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6 Tips for Leading with Compassion while working Remotely

6 Tips for Leading with Compassion while working Remotely

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted millions of lives. Whether you planned on having a meeting from a conference room or going out for lunch with colleagues, it is hard to imagine at the time.  Remember that Every person in the world is reacting to this situation in their own way.

During this difficult time, your employees need support and a little motivational push so they can successfully work remotely.

Acknowledge Workforce Diversity

It is important to know that every individual has a different culture and background. And we all must acknowledge that each employees’ circumstances are different and unique during this pandemic. While some may adore working from home, others may find difficulty with their new routine. It is very important to lead with compassion and look after your every single employee’s well-being during these tough times.

Ask Empathy-Building Questions while having meetings

since nationwide lockdown, people have been following an unusual daily routine, that makes them feel anxious, sad, and frustrated. During the one-on-one meeting, take the time to listen to how your employees are handling themselves.

Susan Milligan, (CHAM, CRCR, Patient Experience Director, Ensemble Health Partners) said “Being sensitive to the needs they have never shared with you is the essence of empathy.” You don’t have to give all answers, but listen and try to understand what they are saying. At the time not just your employees, but also others need support and compassion. By asking the question, “how are you feeling?” And “how can I support you?”, you make them feel great.

Build A Sense of Community

The office’s mutual trust and friendship among colleges and a sense of community don’t have to end while working from home. So, when your meeting is about the end, extend a little more time for just a casual chat with the team. If it is possible, set up virtual “Coffee Chat” to connect with each other regularly. By doing such kind things, your employees feel a lot better.

A lot of people working from home at the time, which means they have to balance home and workload, sometime it could be challenging. Encourage employees to take breaks throughout a day and reduce the pressure by offering online Yoga session.

A lot of people don’t like to express their feeling among co-workers, so it would be great if communicate privately with other available resources. Share some training programs that can help your employees through these days.

Be Willing to Modify the Rules

Being a boss of a company, you may wish to keep business running as usual, but you need to understand that the current situation is totally different and worse, which we haven’t seen in our entire life before. Offering work flexibility to employees can help them to get their footing and adjust to their new normal. If it is possible, you may consider these points.

Provide mental health days: In a difficult time, employees may start feeling depressed and anxious while maintaining work productivity. It would be ok If they take a day off to focus on mental health.

Allow for flexible hours: let them create a schedule that works for them, while reaming could be used for a business needs like meetings.

Communicate expectations: If you prefer Sunday to get mails out, inform them that a response isn’t expected until Monday. Allow for distraction: For some reason, some employees cannot set up a working studio at their home. So, if you hear any sound, like a dog barking or kids crying, in the middle of your meeting, Greet it with a sense of humor.

Communicate freely and take out time some Time to listen

Fee communication and full transparency are important that may minimize any feeling of uneasiness throughout the tough times. As per Dan Grupe (a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Centre for investigating healthy minds,) “Uncertainty itself can lead to a lot of distress for humans in particular.”

Over talking isn’t a bad thing. Keep your employees updated about what decisions have been made and why they’re having to be made. Take out some time to listen to employees’ concerns and adders to them. Tell them about tools or resources available that can help them.

Make a strong connection with employees

Focusing on business goals on your own can make it a bit more challenging to build a solid report with employees. David DeSteno, (Psychology professor at Northeast University) has said “Do something that makes them believe that you are one of them.” That single that “Even though you are the boss, in the end, you’re all in this together.” – from Harvard Business Review.

Engage with your employees letting them get to know you on a personal level, like share some personal and work-related stories, that humanize your interaction, without being shy or worry about anything. Relating to your employees and empathizing with them may aid beef up the individual ties which construct a great team.

The whole world is dealing with the current situation in their own ways. Showing little kindness may aid your employees navigate their situation. In the end, I would say, you can lead the team effectively with compassion.

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