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Pharmaceuticals is one of the prominent and rapidly growing industries in India. With the advent of globalization, Pharmaceutical Companies in India have seen radical growth, with respect to exports and domestic business. Indian pharma companies are the biggest international suppliers of Generic Medicines. They occupy a 20% share of the global supply volume and facilitate up to 62% of the global demand, for vaccines.

On the other hand, the expertise to reverse-engineer and other innovative methodologies has helped in devising cost-effective medicines and create a niche in both the national and international market. Schwitz Biotech is a global pioneer of the pharmaceutical arena with more than 2 decades of stellar business.

Schwitz Biotech is a WHO–GMP, ISO-9001:2008 certified, D& B & Crisil Rated Pharmaceutical Manufacturing unit, leading the arena on exceptional quality and commitment to delivery. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, the company manufactures and exports a wide range of pharmaceutical formulations like tablets, capsules, syrup, Injections, ointment, soft gels, and parenteral on a large volume.

Alternatively, they also curate products for Nutraceuticals, Homeopathy, herbal preparations, Disposable surgical equipment and innovative APIs as well. Schwitz Biotech follows the guidelines of WHO, GMP and FDA, helping it to maintain the best quality standard in the market.

Schwitz Biotech was born from the ingenious mind of Mr Rakesh Bhattacharjee. Rakesh is a seasoned personage of the pharmaceutical arena having around 3 decades of experience. Rakesh is an ideal example of unorthodox Leadership. During his professional stint, his innovative ideas had attributed the growth of many companies.  However, this was not enough for Rakesh, as he wanted to thrive as an entrepreneur. As such, during his last employment in 1994, Rakesh made up his mind to utilize his professional experience and available resources. This motivation eventually led him to conceive Schwitz Biotech in 1998.

However, starting in an early era of innovation, Schiwitz Biotech lacked the appropriate infrastructure/ facility to manufacture its own merchandise. But, emerging technologies helped them establish a state-of-the-art production facility, that can meet the sizeable demand of the market. Schwitz Biotech produces more than 700 varieties of medicines. On another note, maintaining a multi-continental export pipeline has been a significant challenge. As such, Schwitz Biotech had to complete all the regulatory compliances against every nation, which assisted them in maintaining a global presence.

They started their exports in 2004 and flourished across three continents and 18-19 countries namely –

  • Africa:Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Rep-De-Guinea, Benin Togo, Ghana, Mozambique & Malawi, Kenya, Swaziland, Botswana, Angola and Chad.
  • CIS Countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Moldova.
  • Central American Countries: Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El-Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, etc.
  • Asian Countries: India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Cambodia, Myanmar and East Timor.
  • Arabian countries: Kuwait, Iraq and Yemen.

Pharmaceuticals is one of the most volatile spaces in the industry. During its inception, Schwitz Biotech faced a meagre competition, helping them grow exponentially. However,  The ever-changing preferences of the customers have stimulated the arrival of innovative players, making the sphere exceedingly competitive. Nowadays, customers take note of every detail from packaging to the quality, which qualifies the image of the brand. Henceforth, to be a game-changer in this lot, Schwitz biotech emphasized on 100% quality assurance.“For us, quality is not a departmental obligation, it is significant for everything and everyone, in the organization”, says Mr. Bhattacharjee. Schwitz Biotech follows the SOPs as per the WHO-GMP norms further specified in the US, British & Indian Pharmacopoeia, for each of the operations.

Schwitz Biotech also has an in-built research lab, for the study and examination of drug components. They also conduct demonstrations to measure product quality and curate solutions in case of complications.

The Novel Coronavirus has made a significant impact on the Indian Pharma Industry on many aspects. Indian Pharma companies heavily rely on China for their imports on APIs. The outbreak and the lockdown subsequently slowed the production of API, affecting the availability and prices of key ingredients, which skyrocketed the prices of essential medicines.Theprices of vitamins and penicillin tablets have also increased substantially. Schwitz Biotech had taken a significant hit in the domestic venture. Since a limited number of doctors were functioning externally, the supply of their medicines went downhill.

But on the other hand, the outbreak has significantly amplified its exports. Due to the boycott China initiative, a significant number of demands shifted to Schwitz Biotech. Rakesh proudly asserts, “Many Countries who imported pharma products from China have turned to us, this has given us a competitive advantage”.

Schwitz Biotech has divided its operations into three parts – Production, Administration and Marketing. Despite being in different locations, the Company maintains a very synchronized atmosphere. The production team encompasses of skilled and semi-skilled contractual labourers. Over the years, Schwitz Biotech has mounted their factory with adept technology, for better automation, but still trusts in seasoned hands, for quality assurance. Simultaneously, the administrative office has a very holistic atmosphere. Employees are placed in distinguished departments, but transparent communication and teamwork mindset keep the team united.

Lastly, marketing, which plays an integral role in increasing Schwitz Biotech’s market presence. The company has marketing teams divided for ethical marketing and franchise marketing. They do ethical many parts of India to spread their Goodwill. On the other hand, they work on franchise marketing in the North-Eastern region of the Country. Schwitz Biotech has an adapt marketing team based in their Kolkata branch that assists them with their Marketing operations.

In its 22 years of growing business, Schwitz Biotech has achieved several milestones. The Company has collaborated with Global pioneers like BION Corporation LTD,London(UK) for joint Research & Development in latest Nutritional Supplements, Rarest of the Amino Acids, Pre & Pro Biotic formulations, Homeopathic & Herbal preparations for joint market penetrations throughout CIS countries, some European markets & Latin American countries& for International Institutional Tender supplies directly & in collaboration with a European Giant –Quilabanuma formula de vida,Lisbon(Portugal).

Furthermore, their unparallel quality has given them several accolades. Few of the achievements are listed below:

  • Indian Leadership Award For Young Entrepreneur – 2013, New Delhi
  • Akhil Bhartiya Udyog Kranti Award – 2013, New Delhi.
  • Asia Pacific Achievers Award – 2014Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
  • International Quality Crown Award – 2014, London.
  • International Quality Summit – 2016, New York, USA
  • BIZZ 2018 Award In Miami, USA and many more.
  • SCHWITZ BIOTECH Profile /A.V. Was Also Featured in the “ LEADERS OF THE TOMORROW AWARD” series in E.T. NOW TV in 2014.

Mr. Rakesh Bhattacharjee has also won the prestigious “Times Men Of The Year West Bengal 2019”award presented by the eminent Bollywood celebrity, Mr.Sunil Shetty.

movING forward in leaps and bounds
In the arriving years, Schwitz Biotech is foreseeing a radical growth in its business. In the next – 2 years, the Company is envisioning to achieve a 100 crore turnover. Within the same period, the Company is also aiming to expand its global presence across 30 nations. Complementing this prospects, Rakesh says, “We’ve attained new heights since we started exporting. 70% of our business is from exports and we wish to expand it, in the coming years”.



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