social media, PR, and marketing.

Our adept use of tools and innovative presentation techniques has positioned us as one of the top players in India’s storytelling landscape. Our success is not merely in creating garments but also in crafting a unique brand narrative that speaks volume for the global audience.

Business Connect: How do you keep up with the quality measures in favor of your clientele?

Jatin Malik: For us, quality is our hallmark. My team is greatly dedicated to resolving client’s queries. For us, clients are like family and offering them quality is of paramount importance.

As the brand operates in an industry where referrals and word of mouth are crucial, it is essential to go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction, such as arranging out-of-town trials on short notice. Ignited by a pledge to quality and personalized service, our operations are instrumental in its current stature.

Business Connect: Please share some information about your diverse clientele.

Jatin Malik: I am proud to claim that every client is treated equally under my company’s purview. We are serving a diverse clientele today, ranging from fashion editors to business tycoons and celebrities.

So far, our creative team has catered services to Shahid Kapoor, Rajkumar Rao, Saif Ali Khan, Tan France, Ronan Farrow, and Karan Johar. Our ethos are focused not merely about dressing celebrities but about justifying our name through unparalleled quality and service.

Business Connect: How do you facilitate sustainable innovations through R&D?

Jatin Malik: In order to redefine the fashion world, we are adamant to stay at the forefront of research and development. The R&D process allows us to develop sustainable practices in dyeing patterns, color choices, and fabric collaborations.

We have ventured into unique partnerships, such as with Ladakhi Pashmina, to incorporate sustainable and handwoven elements into its collections. Fuelled by a promise to sustainability, we are ceaselessly evolving and adapting socially responsible practices as well.

Business Connect: How do you stand out marketing techniques that contribute to your growth?

Jatin Malik: Well, by drawing global attention, our marketing strategy proved efficient in expanding our reach. But the marketing strategies stem from the service offerings being rendered to our clients who help in word of mouth marketing.

From bold hoarding strategies to upcoming collections promising extreme marketing tactics, we believe in creating content that not only grabs eyeballs but also adds value to the audience’s engagement.

“JMC is all set to become the biggest fashion house in India driven by its creativity and elegance”

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