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Krypton Global Real Estate

Krypton Global Real Estate

Mona Jalota: A pioneering leader in the real estate industry…

Women entrepreneurship has the potential to revamp the whole business models and the presentday business world clearly testifies to this assertion. Female entrepreneurs have not only created ripples in various industries with their innovations but also opened a gateway to allow other emerging wompreneurs to chase their dreams.

We couldn’t emphasize enough the role of women’s involvement in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and creating a platform for inclusion and integration. In this context, we hear numerous success stories of modern-day women entrepreneurs but only a few leave an indelible mark in our minds. Hence, this narrative is where we feature a woman of substance and a pioneer in the real estate investment domain.

We are referring to Mona Jalota who is the founder of Krypton Global Real Estate which is a one-stop solution for buying and selling local and international residential real estate. It has been 6 years since the inception of the brand and we wanted to cover all the aspects of the company as well as Mona’s corporate journey in this story. Let’s explore what her successful journey has got to say to our fraternity:

The beginnings

Mona’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2018. After attaining a decade of senior management experience, she envisioned her next career move – founding Krypton Global Real Estate.

This boutique agency is a one-stop solution and specializes in providing comprehensive services, including international real estate transactions, sourcing investment opportunities, legal and tax consultations, and assistance with citizenship and PR options.

The idea for Krypton Global Real Estate seemed to materialize effortlessly, hinting that it had been brewing subconsciously for quite some time. At present, the company is a fullyfledged brand in the UAE where they offer reliable cross-border transactions.

Expanding Horizons

While real estate remains the firm’s primary focus, Krypton Global Real Estate has expanded into related services in international markets, offering end-toend solutions for clients seeking global diversification. The company facilitates connections with professionals in tax advisory and legal consulting, ensuring clients maximize their investments’ value and enjoy a seamless experience.

Navigating Complexities

What gives Mona’s brand an edge in the market is its resilience and zeal to give value to its customers. Recognizing the intricacies of the Indian market, Krypton Global Real Estate aims to bridge the gap for international developers.

Many international entities struggle due to limited knowledge of Indian market nuances where Krypton is creating waves. The firm’s philosophy centers on providing transparent, sustainable, and consistent services, empowering developers to tap into India’s vast market intelligently.

Empowering Partnerships

Based on Mona’s extensive experience in the field, Krypton actively invites channel partners from various cities to join its network. It grants them access to global property listings, attractive commissions, and a new revenue stream independent of their existing businesses.

The Krypton network helps its partners to expand their horizons and take their businesses global. Mona Jalota knows how to foster lucrative partnerships in favor of her business pursuits.

Continuous Improvement

Mona’s strategic focus revolves around continuous improvement within her organization. She aims to transform sales staff into trusted advisors, constantly updating knowledge to add value to client interactions. Her mantra emphasizes competing with oneself, striving to surpass previous achievements each day.

Guiding Emerging Leaders

Mona is a spectacular leader who advocates grit, determination, and adaptability among women entrepreneurs. She stresses the importance of pragmatism, humility, and compassion in navigating challenges and fostering team growth. These values play an imperative role in guiding her team to greater heights.

Overcoming Challenges

The journey to entrepreneurial success is never a cakewalk. Facing obstacles such as limited government support, advisory gaps, and resource retention issues, Mona maintains optimism and resilience while navigating the waves of challenge. Her belief in working through challenges with a positive mindset has been instrumental in overcoming hurdles.

Empowering Women

“I aim to launch my all women’s real estate agency run for women agents by women agents providing a safe and secure environment to conduct real estate and take it as a viable and safe and serious profession,” shared Mona on her initiatives to empower women. She added that though the world is now waking up to provide women with the rights they deserve, there is a long way to go.

Like many visionary women entrepreneurs, throughout her career, Mona has been a big advocate of women’s empowerment, serving on committees, mentoring junior colleagues, and advocating for women’s causes. Her efforts were recognized with the ‘6th World Women Leadership Congress & Awards accolade, motivating her to continue making a difference.

Redefining Meritocracy

In her journey to shatter the stereotypes and establish new definitions of leadership, Mona called out the myth of meritocracy. She acknowledges the role of startups in providing equal opportunities and nurturing entrepreneurial talent. Moreover, her core focus is on advancements in technology in view of increasing business efficiency and competitiveness.

The laurels so far

• Been a spearhead in the Real Estate industry being a woman in senior leadership roles specializing in International Investments for the last 10 years.

• Have been part of the Vishakha committee and a mentor for female co-workers in every organization.

• Have paved the way for women to explore tangible career opportunities in Real Estate.

• Acknowledged as an expert in my field by my colleagues and peers alike.

• I have won the “ Bhartiya Udyog Ratna Award “ and “ Super Achiever Award ” – at the 6th World Women Leadership Congress.

• Received the “The International Property Consultant of the Year” award at the 3rd edition of “Real Estate & Business Excellence Awards, 2020” held in Mumbai.

Future Vision

Looking ahead, Mona envisions expanding Krypton Global Real Estate’s portfolio to include diversified luxury products, further cementing the firm’s position as a leader in global investments.

Mona’s brainchild is a bootstrapped company and they turned profitable in less than two years. I would definitely like to expand our services to other key metros as well. I also look forward to having exclusive associations with some of the leading names in the international property world and continuing to build the brand presence through digital & social media marketing.

Words shared by the fantastic leader

“My advice to all the budding entrepreneurs- Be strong, be consistent, be sincere! Understand what you need to do, get your finances in order, and keep something for the rainy day! Look out for support from friends & family.

Support yourself. Spread your material wealth generously with everyone who has supported you during the journey whether it is your team members or support staff, your spouse, or your family members. Let your earnings impact as many lives as possible.

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