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Jotwani Associates

Jotwani Associates: The Brainchild of An Expert Dinesh Jotwani

Warren Bennis said, “Leadership is the capacity to translate Vision into Reality.”

The above quote has been put into practice by an exemplar and efficient leader of the times- Dinesh Jotwani. He is a known name in the legal arena. With his expertise and intellect, he incepted the law firm name, Jotwani Associates nearly 2 decades ago.
Business Connect Magazine is delighted to feature Dinesh Jotwani- the maestro in the upcoming edition, ‘The Leader behind an Admirable Law firm.’


Dinesh Jotwani has nearly 25 years of enriching experience and deep understanding of policy, law, technology, litigation and government relations, especially in software, trade, IPRs, internet law, and Cyber Crimes.

Some of his career highlights are:

  • Dinesh has been an in-house Counsel, Partner in Law Firms and has also been an Independent Consultant to several technology companies. Some of the noted names include, NCR Corporation, Techorneys LLP, Microsoft Corporation, Symantec, and Cisco.
  • He has also held executive positions in trade coalitions such as Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), The Indian Legal Foundation (earlier called NBAI Foundation), and Business Software Alliance (BSA).
  • Dinesh is Honors Graduate in Economics–Delhi University (1991), a post-graduate in Information Technology & Software Development – NIIT (1992) and also holds a degree in law (LL.b) – Delhi University (1994).
  • Dinesh also holds two US Patents: 7831544 & 8380687 on e-discovery processes used in litigation/investigations and has authored a book ‘Interface between Competition Law and IPRs: A global perspective’, published by TILF (2012).
  • Dinesh regularly appears in the Supreme Court of India and Delhi High Court. He argues on matters related to Corporate, IPR, Civil, Criminal, and Public Interest.


Jotwani Associates is a law firm that has two more partners who hold an indispensable position in the firm, and they are Ms. Harpreet Oberoi and Mr. Devashish Dutta.
Jotwani Associates is a law firm, which has 35 staff members that include lawyers, paralegals, and other staff members based out of Delhi. They practice in different areas mainly in Intellectual Property Rights, corporates, cyber laws, government relations, the Supreme Court of India, High courts, and District courts.

Details of Services: Comprehending the Firm’s services, the following pointers cover the details:

  • Sixty percent of the Firm’s work is to deal with Intellectual Property Rights such as Patents Trademark Copyrights, Litigation, Enforcement of copyrights.
  • Secondly, Corporate Law- It includes supporting different kinds of entities in India, different filings, compliances they have, supporting Income Tax and GST Advisory, entities formations, and ROC compliances.
  • One of the fastest-growing areas is forming Government Relations. They help companies to strategize their policies according to government requirements.

Talking about the clientele, the Legal Firm has served clients from Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, it has catered to the needs of Defence, Software, and E-commerce companies. For a multitude of the topmost brands, they have worked and earned an indispensable trust of the clientele.


The use of advanced and latest technology is the differentiating factor for the firm. Various tools and techniques at different stages help them to keep up the pace. The second factor which distinguishes them is their excellent relations with the Government.

Nowadays, the clients are not necessarily looking for the solution in a Court of Law, but they want the intervention of the Government to seek justice and business growth. For this reason, the company has expert consultants in the legal arena; some of them are retired IAS officers and former heads of PSUs.


In the present scenario, clients are quite cost-conscious and more importantly, they are looking for solutions in a short period, which ought to be cost-effective. It’s good to advise the clients with solutions rather than showing them more problems with the existing one.

The entrepreneur says, “If a client comes with a problem and the legal firms are showing him or her the ten new problems then it won’t work. Our obligations are to offer the client the most effective and affordable solutions in a short duration.”
Dinesh Jotwani and his team, with in-depth analysis, provide optimum and feasible solutions. In this way, the legal firm has created a symphony of incredible trust with its clients.


The foremost aspect which keeps them ahead in the market place is the heavy reliance on technology. Management of law firms, legal tasks, maintaining the customer-relations, etc. include the use of technical tools and platforms. The use of advanced technology in the legal domain increases the reach and also proves to be cost-effective.
Jotwani Associates encourages a mix of people in the firm. The senior employees with the youngsters coming out from the Law schools form the indispensable team.

“Young people are more technology-savvy, and they keep you ahead of the competition.”~ Dinesh Jotwani

In this way, the reputed Jotwani Associates synchronize with the latest market trends.


According to Dinesh, there is a great future lies ahead in front of the entrepreneurs. They ought to be consistent and persistent with their work and zeal. He advises that our future business leaders should not ignore the rural areas as the agrarian economy is growing and farmers and rural population is looking out for their problems to be solved, which are related to agriculture.
Additionally, young entrepreneurs should study and get some experience before starting their ventures. In this way, they can unleash their potential in the route of becoming exceptional global leaders.


Employees are the most integral parts of any organization. They are supported quite well by the Management in the Jotwani Associates. The workforce is appreciated by regular incentives and Employee Performance Awards. They encourage and provide the fullest support to the slow employees, and also they help the employees to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and encourage them to excel in their empowered areas.


The firm is associated with a multitude of NGOs to benefit society in different ways. Currently, it is running an NGO that is The Indian Legal Foundation for young lawyers and students in Law Schools. It provides online training for Skill Development and education. Besides this, Jotwani Associates is associated with multiple programs related to the environment and women empowerment. They closely work with NGOs namely, PRAKRITI SPARSH and Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Foundation (WIEF), where they advise people on an Environment-friendly ecosystem.

Additionally, to uplift the educational standards of tribal areas, Jotwani Associates works with several foreign teachers to teach tribals and villagers the English Language and also guide them about several indispensable matters such as Women’s Rights, Women Empowerment, etc.

De facto, for living a harmonious and more balanced life, there should be a symphony between work and personal realms. Dinesh Jotwani has mastered it quite well and been an amazing family man. Talking about his like-to-do-activity, he loves to feed street dogs, and also takes care of their vaccination and health. He and his wife have adopted two street dogs and love to spend time with them.

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