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Mechanical Electronics and Computing (MEC) Concepts is a centralized platform for the companies seeking Product Realization solutions from numerous technological sectors such as Mechanical, IT and Electronics engineering. The acronym MEC stands for ‘Mechanical, Electronics and Computing’ Concepts. The company’s prime focus lies towards enhancing technology to conceive futuristic merchandises that help OEM’s to accelerate product launches with cutting-edge innovations.

MEC proffers huge expertise in the areas of Mechanical and Electronics Engineering, which helps to procure creative solutions at a stipulated time frame to help product realization. Being an engineering firm to the core, MEC unfolds its umbrella of services to encompass complete product development life-cycle and craft revolutionary products to create a technologically upgraded world.


MEC Concepts was incorporated at Bengaluru, in the year 2013. It is an ISO 9001 certified company, with 6 years of global experience in boosting engineering services. MEC focuses on provisioning Product Designing and Engineering Services of the finest grade at a cost-effective range. They have strong leaders in the upper echelons who incorporate a fine blend of expertise and experience in Engineering, Product Life-Cycle Management and Technical Documentation. The company maintains a global presence with its three offices stationed in Germany, Singapore, and Korea. Bringing together all these factors MEC Concepts justifies itself as a favourable name of end-to-end product realization solutions for various segments namely Automotive, FMCG, Industrial and Medical domains.


The constant transition in the technological platform has conceived many revolutionary products, which consists of Automation, Robotics, and AI. To stay adaptive to the evolving landscape, MEC Concepts installs these technological advancements in its operations to ensure an increased output and efficient production. By fathoming the need of its clients, MEC Concepts conducts in-depth analysis to conceptualize the market and procure end-to-end reports, leaving behind a prospective and lasting impact on its clients.

Furthermore, these disruptive circumstances put forth the need for an exemplary shift in the approaches to hasten product launch and stay competitive. For that, along with punctuality, products need to have a variety of configurations. This puts forth the significance of iterative ideation, conceptualization and development phase. Incubating the aforementioned aspects, MEC Concepts has created a window of opportunity by offering a suitable platform for the development of products within a stipulated time.


The ‘Make in India’ initiative has played a major role in taking manufacturing industries, to the next level. For MEC, it serves as one major pillar for accomplishing projects. Believing that India has a huge consumption market, for engineering & manufacturing services, MEC opens its trove to bring out dynamic products and services that not only give nationwide durability but a strong global exposure as well. This Govt. initiative further assists the company in taking manpower development to the next level.


The company envisions to be the most preferred Product Development and engineering software services company. For that, they stand on the principles of infusing excellent quality in all engineering services, which increases productivity and timely delivery, ultimately achieving high customer satisfaction rate. They have installed a wide variety of engineering services namely –

  • Mobility HiTech and IT: Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Vehicle Telecom, Consumer.
  • ElectronicsHealthcare: Medical Device Design and Development, compliance.
  • Industrial Engineering O&G: Plant Engineering, Automation and Control Systems, Structural Engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering Services (MES): Product Design, CAD, CAM, CAE, RPT.
  • Engineering Software Services (ESS): CAD/PLM Customization, C/C++, JavaNET, PERL, Python, Web-Based Applications.
  • Electronic and Embedded Design Services (EDS): Embedded C, QT C++, HMI, MATLAB, Simulink.

Through encompassing a variety of engineering services, MEC Concepts constantly seeks opportunities to improve processes, products and technologies across different sectors.


MEC Concepts has accommodated a proficient team, who proffers more than 15 years of experience under their belt in the industry. With the right blend of talent and experience, the team works on completing projects, while on the other hand, their in-house team takes care of clients’ demands for resources. MEC aims to form fully functional cross-platform engineering teams. The approach helps MEC’s customers by adding great value in accelerating their product design cycles. To work towards successful product design, the product engineering team possess the expertise in areas of:

  • Conceptualization (From a pencil sketch to a working 3D animation).
  • Mechanical engineering aspects including DFMA, form, fit and function.
  • Electronics engineering – embedded design, communication and control systems.
  • Manufacturing and Testing required to push the product through different phases of the product release cycle.

The streamlined selection of appropriate candidates from the initial recruitment phase allows the organization to form huge teams that work for OEMs and are affiliated to the strategic business initiatives. Each of their projects come with a customized solution and  MEC crafts its project teams to be agile and significant in their conclusions. Their modular engineering team shows their efficiency on product design and development at an augmented pace. Further MEC’s virtual designing and animation team work vigorously to deliver the optimal product visualization with groundbreaking 3D effects.


MEC Concepts has always worked on projects that have a positive environmental impact. Every product manufactured is particularly designed for smart cities with an environment-friendly concept. A few instances are Smart Energy Meters, Voice Command Water Filters, Wireless charging stations, Air cleaner, etc. that can be installed in public places without worrying on adverse effects. This eco-friendly focus through every product further aids the company in attaining strong forte in the market.


The engineering and manufacturing industry has a high level of volatility. MEC Concepts forecasts that this transition rate will increase with the industrial revolution. Henceforth, MEC looks forward to customized products and services, which can increase their clientele base. Furthermore, the company believes innovations such as cloud computing, flexible workforce and lower-cost manufacturing options will supposedly make it easier for them to devise products and services to serve niches.

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