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Communication is a fulcrum around which our day-to-day life swirls. Good communication is requisite for solving the complex problems or issues of human life. Stating its importance, Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

In Business happenings, its role is considered pivotal, and it is crucially indispensable to take your business to the moon. KALOLWALA AND ASSOCIATES PRIVATE LIMITED (hereinafter referred as K&A) are ace Communication Consultants who with their flair communication skills help corporates to advance.

Hussain Kalolwala is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer and Jumana Vadnagarwala is the Chief Strategy Officer at K&A.

The company was incorporated in the year 2015 as a two-member team with a vision to create value through communications. It is an independent Kolkata based corporate communication agency that aims to solve complex communication problems in the simplest and practical way.

Despite being a newly formed entity, with recognized players already present, they managed to gain the trust of 20 corporates in the first year of inception. It gave them the conviction that they were doing something more value-accretive than the already present players. The central objective of the Company is to simplifying business communication and solving problems by moving from cluttered ideas to crystal clear facts and concepts.

Their work covers a wide spectrum of specialized services that help them to create Stakeholder Communications, which include integrated reports, annual reports, sustainability reports, corporate presentations and more. K&A provides branding services in terms of identity design, corporate banding, and brochures. Additionally, they are doing exceptionally well in the digital arena. They offer services ranging from online reporting, corporate websites and films, mobile applications to Know your Report – an in-house software that helps companies to train on IR and prepare reports seamlessly.


A diverse clientele spreads across various industries as the company has served the clients of national repute as well as strong local players. The diversity helps them to hone their expertise to make it inclusive and adaptable. The list of the major clients includes Adani Enterprise Limited, Bharti Airtel Limited, Cipla Limited, Bajaj Electricals, Inox Group, CRISIL Limited, Bharti Infratel Limited, Dabur India Limited, Tata Communications Limited, HT Media Limited and HAL Limited, etc.

Hussain Kalolwala, ensuring the faith of clients in them, says,

“Our commitment to great and consistent work quality has been the primary force in ensuring our clients’ faith in us. We have an unbroken record of zero loss in clients due to poor work quality or service till date!’

They are specialized in delivering the investor centric communication that cuts across a wide stakeholder community. Their enriching experience in working across industries has made them well rounded at providing excellent and consistent service, which, in turn, has helped them to build their marquee client base and deliver quality content on print and digital platforms.


Excellence is a dynamic process – one that keeps going. And their R&D ensures that they do not become complacent at any point. Timely they work diligently to enhance the level of content and design in all their work across multiple communication collaterals. Right from a strong database of research reports to workshops and training for graphic designers – they put in serious effort at leveling-up the game. In 2019, K&A  launched the first in-house web portal domain that helps to manage and streamline the entire Annual Report and Integrated Report activity for a client.

The company creates a balance of the latest and relevant technologies with innovative and ever curious human minds. Hence, they employ the creative and intellectual minds and also work with advanced software that helps to create the perfect ground for bringing out a strategic and benchmarked report for all investors.


Roadblocks on an excursion ought to be faced vigorously. They are your Gurus to show you light in the dark.

The duo- Hussain Kalolwala and Jumana Vadnagarwala started small in an office on Netaji Subhas Road in Kolkata with no team. They used to go out and get their work done by freelancers. In the beginning, they served around 20 clients working for 20 hours a day and putting in sweat and blood into ensuring great quality work. During this period of struggle, they gained confidence as well as the strength to expand. Initially, they hired freshers and trained them for their industry domain to build a solid team– brick by brick.

It is not the size of the act but the thought behind it that counts

Jumana Vadnagarwala, on social awareness, says “Social consciousness is a bigger part of the belief system. We help out individuals we come across who need any sort of assistance – financial or otherwise. We have been doing our bit over the recent past and are determined to further strengthen this going forward. For us, it is not the size of the act but the thought behind it that counts. “


They aim to serve 100+ clients by next year, which would make them the fastest-growing company in the industry. They also look forward to expanding their presence in two more cities in India.

From a long-term perspective, they expect to emerge as the largest communication consultant in India and serve more clients globally.

This year they opened their branch office in Mumbai, and are working for 75+ clients in just their fifth year of operations!


The CEO says, “For the ones who’re still waiting for a sign or the ‘right moment’ to take the plunge: understand that there is no right time. That time is now. Start small, but start now. Yes, there will be challenges, hurdles and you will stumble a few times. But it’ll be your journey and you will learn to get back again on your feet and stride stronger. The entrepreneur’s of today have forgotten the ‘bottom line’ concept, and are focused on driving the topline with mounting losses to gain market share.

We need to learn from the Tata’s, Birla’s, Ambani’s and Godrej tycoons, to build a profitable and sustainable business. That is where the 3Ps concept makes more sense – Profits, People and Plant. In the end, your business will be sustainable only if you are able to create value in whatever you do. A business that benefits your clients, employees, family, and society will always thrive in the long run.”

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