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Manoj Bhawuk Represents India At 1st Bhojpuri Mahotsav In Mauritius 

International  Bhojpuri Mahotsav was organised by the Mauritius Ministry of Arts and Culture in Mauritius from 6th-8th May 2024.

Bhojpuri icon Manoj Bhawuk represented India in the festival. The event, which was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Shri Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, and concluded by the President Prithviraj Singh Roopun, saw participation from representatives of various countries, including India, the Netherlands, South Africa, Suriname, Fiji, Nigeria, Singapore, the USA, and Nepal.

A discussion on the theme of ‘The BhojpurI Cinema: Past, Present and Future’ was also organized during the festival, during which representatives of several countries, including  Manoj Bhawuk presented research papers. A documentary on the history of Bhojpuri Cinema produced by Manoj Bhawuk was liked by delegats.

The festival, under the leadership of Sarita Budhoo, President of the Bhojpuri Speaking Union, was organised for the first time and it was decided that this festival would be held in other countries every two years.


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Manoj Bhawuk ( Passport Name: Manoj Kumar Singh) is a Bhojpuri poet, Actor, Television Presenter, Screenwriter and Bhojpuri Cinema historian. Recently, he has been conferred Filmfare & Femina Bhojpuri Icons 2023 Award in the category of “Outstanding Contribution in Literature.” Manoj is truly a Bhojpuri icon who has been ardently promoting Bhojpuri language, literature and cinema. He has authored many books, which received awards from various professional and institutional bodies.

Manoj Bhawuk is the first person who to have meticulously studied and documented the history of Bhojpuri Cinema. Manoj holds a diploma in theatre acting and has acted in TV shows, films and serials. Bhawuk has been the Project Head of Zee TV’s reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa (Bhojpuri). He has been bestowed with several prestigious awards.

Manoj Bhawuk’s passion for his mother-tongue Bhojpuri is the hallmark of his exceptional literary journey. Right from his early days he had poetic power capability and the potentialities of his mother-tongue fascinated him towards it. Today, he is not only an eminent writer in Bhojpuri literature but also a key-figure in promoting Bhojpuri language and literature locally and globally.

Being a techno savvy, he made Bhojpuri language easily accessible on the internet Internet and did pioneering work in bringing together the Bhojpuri artists, writers, activists and professionals on different platforms. He played a crucial role as the UK moderator of the Global Bhojpuri Group in popularizing Bhojpuri language outside India and providing a significant voice and vision to the Bhojpuri Diaspora.

Manoj Bhawuk, also known as ‘Encyclopaedia of Bhojpuri Cinema’, was born in Siwan district of Bihar and received his early education at Kausar and Renukoot. He then moved to Patna for his higher studies and joined B.Sc. in Zoology. But as it is said that even a scientist must also learn something about art and literature, Bhawuk followed his instinct and completed his diploma in dramatics from Bihar Art Theatre, Kalidas Rangalaya.

Meanwhile, Manoj also completed his PG Diploma in Plastic Processing Technology from CIPET, Patna which gave him a lucrative job offer to go abroad. His career as an engineer in Uganda and the United Kingdom exposed him to international influences and paved way for his passionate interests in Bhojpuri Literature. But destiny had something else in store. and despite a rewarding career as an engineer in London, his passion for art and literature brought him back to his motherland.

Manoj Bhawuk was a brilliant student who showed his natural fondness for art and literature from his student days. He acted in the various plays staged by the leading theatre groups in Patna and received accolades for his acting. Twenty-five years ago, he started his career as a journalist and in 1998, acted in the first Bhojpuri Serial ‘Sanchi Piritiyaa’ and in 1999 again was associated with the serial ‘Tahare Se Ghar Basaib’ as a script/-dialogue writer and lyricist. He worked in two movies ‘Saugandh Ganga Maiya Ke’ and ‘Rakhwala’.

Mr. Bhawuk did intensive research on the success journey of Bhojpuri Cinema and made a documentary film on the development of Bhojpuri Cinema through seven decades of its origin since 1948 to the present.  Manoj Bhawuk through his songs and ghazals has combined the traditional beat and style of the Bhojpuri language with his own contemporary receptivity. His poetry reflects a strong sense of love for his culture, nation and language.

The might of his pen binds every Indian who is ardently devoted to  for his motherland and mother-tongue. His Bhojpuri collection of Ghazals ‘Tasvir Zindagi Ke’ received the prestigious Bharatiya Bhasha Parishad Award from the hands of Gulzar and Girija Devi.

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He has also received ‘Bhaurao ravDevras Sewa Samman’; ‘Bhikhari Thakur Samman’;, ‘Rahi Masum Raza Samman’,; Filmfare & Femina Bhojpuri Reel and Real Icons Award 2023 for his outstanding contribution in Literature; the International Bhojpuri Gaurav Samman, Mauritius 2014 by Sir Anerood Jugnauth, the Prime Minister of Mauritius; the  Parikalpana Lok Bhushan Samman in Kathmandu, Nepal (It was the first time this award First time this award was given for Bhojpuri literature) in 2013, Geetanjali Sahitya Award in 2018 in Birmingham, United Kingdom by Gitanjali Multilingual Literary Circle, UK for his work and contribution to Bhojpuri Literature, Kailash Gautam Kavya-Kumbh Lok bhasha Samman  Samman 2022 by Kailash Gautam Srijan Sansthan; “Bihar Kalashree Award” for his special contribution in field of acting; and dozens of other awards and honors.  and dozens of prizes.

