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Kaihatsu Techno Centre Private Limited

Kaihatsu Techno

Combining Years of Expertise with Technologies to Address the Unmet Needs of Human Endeavor

Company Of The Year 2024

Kaihatsu Techno was born with a vision to be at the forefront of technology and provide clients with comprehensive knowledge transfer to enable them to become self-sufficient in manufacturing and servicing their products for their customers. The primary focus of the company is research and development outsourcing.

Making a humble start in 1994 in Mumbai, the innovative venture Kaihatsu Techno has carved its path to glorious success year after year under the aegis of its MD, Milind Upadhye. Working on its mission to research and explore new tech horizons, Kaihatsu Techno is thriving with a dedicated team of 25+ professionals, comprising employees, contractors, and consultants.

Kaihatsu Techno’s Transformative Journey: From Genesis

Kaihatsu Techno is an Indian company with a Japanese name. The word “Kaihatsu” means “development for the betterment of mankind”, in Japanese language. Torchbearers Milind Upadhye and Leena Raut started this journey to develop various industrial heaters and set up a fast production line in India after returning from Japan. They also developed a locally tailored Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program based on Oracle for Indian manufacturing facilities dealing with specific Indian issues.

Moreover, the company dedicated a large amount of development effort to creating voice-based call centre products and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. The software was later produced under the trademark registration name Bliss. After that, the company put a significant effort into the development of SCADA software named Pristine. SCADA software is used in many different domains.

The company’s client base includes some of India’s biggest petrochemical refineries, like IOCL (Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.), BPCL (Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.), Tamil Nadu Petrochemical, and the like. It was also deployed in some of the most prestigious research institutes in India, like DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization), PRL (Physical Research Laboratory), BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre), ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), Kharagpur, and Roorkee.

Various other private reputed companies that have used this software include Tata Power, Tata Chemicals, Torrent Power, Sterling & Wilson, CleanMax Energy, Amity University, Bajaj Automobiles, Thermax, Amazon, Crompton Greeves, Pune University, Automobile Research Laboratory, MITCOM, Webdyn, United Brewery, and many others.

The company has managed to secure several export assignments over the years, including cigarette smokers’ breath analyser (for the UK), car safety systems with gas detection (for Israel), hydrogen fuel cell-based mobile tower supplies (for Malaysia), LED drivers (for China), and SCADA for Germany, France, Austria, Australia, Senegal (Africa), Cambodia, Nepal, Zimbabwe, and Sao Tome.

The company has worked on numerous large-scale solar power production projects, including hybrid solar power plants, as a design, engineering, and project management consultant. The customers are from India, the United States, Madagascar, Mexico, Japan, and Tunisia.

The company has also developed gun controller and safety interlock systems for linear accelerators for the Department of Atomic Energy. Presently, the company is working on chemical analytical instruments like pycnometers (true density of porous material) and surface area measurements for powders.

Kaihatsu Techno also has a joint venture agreement with an Israeli company for the manufacturing of variable-frequencybased water desalination systems.

Area of Expertise

The customers are looking to develop some engineering product or software. Their research team may lack domain expertise or have limited bandwidth. This is when Kaihatsu Techno steps in. The team works diligently to understand the customer’s product concept and develops the product on their behalf.

The company would make a few working samples and then hand over all the documents, codes, and intellectual property (IP) rights to the customer. With this, the consumer can obtain the product’s mass manufacturing from any contract manufacturer. In addition, the company offers a range of standard products such as protocol converters, data loggers, remote telemetry units (RTU), the Internet of Things (IoT), and communication equipment.

Kaihatsu Techno has also developed software for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). It has multiple industries use, from water management, Process Industries, Energy Management Systems, Plant Management Systems, Asset Tracking and alike. The same package can be configured for the Industry 4.0 application.

Industry Evolutions Over the Years

Over the years, there have been major changes in the industry. Technology is evolving at a phenomenal pace. It is extremely difficult for anyone to cope with these changes. Earlier, a quantum jump in technology would happen every five to six years, but nowadays, this rapid new development is taking sharp advances at least twice a year.

Developing anything in electronics was a nightmare earlier. First, one had to check with the shopkeepers about which components were available and then design the circuit based on the available components. It used to be the most ridiculous development. There were a lot of import regulations and restrictions. Building a data transfer device like a radio frequency modem was once considered “spy” work. Even the latest software tools used to be available after three to four months.

All these have changed now. The latest electronic components are available, and if not, they can be ordered online from worldwide stocks. There are almost no import restrictions now. Payment and customs clearance go quickly and easily.

Kaihatsu Techno has embraced these technological advances to smooth the procedures and payment and established its roots as a leader in the export market.

The Significant Marketing Tactics at Kaihatsu Techno

The primary strategies of Kaihatsu Techno include trade shows. The company actively participates in various trade shows in India and Europe. They also use other forms of marketing channels, but trade shows have the highest success ratio.

Nurturing a Family-like Culture

The work culture at Kaihatsu Techno is more like a small family, with everyone cooperating and supporting one another. It has a five-day work policy, employees are granted work from home depending on their needs, and management insists employees leave the office at the assigned time.

According to Milind Upadhye, Managing Director, “working late is a sign of mismanagement and should not be encouraged.” Also, there is a special committee working for protection against sexual harassment is in place.

Expansion Binge

Kaihatsu Techno is striving hard to solidify its position in all verticals.

• In water, the company is working on water desalination. With a joint venture arrangement, the company is producing water desalination facilities for a global clientele.

• In the containerized food segment, the firm is at the final stage of a joint venture with a Romanian company for the production of food and vegetables in containers with limited water resources.

• Analytical Instruments is another area where company is investing its development efforts in converting microcontroller-based analytical instruments with systemon-chip (SOC)-based high-end systems.

• Additionally, the SCADA system has been enhanced with various cutting-edge capabilities, such as operating system applications for iOS, Android, and Linux.

Establishing its Prowess: Kaihatsu Techno’s Milestones

Over the years, Kaihatsu Techno has crossed several milestones and now takes pride in making solid footprints worldwide. The firm has successfully developed SCADA software with an inhouse team and holds more than 700 MW of solar plant design experience. After designing products for advanced countries like Israel., Kaihatsu Techno has emerged as a prominent name in the industry. Further, it has been proudly working for the linear accelerator group, Department of Atomic Energy.

Words of Wisdom

In business, things usually go up and down, but one should never give up.

Key Executives

• Milind Upadhye, Managing Director
• Leena Raut, Director
• Prashant Shelar, accountant

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