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Maatrom HR Solution Enriching Businesses

A One-Stop Destination for a Comprehensive Range of Personalized HR Solutions

It has become increasingly difficult to find the right talent, which has led to financial loss and “other harm” to businesses. While companies scramble to find the ideal fit, Maatrom HR Solution, on the other hand, is strengthening its efforts to serve clients with top-notch recruitment services and enrich their businesses.

Maatrom offers a full range of HR solutions, beginning with recruitment to organisational development operations including the entire HR Process, Performance Management, Training and Development, Staffing, Employee Onboarding with Multiple Processes, Payroll and Mandatory HR, and other related tasks. Its multi-process services dismantle the invisible barriers that exist between employers and employees and aid businesses in meeting their needs.

Since its inception in 2015, Maatrom has always been at the heart of personalized staffing solutions as an unequivocal leader in providing impeccable staffing-related services. The sole intention and mission of being a world leader in matching the demand for and supply of Human Resources and HR services under the aegis of M. Mahalakshmi Ambuli has anchored Maatrom’s presence firmly as a global HR service provider with a range of services across all industry verticals like IT, Manufacturing, Architecture, Interior design, Banking and Finance, Automotive, retail, education, and training

The Beginning – Maatrom’s Tale of Incorporation

After completing her engineering degree at the College of Engineering in Guindy (Anna University) and working as an environmental engineer for a few years, M. Mahalakshmi decided to pursue an MBA with the hope of starting her own business and influencing the careers of many others. Soon after marriage, she travelled to join her husband, who had been assigned to work abroad.

There she got the opportunity to work for a few years in multicultural contexts in many American cities, including Minneapolis, Detroit, and Atlanta. This gave her the experience and self-assurance to work with people from all backgrounds and sectors. She worked as an HR manager in a variety of industries after returning to India, including IT, manufacturing, and interior design.

The inspiring woman took the initiative to start “Maatrom HR Solution” in 2015, giving wings to her dream and giving young people a platform to learn, grow, and innovate through Maatrom in their journey to become successful HR professionals with a positive attitude, helping to shape today’s workforce. Her start-up was supported by her family and was based on concepts and knowledge derived from insights gathered over two decades of domestic and international experience.

Industry Evolution Over the Years

The HR sector has undergone significant change in the last few years. In the past, HR mainly served as a supportive role, handling administrative and payroll tasks. Today, HR is a strategic business partner, participating in key corporate decisions and board meetings.

Mahalakshmi’s Take on the Significance of R&D

In today’s fiercely competitive business world, investing in R&D services can be essential to a company’s success and growth. R&D services can assist businesses in innovating and creating new services, cutting expenses, raising revenue, gaining a competitive edge, and achieving long-term success.

The Primary Marketing Tactics to Assure Constant Growth

Maatrom has crafted its unique marketing plans to compete in the market and set itself apart. Their primary branding techniques include content advertising, digital marketing, and social media marketing, which involves writing blogs, generating advertisements, and promotion on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and WhatsApp in order to raise brand awareness and encourage sales. The team actively works on the SEO approach, focusing on target-based campaigns and on-page and off-page optimization, aimed at obtaining Google reviews.

Highlights of Maatrom’s Innovative Work Culture

• Flexible work schedules help both male and female employees maintain a healthy work-life balance.
• 80% of employees are women, and 20% are men.
• Employees are allotted work based on their inclination and interest, apart from their skills.
• Open communication and job rotation
• Performance-oriented (Employee recognition program)
• Employee development: employees learn, grow, and innovate.
• Zero tolerance for unfair practices.
• Workplace: fun and cooperative.

Sharing her insight on leadership, Mahalakshmi asserted, “A leader is the one who leads by creating energy, encouraging them, and instilling eagerness in people. A leader is well-liked, inspires people, and appeals to people’s emotional side. “

Expansion Binge

Envisioned to become a global HR service provider, fulfilling the expectations of all customers, Maatrom has grown exponentially over the years. It has received numerous awards and recognitions from reputable publications. Overall, the journey has been tremendous. The company is further planning to expand its staffing services to the US, Dubai, and Singapore. In the next five years, they see themselves as a global HR service and solution provider to clients across the world.

Words of Wisdom

As an entrepreneur, you will have a lot of challenges, competition, and disappointments; you have to face them with a positive attitude, self-belief, Self-confidence, Hard work, and continuously enhance your knowledge of current trends in your respective businesses. Always Have a dream or goal for yourself or your business and achieve it. Nothing is impossible in this world. Don’t Give up.

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