His research paper on the scope and future of Bhojpuri drama “Bhojpuri Natak Ke Sansar” was published by Bhojpuri Academy. It is a pioneering work in the field of Bhojpuri theatre and has been included in MA (Bhojpuri) course. Bhawuk’s talent is not confined only to a Song, Ghazal and Script writing. He has been , he is proficient in organizing stage shows and TV anchoring. Manoj has worked with many TV Channels viz. Hamar TV, Anjan TV, Mahua & ZEE TV. He has efficaciously conducted various Bhojpuri shows related to entertainment, literature and contemporary issues.

Manoj Bhawuk is the chief editor of a magazine called ‘Bhojpuri Junction.’ This fortnightly digital magazine has connected Bhojpuri lovers from across Mauritius, Fiji, Guyana, Dubai, Nepal and America-Europe. So far, more than 50 special issues of this magazine have been published covering variety of issues viz.

Mahatma Gandhi special issue (3 issues), Ram in Lok (2 issues), Veer Kunwar Singh Special Issue, Rajendra Prasad Special Issue, Corona Special Issue (5 issues), Russia-Ukraine War Special Issue, Girmitiya Special Issue, Fagua Special Issue, Chaita Special Issue, Diary-Bati Chhath Special Issue, Dussehra Special Issue, Deshbhakti Special Issue, Maai-Babuji Special Issue (2 issues), Birth-death Special Issue (2 issues), Sansmaran  Special Issue, Samiksha Special Issue (4 issues in which 100 books were reviewedreview 100 books), Kheti-Kisani Special Issue, Bhojpuri Ke Gaurav Special Issue, 101 Divangat Bhojpuri Sevi etc.

This historic work has been a heritage for Bhojpuri culture which has never happened before. The significant aspect his work is that it has not only promoted Bhojpuri literature but cinema, music, politics, sports, agriculture, science and technology and various different fields in Bhojpuri language. ‘Bhojpuri Junction’, which is being widely read in several countries, has become an authentic source of research. And this truly validates its editor Manoj Bhawuk as an icon and an encyclopaedia of Bhojpuri.

Bhojpuri literature since the times of its origin has been in the continuous process of evolution. making and remaking. Manoj’s unflinching faith and untiring efforts have given a new lease of life to the once dying Bhojpuri culture, language, literature, folk and traditional music from the eastern parts of the country and moved it out from the village to national and international stage.

The era of e-technology has brought the world closer to each other more than ever before. Manoj Bhawuk edited digital magazine “Bhojpuri Junction” and his channel “Achievers Junction” have paved the way for much meaningful interaction and durable connectivity between Bhojpuri people across the world. Manoj, a well-known figure across the Indian diaspora as the President of Delhi and England Units of Vishwa Bhojpuri Sammelan, has contributed phenomenally for the promotion of Bhojpuri language and literature.

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Widely travelled in India, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean Countries, Mauritius and Uganda for the purpose of promoting Bhojpuri language and literature, Manoj believesd that ” Bhojpuri reached first in the Girmitiya countries, much before Hindi.  He envisioned that Bhojpuri can be a strategic bridge across the commonalities that bind Indians together in the Diaspora. Manoj Bhawuk’s mission for promoting mother tongue has also found support from been a top priority of the Government of India since Mr. Narendra Modi took oath as the Prime Minister, and which is now reflected visibly in new education policy 2020.

During the time when image of Bhojpuri cinema and music was tarnished with its vulgar and full of sexually explicit lyrics and choreography, Manoj Bhawuk emerged as a ray of hope and introduced people to the power of Bhojpuri by writing good songs and ghazals to the country and the world. His songs and ghazals gave a new lease of life to Bhojpuri literature and language. The impact of his work is so phenomenal that—for the first time ever—t two iconic brands “Filmfare” and “Femina” came forward and included Bhojpuri in its domain and honoured.

Manoj Bhawuk as an eminent Bhojpuri writer, poet, lyricist and critique, recognising  Manoj Bhawuk for his indelible contribution in the history of Bhojpuri cinema and literature. This is the first time that these two famous icons Filmfare and Femina collaborated to honour Bhojpuri Icons who have made remarkable contributions to Bhojpuri entertainment industry. Manoj Bhawuk is a source of inspiration for current younger generation especially the researchers and professionals working for Bhojpuri or other mother-tongue all over the world.

When thousands of Indians emigrate every year for lucrative jobs and better lifestyle, we have some folks who leave their well-paid jobs and toil away their life to serve society. Manoj is one such rare folk, who left his rewarding job in London, and returneds home only to serve Bhojpuri language. Manoj has stimulated the current generation to preserve and promote its mother-tongue.

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